Sunday, September 5, 2010




Hereby to inform you guys that,





Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cut the crap LAH!

Frankly, I shouldnt be doing this because okay, this is Ramadhan aite. mane boleh trash talk. But what you are doing right now, really pissed me off ah wey. Couldnt you just be whoever you are at the first place? Youre making me sick, so sick. Every single reaction of yours, doesnt express clearly on what youre trying to say but hey, m not that stupid to keep looking like a fool. I know the real deal aite here. Im not going to stop until its not over, seriously. While Im still in, youre going to keep playing with me til the time ends, period. Hold to my words,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It makes no sense when,

I like you, but somehow Im just friggin' sick of pretending that I do. Every single day you keep treating me like okay, I admit you've been treating me nicely. Somehow, I dont like it and Im sorry. Cause in the end, when you start to treat me like shit, I'll get dissapointed easily within a couple of seconds je. Aaaa man thats just playin' ridiculous. Sbb ape?

Because I get used to you treating me like Im somebody. Get over it. I know you dont like me either. Stop pretending will you? And we'll end up this crappy drama instantaneously FULLSTOP

Forgive me If what I said dissapoints you ke ape, cause what you did dissapoints me more :'(

Now Im sensing that my absence will not make any difference. Ah just be honest with me, I know whats playing in your mind lah. Dont bluff me, Im not that stupid.

Anyhow, Wishing you a Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir and Batin, which means forgive my wrongdoings ah, that I may had accidently or purposely done ke. Just forgive me, thats all. And do take care, cause Im not willing to talk to you anymore =,=

Monday, August 30, 2010

Damn it!

Ah crap Ive missed Fernando Torres's single goal for this season! Haritu mase dgn the gunners, dok score lah pulok. Skrg mse org busy study, bru nk shoot some goal. Mujo mu handsome, kalu dok, you'll be getting a piece of me! Grrrr -___-

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pretend I never told you that,

Everything you do, is a bunch of craps, nothing but pieces of shits. Sorry I have to be rude this time. Cause youre putting so much effort on something unworthful, frankly. And lets say I do care for you, so just wrap these shits up and lets have some REAL fun, okay?

Im so looking forward to my life in the upcoming 4 months tehee :D cant wait to explore new things. Im just getting sick and tired of everything ish, so I need some new entertainers. I'll make sure I'll be having the major fun, INDEED :D

What else? Ah at last I didnt flunked in Physics. Alhamdullilah for all this while I've been struggling just to obtain a good results in Physics. Thanks Athirah Aziz for lending your hands on helping me in this, much appreciation girl! hearts <3

Maybe I flunked in chemistry kot, ish i dont know. I struggled very hard just to answer those questions. I cant understand why those chemistry questions seemed very difficult to solve hmph ;( wish me luck in getting straight A's, what I really need aite now, apart from stranded away from reality ;)

Hey I have this shout out to make ;

Hey frankly I really miss you ah si mate sepet. How come I never see you around anymore? Trying to get away from me after what I've done? Yes I know I've done a huge mistake and theres no way you can forgive me, just like that. But to be honest with you, I havent seen you for years now. Lets be friends back, wont you?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I was told by Stitch that,

Ohana means family,

and family means, nobody gets left behind,

or forgotten. So, Thanks a lot ;')

Sunday, July 18, 2010




Hey :(

Missing you so much aite here, too much.

Sorry for treating you like trash. Didnt mean to, my mind was controlled by my rebellious emotion.

I didnt know what really happened. I hope you can explain.

Still remember the promise ive made before? Hope you do, cause when the time comes, I'll be there for you okay?

Be strong.


Friday, July 16, 2010


Damn it why do you have to go and ruin my mood ah? Man such a mood killer I tell you. Just when Im about to post something fun happened just now, you came and mess things up sheeshh. And now, I erased the fun memory in my mind. No need to refresh it back or whatsoever. I am so through with you. I know you very well, and by knowing you very well, I shouldnt do this. This is a bunch loads of nothing but craps.

Lets just face it. What do you get when you let that person's heart win? ZERO.

So, lets start by defeating that person's heart, and start thinking about mine.

Do you think you can make it Miaa? * Oh yes I can! ;)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Is Shit, Don't Read.

Some title just fated to be some nonsense. Well who cares, I know I dont. I'm living in my own world. Its up to me to make stupid titles. Including some unacceptable titles in my life.

Life is going nowhere lately. Im stranded somewhere far from reality. My mind is freakin' twisted with lots of craps. I cant think straight. Im getting weaker day by day.

Yes people, my life is sweet :)

Im pretty much worried about what life's throwing in the upcoming. Im not ready for any of these. I'll be facing my trial exam soon, which had entered my rival list a couple of days ago. Unfinished subjects, revisions, Physics, all mix in one can turn my mind upside down. I admit Physics havent been my close friend since Im 16. Im sorry but due to the fact that Physics is freaking hard, I decided to well, kinda hm, abandon? No, too harsh. Isolate? Nahh, too mean. Ah not to care much about it. Quite gruesome isnt it?

I dont think so. But that was before I found out that SPM is just 130+ days away. Now Ive decided to take Physics seriously. Beware! :p

Talk about lesson in blog, makes me yawn too much. Lets talk about something fun ;)

Spain VS Netherlands?

=) Espana of course! I believe Spain will win this. Spain will grab that trophy, hold it up high, as a sign of victory are theirs. Well if Fernando Torres is happy, then Im happy for him :) So boy, make yourself useful and start kicking that ball into the goal already! :)

For the rest of you guys, show those orange freaks what you got. Dont waste your talents. Not enough self confidence can kill your talents. Casillas, Alonso, Xavi, Villa, Torres, Pique, Capdevila, Iniesta and the rest, wishing you guys the best of luck! Viva Espana! ;)

Note to yourself ; Enjoying yourself, darling? Well I hope you do, cause Im looking forward for more fun you'll be serving me next time. Yes feel free to feel warm with your environment now. I hoping nothing but the best for you, baby! :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A warm thank you,


You've succeed. Im amazed. Impress me, I'm looking forward for more games, fun ones!
Don't hesitate to do more. You're most welcomed :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I got the CR fever ;/

Okay hrini sembang rancak gile psl football match dgn madie, cheah, yanie and natiq. Tubek tubek, Madie nk bet, on football match between Portugal dgn Spain. HAHAHA and perkara yg dipertaruhkan lumayan juga!

* Okay mskud lumayan di sini bukan di-referkan kepade sebarang bentuk wang ringgit, tk kire same ade wang kertas atau wang ringgit. Kami tk berjudi bola okay. Adok bookie bookie. Cookie ade! ;)

Habuan saye dpat jika Spain kaloh ; Dirahsiakan :D

Denda saya dapat jika Portugal kaloh ; LAGI LAH DIRAHSIAKAN!

Doakan agar Portugal menang agar saye tk perlu menebalkan muka buat denda yg ditetapkan oleh Fatimah Mardhiah Omar tuuuu Aminnn ;)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I miss all of these oready ;(

This is my final year. Im actually 17 now, okay unofficialy 17 but will be in days time. Counting down the days ; 20 more days to go until Im one inch more matured! Horeay! :D During my final year, I had so much fun, countless fun I must say. Preoccupied with the band thinggy for 14 days straight and burnt myself down. * You might not interested in looking at me right now, FUGLY MUCH NO KIDDING. All those hours of training for 14 days, dont really paid off cause we came in fourth and we had no idea that that fourth place was reserved for us for the comp. Its was freakingly frustrating. Yet, I couldnt cry. I can only look down, with an expression full of frustration. And the same thing happened to the others. Most dominant that time was Yanie, cause she was standing next to me.

We didnt expect this at all. Like Yunie and Wi had this conversation, we're close to victory cause we can smell it already. But then that smell fade, and victory arent ours. I thought Kiri would be tremendously dissapointed with us but my mistake, he didnt. He said he's not dissapointed at all, but on the other hand, he was very proud of us. He was very satisfied with our performance and our achievement. Without him, SSMB will never come to life, SSMB will never be this full of spirit as this, SSMB will never experienced the outrageous fun. Thanks Cikgu Khairil Izam Che Rahim :)

Night before competition,
Mandi kt surau for the first time wuhuu it was out of this world and was so unexpected! Opportunity like that only comes rolling in life once. And that night can be titled as ' The Night Of Tears ' . Even for the less expected person to cry pun tewas jugok mlm tu! And me? I cried when everybody stops. Its not that im not feeling all those ergh things you guys are crying about, its just that crying is not the way of me showing how touched I was. Crying isnt my game. But then, tewas juga ;'(

All those tears doesnt last long. Were replaced by tons of fun, brought about by the game called ' Dont Fall Down '. Credits to Tengku Sofiya Syafiqah on this ;) Thanks Freya! We played until late night kot, dok ingat doh. But that night we laid our heads and shut our eyes early. Dohla mlam tu panas gile kot, every hour bangun and sighed, ' PANASNYEEEE ' . Last skali decided to climb up the upper bed, above where Dilah, Freya and Cammy were sleeping, and just stick my hands and legs, and luckily not my entire torso, to the wall. Argh satisfaction indeed. Sejuk lah kot skejap. But then I heard this girls were talking smua smua. That time almost smua dah bgun kot. I heard their conversation while these two eyes were shut tight. Then Yanie woke me up, pergi mandi smuaa and Im ready to battle!

And yet, fourth place wasnt the one we expected. Go home with full of frustration. Amer even asked me ' Are you okay? ' I smiled and shaked my head. I was very quiet on the way home and the last thing I knew it, I was asleep. And so was Amer. Tired much perhaps. Madie Natiq Rehah came up and asked, I explained everything. They comforted me. Thanks pretty girls ;)

Gathered in front of bilik music, ckgu gave a quick brief about our losing. We accepted it as fated. SSMB, winning isnt what we running for aite? Its the bond that we have rite now, that means the world to us :D

To all SSMB;

I have so much fun, practicing with you guys. Spending the time under the dazzling hot sun, which has been our best friend for 14 days. Then spending our time having lunch together. Then sectionals ptg ptg dimana majority of us mmg letih smpai boleh tido mase main, especially awok awok percussion. Haha mu org mmg klakor lahhh. And when dekat dgn comp, ptg tkde sectionals dah, kite lepak je dlm blk band, buat gile dok ahu bnde skali. Try out bajuuu. Gi kacau CG buat practice, set trumpeters. Terbaik! And tyla and smua set cymbal, sorry sbb slalu maroh maroh korang smuaa. Panas, jdi keinginan nok maroh org tu membuak buak. Sorry again. Promise it wont happen again :'( And sorry jugok kpade section lain kalau ade terkasar bahase ke ape, okay? Promise wont happen again. and oh kepade dia yang benci saye tuh, eh confess dpan dpan ah. Ape barang main blakang. Kalau benci, bgtau lah benci, susah sgt ke hah? So drpd kutuk terang lagi zahir kat whiteboard tu, baik mari dpan muka je ngaku. Senang kerja kan? ;)

Sultan Sulaiman Marching Band members, Miwa LOVES you all lots! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

This may be my goodbye, but I'll make sure that this wouldnt be the last ;)

I appreciate it so much ;)

Thanks for the greatest 3 hours I had, it was the best. You really know how to cure my loneliness, and also my boredom tehee ;) credits given to you and of course, 5 stars for you rockstar for bringing back that hideous smile on my face haha. Okay althought its hideous, somehow that smile knows how to make use of itself. It can really hide my agony :)

Frankly I never had this so much fun before, * okay maybe I did but it doesnt last long boo-hoo me ;( . After months of griefing, I realized that hey living in grief and mourning all the time as if someone died, doesnt help me a lot in continuing my pathetic life. And now, I learn to start appreciating this pathetic life Im going through, because when I think back,


My life could never be the same as yours, stop comparing. Months of having you as a friend is actually worth it, cause within those months, I actually discover the real you, inside out :) Rip my heart out and you'll know that I have no regrets knowing you babe. You influence me a lot. Youre like Haylie Williams, or Kirsten Stewart, that have been the biggest influence in my life.

I will cherish all those moments, 2009 and 2010 are the best years I ever had. And it never cross my mind to end this two years just like that. Im looking forward to more suprises I'll be facing in the upcoming.

Thanks, for all the moments we had, that pretty much change my life.

* Terharu? Nangis skrg :p

-Friends, dont jump into nonsense and pathetic conclusions on who Im talking about. Thank You ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Now I know, I dont mean anything to you, anymore. Thanks for everything. I will not cherish those moments.

So long, and goodbye.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Perlu ke?

Perlu ke nk tunjuk kat smua org? Perlu ke make it too obvious? Perlu ke buat aku sakit hati mcm ni? Perlu ke smua tu ha?

Meluat tahu dok? You maybe dont know, you dont have any idea what m feeling. Thts why you dont take any of these seriously. Mu tahu dok aku jdi naik muak nge prangai mu? Sorry ah, bia ah nok kate saloh aku pun, aku tetap dok suke care mu.

Aku nok give up je kot, tp mustahil. Setiap hari aku jmpe mu, ingat senang nk give up gitu? Find a way to make me hate you, okay? Afterwards aku dok kcau dohla hdup mu, mu blh dah hdup bhagie dgn gadis pilihan mu.

One more thing, tkpyah nak agah dpan aku ah, jgn bajet bagus. Jgn saje nk cri psl dgn aku. Aku mmg tk lwan tp hati aku, rebellious mcam haram. Jgn smpai aku amek jlan terakhir aku.

Terima kaseh atas smua bnde mu buat, aku hargai sangat. Aku ni bukan strong. Mu buat gitu, aku telan. Aku cube.


For the late Puan Akmal Abd Ghaafar, that passed away this afternoon, 7th June 10', around 12.50 p.m . We all miss you, and I cant deny that Dayah miss you so much, and so is Kak Uji and Kak Jang and the others.

Ya Allah, tempatkan lah hambaMu itu dikalangan orang orang yang beriman. Rahmatilah roh beliau. Lindungilah ahli keluarga beliau. Kurniakan lah keberkatan kepada mereka sekeluarga. Permudahkan mereka menerima ujianMu ini, Ya Allah. Amin :'(

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ya Allah,

selamatkanlah Akmal Abd Ghaffar. Sembuhkanlah beliau Ya Allah. Sesungguhnya beliau seorang hambaMu yang memerlukan keberkatan dan juga kerahmatanMu Ya Allah. Kurniakan lah kekuatan kepada beliau Ya Allah. Amin.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another fun day at school, AS IF!

Today I was so determined to bring down Biology Paper 3, like permanently. But then all of a sudden people were making a fuss about that damn Biology Paper being postponed tomorrow. M like, WTF? Bru je nk rilek kot on Monday, but then harapan musnah, hancur berderai ishh. Sometimes, when I think back, hey its great that the paper was postponed, 'cause Ive read the wrong experiment. Fakh told me about another experiment that might come out so tonite, I'll be spending my time burning the midnight oil tehee :p M too lazy to read aite now as I just finished reading about 3 Biology sub-topics fer paper 2, which is the day after tomorrow. Frankly, I hate spending my precious time with books. So, right now m in the mood where everything I do, is not because I want to do it, but because I have to do it, and dont force me more, because this is the only limit I can get.

And hear this, M getting so lazy nowadays, lagi lagi when SPM are just months aways. This is sick. Bkpe dok lazy mase awal awal dlu? Skrg bru nok mlas mlas. Nok exam gane gini weh? Let me refresh. When I was in Form 4, I was a study-maniac. On exam weeks I would spend my time, for the whole week, reading and memorising ah, and I dont even bother to go online, myspacing. Okay that time I wasnt into Facebook yet. And if I cant memorise what Ive read, I'll cry. That moment only last in 2009. In 2010, M a whole different person now. I rarely study, I go online on exam weeks, without even bother to read the books I should read. And I listen to musics all the time! Last time I was too afraid to hear some during exam weeks, as I dnt want to lost all the things Ive read. Yes, I do believe in ' Musics can damage your memory ' . But that was last year. This year, M not a believer of that anymore. I do whatever I desire, and now, I should be memorising the experiment for tmrrow's paper. But since M too lazy and its 11.30 p.m already, I decided to create this blog first. Its like now, M willing to take the risk of whatever tht happens in the upcoming but I dont want to take the risk of knowing my addmath results so Cikgu KZ, feel free to burn my addmath paper 2, give me the marks for paper 1 only. ;)

This sucks. Its getting late. I have to start making love with the Biology book. Bye :D

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What is the point of your existance?

As informed by my schoolmates, addmath paper2 was being quite gruesome towards it's answerers. Yes its undeniable because during sitting for addmath paper2 I was like ' aaa man this is freakin' hard ' . I have no other choices but to cry and I managed to wet my answering sheets. Thanks to you matematik tambahan yang soalan mcam ape ape ntah.


Feeling = Extremely frustrated. Regretful. Much Much More :(

Hey I know there's no use of nak sedih sedih right now, its way too late. Due due paper kot dah lepas, ape lg tggal? Chemistry. Biology. Physics. Hah killer subjects, able to kill anybody without the usage of bombs, peluru or whatsoever. Soalan pon dah ckup pedas, lagi pedas dari belacan Jada slalu buat -___- . * Oh FYI Jada means moyang in arab ;) Mcam mane ni? Woh bru je mcm nk aim byk A's dlm examination ni, I want to be chosen as one the graduaters nanti! :(

Sorry for not keeping this blog updated from time to time, Im too busy mending all the pieces .. eh bukan making preparations for the freakin' exam lah so seldom online equals to blogspot ignored :) 3 people I know, Cheah, Natiq and Azie, siap deactivated Facebook lagi haha, semangat ade. Dyeorg taksub sgt kot, lagi lagi Cheah. I know you very well lah Raii ;)

Today I attended band practice. Pretty awkward, lame doh kot dok main. Kiri sdiri pon ckap me and yanie mcam lain ah skit, keras je lame dok mari ltihan. After exam, hold to my promise ckgu! :D Practice pon awal awal enjoyable but then hectic. Repeating the same steps OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Yelah salah saye jugok, lame dok mari ltihan sape suroh? Ishhh kuah lebeh dri nasik lah dye nih :p

Tkdi jugok was about to drive Areh's car. *Areh's profile ; Soda So'od's Boyfriend :) . Okay back to the story. Ho was about, siap halau Areh dgn Sya lagi but then Cheah tibe tibe tanye ;

'Eh bkpe budok budok band lari gi dataran? '

Me and yanie, on the driver's seat and passenger's seat, rushed out from the car like maniacs, lari msuk dataran. Act cool gile. Yelah tkkan nk lari lari dpan org lelaki? Agok agok argh! :D Mujo dok kene pumping atas dataran yang panas mmbakar ituu weee :)) Gane gane hal, looking forward for upcoming practices for competition yang MWBC itu, ayuh ayuhh!

3 days more to wrap this thing up, 3 days left to struggle to the fullest, 3 days more to reach victory. 3 days more, and with 3 killer subjects. wow seriously I cant get the smell of the victory yet. Wait and wait, be patient, Amira.

GOODLUCK KEPADE SEMUA BUDAK BUDAK YANG EXAM, ESPECIALLY BUDAK F4 AND F5 2010, because we're going through the same phase now. The challenge is the same, ronggeng ayuh! :)

Girl ; You know Im only gonna break you heart, aite?

Boy ; Wanna beat?

Girl ; Bring it on.








Ending ; Told you from the start ;)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Waking up at 3 a.m in the morning is actually worth it ;)

A husband. A suitable definition for that word is the one who can fulfill every one of our irresistable desires, the desires of the demanding wife of course! I bet everybody would pay high price just to spend the rest of their life, being with their prince charming who appear in their dreams almost every night. A fat liar I am if I say that this kind of person is not the type I am looking for. He is, only with more criterias ;)

As listed in my hubby-to-be characteristic and criterias list, I would fond to have a good looking husband. Someone who looks like Robert Pattinson or Jesse McCartney or Choi Minho is welcomed ;) . He must be someone tall, at least four to six inches taller than me would be perfect, a fit person, not too fat and not too thin as these characteristics will bring me comfort when I hug him later. Along with the pretty face and the hot bod, he must own a pretty smile. A smile which is able to make my heart melt like Cadbury’s chocolate bar that is placed in an oven where the switch is on. Romantic and gentleman? Oh man! I should mention about these two earlier as these two hit the top spot in my list! My dream husband must be someone with the bouquet of roses whenever its my birthday, or our anniversary or whenever I am down  In my dictionary, gentleman means someone who can cook very well and treat me like a princess, full time, and this refers to a person to succumb to all of my demands of course ;p.

Mother always say, find an educated person to make as your husband. Since I love my mother, so much, then I am taking her advice on this. I also see the positive effects that I will get if I am married to a person with educated as his last name. Just imagine, that person might has a good occupation, a doctor maybe, oh or a contractor, or a lawyer with his own firm. Every month with six digits salary, oh God what could be better than this?!. Yes I admit I wanted to be shower with luxuries, carrying Louis Vuitton, or Chanel handbag here and there, put on some expensive clothes and top designers’ dresses, travelling all around the world. It would be a life like after marrying Donald Trump! Like Kimora Lee Simmons always quoted, ‘ It’s all about fabolousity! ‘. Oh wait is that a quote? ;p What else? Haa yes I have this problem relating to the age of my hubby-going-to-be. I want a man who is at least 5 years older or 1 year younger. Other than that is not accepted and will be rejected immedietly. Why? Ergh I am allergic to old, wealthy man. Most of them are too flirty and kinky, and all they know is to buy women with diamond and expensive clothes which turns me on but instantly turn me off when he doesn’t love me at all 

The one criteria in a man that I am looking forward to is someone with a sense of humour, which can make up my day, put a big smile on my face and make me laugh like there’s no tomorrow, and the closest person that can be related with this criteria is Owen Wilson. He’s a guy with a high sense of humour, and succeed in making me laugh whenever I watched his movies. I hope hubby can multi –tasking, because apart from working as a man with high salary $$, I would also want him to be my personal, full time bodyguard, someone who is very protective of me. Like Edward said to Bella in Twilight, ‘ I feel very protective of you, and I don’t have the strength to stay away from you ‘ . Argh drools, drools, drools! The desire of having such a perfect man gained so quickly! Oh what else in my list eh? Ah oh yes I admire someone who is easy goind and also matured. Someone who knows how to make a wise decision, without pisiing off his wife and his family later, someone who can give me advices in facing the upcoming path in life. And yes I almost forgot, a hot-tempered guy is definitely a big NO-NO! :D
‘ Hubby, no ciggarettes, no illegal racing and no drugs, and keep holding to my promise that I will love you forever darling’. My hubby-going-to-be will certainly not involved in those kind of activities at all. Those activities can ruined his life, damaged his body and ruined his career just like that! No way! I addition to that, I want a husband who is talented like Teddy Geiger, who can play the guitar and sing very well, especially love songs. Demanding much? I don’t think so. Eh, its every woman desire right? ;) Last but not least, I want someone who is loyal to me, whatever the circumstances are, through thick and thins, he’ll be there with me throughout my years in life. No woman would own a place in his heart except me, and his mother of course!

I’m not trying to be a demanding queen over here, well it is a natural desire to own a perfect husband like that, with the criterias and the qualities we’re looking for in a man. Maybe it sounds quite impossible but it is worth trying. Imagine the satisfaction when having a husband like that! I’m talking about full satisfaction for the rest of your life! ;) ‘ Darling, please change the baby’s diaper , thank you ‘ . Kids? Err I’ll get to that later ;)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is it my fault?

Kenape ah mcm rmai sgt org tk suke aku? Mcm ape ape org nk blame aku, nk salahkan aku, nk marah marah aku. Aku ni provoke orang ke? Okay klau aku tk suke org tu, YES aku akan prvoke dye tp skrg, tk mari ong pun nk provoke org, tp org pulak mcm provoke kite.

Hine sgt ke aku smpai smua org buat mcm tu? Org benci aku ke haa? Aku ni teruk sgt ke? Aku ni menyusahkan ke? Aku ni mmg tk sempurna, aku mengaku tp kenape tk bgtau je ape salah aku? Kenape mcm nk buat aku mcm ni?

Mungkin silap aku semua mmg aku buat secare tak sengaje, aku mintak maaf. Aku tanak org sekeliling aku benci aku smua. Dyeorg je aku ade, klau dyeorg benci aku, sape lagi aku ade? Aku seorang, sepi :/

Aku mintak maaf, klau aku ade buat salah sampai menyinggung perasaan sesetengah pihak, anxiety controls my mind, and Im too weak to control it back. Aku tk sangke pun, kadang kadang tu just a single action can ruin the atmosphere. Im sorry.

Aku taknak org benci aku :(

Thursday, April 8, 2010

SMK Lembah Bidong, 5E5 :)

Weh korang smua mmg havoc gila argh, seriously. Bising mcam ape, tp best. Korang neh ckgu ade kt dpan pun still blh suke suke, ckgu marah mrah pun still blh suke suke, nak nak mat ayen. :D ishh mat ayen adelah seorang classmate saye yg main rugby dan suke sgt kuat ;)

Selain daripade itu, korang smua juge best, suke share share mkanan kan? nak nak si sapiq tu lah, ashehh sapiq! ;) hritu bagi gule gule, smlm bagi biskut beras, hari last kiteorg kan, sayu :/

At first mmg ah excited nk pergi, bile smpai LB je rse takot ah pulok, lgy lgy ditempatkan seorang shaje di dlm satu dorm brsame pelajar pelajar LB lain, mujo dyeorg peramah dah tidak sombong, mak likes ;) and tk dpat classmate dgn tomah :( tp dpat dgn acik nge tasya nge aten, best lah tu! ;)

Mule mule mcm tk fit in lagi, rase segan seringkali menyelubungi diriku ini, alangkah anehnye. Tetapi sapatutnya tdak perlu aneh, kerane aku mmg pemalu, tidak peramah, dan sombong? ouh jauh sekali! ;) ngelah ngelah bru nk best, bru nk rpat dgn classmate! Mse smpai takut sgt dgn Anis, takut nk tego, dok ahu bkpe. Sorry Anis, tp bru tahu, Anis baik lah! :) Juge Pya dan Nana, dohla Pya cute bile dye ketawe apabile di sakat oleh lelaki lelaki 5E5 :)

Awl awl kwn kwn dgn Epey kot, sbb dye byk ckap. Barisan dpan kiteorg ade 4 org, dari kiri ; Faiz, Adam, Mat Bean & Epey. Smua asal dari Besut so slang dyeorg, terbaek! ;)Epey tu pulok klako, ade je lawok lawok dye. Mat Bean dgn Adam pulok, trlalu rpat, kerek sgguh brgurau senda secare kasor ketike ckgu sdg menulis di whiteboard, aku jugok yg mnjadi saksi gurauan senda kasor mereke itu. Tp slalunye Adam ah start dluu. Dohla ade skali hritu dyeorg terhantuk kepale secare disengajekan, smpai sekelas dengo.Dok kuat punn, mmg bengang kpale sorangg sorang lpas tuu, sapiq pun puseng blkg tnye ;

' BAKPE?! '

Lalu Epey berkate ;


Dgn muke yg suspicious lgy Sapiq brtnye * sbb dok caye kate2 Epey ;


Aku duk blkg ni glepo suke, dohla sapiq buat muke gok mse tu ishhhh.

Lpas tu tkdi dyeorg kene berlakon drama ' KERUSI ', dimane Epey sbg SriSegala, Mat Bean sbg Putra, Anis sbg Masayu, Sheh, Lan, Ikhwan, Bak, Syarul, Afiq sbg tuta-tuta dan wira wira sekalian dan last skali Mat Ayen sbg ; Si Pemukul Gong! :D Lawok gile lah awok ni blakon, pecoh perut aku sukaa sukaa ke mu, :))

Last skali, Mat Bean dgn Epey nyanyi utk kiteorg, 2 lagu, kire utk perpisahan aa :/ Sedeh sgt mase tuu, Acik nangih kot HAHA, gile kentang ah acik ehh, bkan senang nok tgk acik gitu, tp bkan nangis sbb nape pun, rindu kt mama dye, hampeh betul -__-

Time ashehh Bean&Epeyy :)And Thanks Anis fr the speech, sorry klau kiteorg ade susahkan korang smua, and frankly, mmg kiteorg enjoy blajo dlm klas 5E5 ;) , kiteorg tk rse pun korang ni mcm korang sangkekan, jgn bimbang Pya eh? ;)

Lastly, to ; Anis, Pya, Nana, Afiq, Ikhwan, Sehh, Ijat, Lan, Penyu, Sapiq, Ang, Paih, Adey, Mat bean, Epey, Syarul, Ayen, Bak, Shehh (monitor),


Saturday, April 3, 2010

I know this is wrong and I shouldnt but,

I miss youuuuu, I miss youu, I miss youuuuu,

Mia misses you so effing muchhhhhh! Like hell, seriously no joking, Im not making jokes over here but I miss you so much argh, its undeniable and undefine ergh,

I hate this okay, I dont need this, I dont want to suffer. So go away, GO! Please go ;(

Dont bother being in my mind anymore, I cant stand feeling like this you know? Its a pain in the ass!

Sorry if I have to blame you HAHA, sbb saye, awak pulak yg dipersalahkan tehee ;p
Pdhal awak dok care pun kt saye, haih buat mnde haa saye gi rindu awak jont eh? Musykil sgguh! Anyways, awak mmg brsungguh mase blaja, blaja elok elok ye? :)

Take Care :D

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Im feeling awkward. Weird.

Its 1.40 a.m in the morning. Kinda weird because hours before I felt extremely happy. Now? Im feeling gloomy, so gloomy. Kenape ah? Haih mcam ade smething goes wrong somewhere :/ Even me, myself cant figure out what it is.

Boy, Im sorry if Ive been such an interupter. I didnt mean to. Yes I know, it is my mistake. Okay mmg aku je suke kat mu, mmg aku je yg mcm chasing after you, tp jgn ah lain dgn aku lpas mu tahu ni smua. Aku pun, bkan nye niat nk usha mu ke ape, aku nk kwn dulu dgn mu. Ape yg aku rse tu aku ketepi dulu. Hey takkan lah bru jumpe terus nk jump into a relationship kan? Both of us know that it is a stupid thing to do. Aku fham klau mu tak suka aku, aku takpe cume kite kwn pun ckup lah, aku tk mntak lebih :)

Dah, habis crite tu. Bukak crite lain pulak jom! :D

Next week pindah skolah, Lembah Bidong pulak, mcm best sbb jauh, nk try hidup independent, bapak pun bgtau program ni bagus sbb nak anak dye ni lebeh independent, okay bapak menurut arahan patuh patuh :) Im looking frward fr this programme. Okay tujuan programme adelah utk observe and rase mcm mane care dyeorg blaja so take note Amira Farhana ;


Haha ish tkpelah, man hunting fun ape ;) . So friends, farewell, will be missing you guys :/

Cheah - jage diri, siapkan homework tau, mse rehat dduk dgn Yanie & Natiq eh? Jgn main jauh jauh, nnt hilang arah tuju. Bimbang Miwa :/ btw, nnt Miwa blk kite pkai sanitizer Tigger wrne orange tu okay? I just bought it, I bet you like it ;) LY Raihana <3

Yanie - Yanie pun, tkdi kite manje manje doh, so Miwa pergi jgn sedeh sedeh tau, nnt nk pergi dating kt klas atas tggu Miwa blk okay? :) Nnt nk crite psl KETULEX, helo je ah Miwa, LY Mrs. Taemin <3

Natiq - Natiq, jgn tension sgt sbb Apek. Okay Miwa fham Natiq rase ape, sbb Miwa pun rse jgak. Kite kan kwn rapat so ape kau rase, aku rse jgak lah :) Kalau geram sgt ke ape, pause dlu, jgn layan dye okay :) LY Tiqoh <3

Sya - Hm budok nih, jgn skip meal mse rehat tau, nnt saket perut aje. Tkpyah diet diet, awk tu dah tggl tulang je. Nk diet btpe lgy ;) LY Soda <3

Dayah - Semet, lame gile kot dok rehat same same. Mmg dgn semet ah lame orh tk lepak same same. I miss you tau dok :/ LY Dee! <3

Resah - Ehem new car, new car, ENVY ENVY! :D

Kpd adek adek yg lain, jage diri, jgn nakal nakal, jage blk band baik baik jgn smpai buruk name band smua ye sayang sayang :)

What else to say ah? Hmph mc tkdok doh je tp kdg kdg rse mcm byk je nk mention haih, nk mention ape ahu. Okay lah running out of things to type. Bye.

' Expressions can be covered easily but feelings, its complicated '

- Amira Mardzuki, merepek lagi :)


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today In History,

Haha, I felt extremely happy today. Thanks to Yanie, Natiq and new buddy, Sypq, I managed to actually got into a very short conversation with him, heee nahh bia lah skejap pun asal puas hati. Okay okay, tipu. Tak puas hati lagi -___-' . And as I said before, I love your teeth! <3>

Its your face complexion, baby, seriously :)

Staring at you is the one thing I love to do, HAHA dont get me wrong man, bkan nye aku stare lame lame, seconds je tp like many times ah kot ;) Sorry, I am like this when it comes to this kind of things so start to get used to it. Lain kali nak snyum nmpak gigi okay? Baru niceee. :D

Like Owoh Mu Gok, Im so like so INTO HIM, berat doh weh, mu tahu dok bckground dye smua main angau angau kat org eh? Gile pale sungguh haha! Okay biar ah I dare myself to do something unpredictable in life, I mean its once in a lifetime oppportunity and it is so stupid and dumb of me, if I let it go just like that. Hey, be brave ah, pdhal penakut mcm haram! ;p

Kenape tk hujan ah? I have a wish to make and my wish is ;

Ape pulak biar aku sorang jelah yang tahu, biar wish tu main main dlm kepale aku dah lah :)

Hm hope to see you again soon, sure will be missing you aite here :/

Tcare cutie :D

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tersangat angau =,=

' Its not the person tht you miss, its the memories you had with the person tht you miss, so much '

- Amira Mardzuki :)

Agree? I know I do, Haha.

Cut the chase, Im having a MAJOR crush on this guy, but what am I kidding? He wouldnt notice me, Im ugly, Im not attractive, Im a loser. Im un-noticable. HAHA, ade ke tht kind of word? Its boring to live in a life like this, no companion :( . Im not being choosy, its just that well, I dont know, its hard to explain. Things just get so complicated aite now. Im tangled up in my own confusing feelings, crushing on a guy who doesnt even realize my existance WTF? And now you said your life is a mess? Think twice, my life is full of disasters. I used to be heartless before, but it only last like months, and now Im trying hard to find a way to be back like tht again. Im sick of failing completely in what I do. Its just doesnt get any better ;( I keep promising myself tht i will not involve myself in this thing, you know, this thing, but I end up breaking the promise, I cant stand temptation and look how I end up being, P A T H E T I C. My reactions, my decisions, just make me suffer to much, due to the fact that Im not thinking wisely. I have to change, Im more matured now, I guess* . A promise is a promise, and a promise is meant to be broken. Sheeesh -__-' . If promises are meant to be kept, then all of this disasters wouldnt happen repeatly, as in, OVER AND OVER AGAIN LIKE F!

Stop cursing girl, it doesnt make you feel any better. Today I felt energized, watching you from a distance, while you played with your hair Im like ' OMG ( Owoh Mu Gok ) , jgn gok buat gitu it makes me melt ah ;") . Sorry if shouting your name bugs you, :D sengaje hihi x) Oweh Im like so into you right now Mr! And there's nothing much I can do :/ I mean this thing is not going anywhere, It will not going to begin but its going to end soon :( and Im sure I'll be missing you like lots!

You dont even know my name, boy. Pdhal we've known each other fr almost 10 years kot? :/

Friends, help me. Im not supposed to feel this way. Its wrong and I feel guilty. But erasing him from my mind? Thts hard. Nevermind, run in my mind as long as you want to, I dont mind at all comel :)

* I miss your jokes :(


Friday, February 26, 2010

Heal the ruins left inside me,

All alone in an empty room
nothing left but the memories of when I had my best frIend
I don't know how we ended up here
I don't know but it's never been so clear
We made a mistake, dear.

And I see the broken glass in front of me
I see your shadow hanging over me
and your face, I can see,

Through the trees
I will find you
I will heal the ruins left inside you
cause I'm still here breathing now
I'm still here breathing now
I'm still here breathing now
until I'm set free
Go quiet through the trees

I remember how we used to talk
about the places we would go when we were off
and all that we were gonna find.
And I remember our seeds grow
and how you cried when you saw
the first leaves show.
The love was pouring from your eyes.

So can you see
the branches hanging over me?
Can you see
the love you left inside of me?
in my face
can you see?

Cause you're not coming back
And you're not coming back
No No No
You're not coming back
You're not coming back

Take my breath as your own
Take my eyes to guide you home

But you're not coming back.
And you're not coming back.
Cause you're not coming back
until I'm set free
Go quiet through the trees.

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Obsession :D


Meet Logan Lerman, the main actor for the movie ' Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief '.
He plays Percy Jackson of course, and he's hot. Tk rugi tgk wayang hrituu ;)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do You Remember?

Eyy, mu igt tk last year, mse first time aku jmpe mu, mu mmg poyo gile aa mse tuu. Snyap je. Aku igtkan mu nerd ke ape, tp tk. Lme lme knal mu, kite kwn. Org lain pun tk sangke mu havoc mcm skrg. Dulu, mse practice kite slalu blatih lagu same same kan? Org blatih dlm dewan, kite kuaa pegi blatih tepi dewan. Mu tlg aku aa biasenye, thanks ;)

Dulu, mse rest lepas blatih, kite lepak dueorg tepi dewan tu kan, mu cite psl mu ngn sklh lame mu ngn ex-girlfriend mu. Aku dengar je, sbb mu mcm syok ngt cite. Siap boleh snyum snyum lagi mse cite. Aku dengar je, asal mu bahagie. Nk buat cmne, dulu cymbal 3 slalu ngn bass 4 ;D . Mse ade skali tu ltihan marching kt dataran, mu main cymbal aku, aku main bass. Tp bkan bass mu, berat bai. Aku pkai bass areh. Hancur beat mse tu, sbb aku mane reti main bass :p Tp aku mainn je, main smpai sesat!

Dulu, mse ltihan utk formation, mu pernah kene jdi drum major skejap, sbb serul saket mse tu. Mu diri dpan tu, mu bgi sign smuaa, tp org ktawekan mu, sbb mu main main. Dgn aku sdiri pun ketawe. Sabor jelah mu ni, mmg tkleh serious skit. Mse tu pulak bass mu rosak, skin dye koyak kan? Bile dpat skin bru je, syg nk ketuk atas skin bru owr. Dok jejah arh skin yamaha dye! ;p

Dulu, lpas ltihan, pernah skali ade basikal sape ntah kt court basketball owr. Aku bwak basikal tu, aku bonceng muu kt blkg. Aku lupe dah mu berat ke tak mse tu, tp yg pasti mu susah nk handle kaki mu sdiri, sbb kaki mu pnjg ;) Nnt klau aku jmpe gmbar kite naik bsikal, aku upload :)

Mse set set ni kene tido sklh mlam tu, kite pegi pntai ptg tu kann. Pegi pntai naik kereta smua, blk ke sklh jlan kaki. Tk leteh lah sbb jlan rmai rmai, best! Kite mainn air, kite amek gmba, kite pegii mkann. Bile tgk smula gmbar gmbar ptg tu, bru prasan muke sorang sorang mmg burn habes! Muke mu mmg obviously burn ah wey. Blk dri pntai aku jlan ngn mu, kite mcm org gile duk nyanyi kuat kuat tepi jlan. Mcm mcm lagu kite nyanyi, :D

Aku ngn mu suke lagu face down, jdi slalu je nyanyi same same. Tp dulu mu suke lagu Mama Do, mu suruh aku download, aku download laa, mu suruh aku dngar, mu kate best. Aku kate tak, mmg tk best. Mu suke, aku ttap tk suke. Tp skrg bru aku suke. Yelaaaa, lagu tu mmg best. Mse aku online, mu suruh aku google band mane yg ade drummer cute. Aku btau lah Cute Is What We Aim For, tp mu confused, mu tnye aku, tu name band ke? Aku kate lah ye, mu kate, Uniknye! Aha, mu ni memang lah!

Mse birthday aku tahun lpas, akuu tk kne baling tepung pun! Hee selamat! Tp yg bestnye, korang smua siap bwak pegi mkan kfc lagi ;) Mu siap beli kek kt aku, blanje aku mkan, mane ade best ho! Aku sayang mu sungguh pon! Dohla chocolate cake, mmg mmahami! Siap nyanyi kuat kuat gi dlm kfc, malu aa aku weyy =,= Lpas mkan kite pegi main airr, kite main dueorg smpai basah basah kann. :) Thanks, the most sweetest thing a person would do to me.

Bkan tu je yang kite buat same same, byk lagi tau tp klau nk list smua, entry ni msti pnjg! I miss all our moments together up here. Skrg? Its a whole new atmosphere, everything is different now, we dont share the same song anymore, the same interest anymore. You share the same song, the same interest with someone else now, ;(

Its okay, Im still waiting for a miracle to happen :)

Friday, February 12, 2010


At last, Ive decided to just ignore all the things tht happened, tho its not tht simple but Im trying, and Im getting good at it. Yes at first you have to go through like sorts of complications but hey, if you want something so bad, dont give up trying.

For all of you out there, buat bodoh jelah okay, theres nothing to think about except yr own life. Yr priority, thts important. And the only person tht cares about yr priority is you, yes, yourself and nobody else.

Look, Im gay now :D , okay gay refers to happy man, dont get me wrong, Im not gay gay ;p

I miss everybody. I miss my girlfriends, I miss my band members, I miss my old self, and I miss the old you :/

Eh i want a driving license so badly meh, lmbt beno nk ke dpatnye, Im turning 17 on July, its like 5 months more to go and Im sick of waiting, bkan nye boleh amek pon, i have to wait until after SPM. Sucks isnt it?

Okay Im off, Im lack of ideas :D

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adrenaline Rush.

Aku manusia lemah
Selalu terjatuh
Berbeda aku dari mu
Kau berdiri teguh

Aku serba tiada
Aku kekurangan
Dan bila kau tiba
Aku hilang dari kewujudan

Sempurnanya sifatmu
Tulusnya hatimu
Jujurnya niatmu
Tingginya kesabaranmu

Lepaskanlah diriku
Kerna aku tak mampu tuk menanggung
Cinta sempurna

Bukan aku tak pernah
Mengerti dirimu
Ku sanjung setiap kata cinta
Kau berikan aku

Hilangkan rasa itu
Akhirkan semua
Dan bila kau sedar
Aku hilang dari kewujudan

Sempurna sifatnyamu
Tulusnya hatimu
Jujurnya niatmu
Tingginya kesabaranmu

Lepaskanlah diriku
Kerna aku tak mampu tuk menanggung
Cinta sempurna

Currently listening to this up here. Im sorry for everything :/

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kembali, akhirnya :D

Mintak maaf kepade smua yg menjadi pmbace setia blog aku, lame tk update, tiade kesempatan waktu, maklumlah, Im unofficially seventeen kan, so busy mcam haram! Sekolah lgy, band lgy, study lgy smua laa, tkde mase pon nk online ( okay tipu :D ) ade je mse nk online, cume tkboleh lame lameeee =,=' .

Okay hrini dgn rasminya buku sejarah form 4 dan juge buku sejarah form 5 bab 1 telah berjaye dihabiskan oleh Amira F. Dengan kesabaran yang ku tempuhi, berbekalkan keazaman utk score dlm sejarah, serta dorongan drpd ibu, dan rakan rakan, aku pasti boleh! Ini lah kate kate yg telah mmberikan dorongan kdpku ;

Ibu ; ' InsyaAllah Kakak boleh, yakin pada diri sdri '

Rehah ; ' Ingat gini ah, UPSR 5A doh, PMR 8A doh, SPM boleh-nye 10A '
- Aku syg mu wey!

Shahril ; ' Just think about your Ibu and ME! :D '
- kau memang shahril!

Trime kaseh kpd semua, dan sebarang kata kata semangat boleh disalurkan melalui blogspot, myspace, facebook, message etc. Terbuke kepade semuaaa :) . Dan bak kate Rodayah dlm Blospot beliau, kami sedang bertarung nyawe berperang dgn TOV, mksudnye ........ argh ku sudah lupe mksud-nye yg pernah dinyatakan oleh Sir Tan :D

Alhamdullilah paper PAI dan BIO 1 selamat dijawab dgn penuh semangat dan dedikasi serta keyakinan diri yang sederhana tinggi. Paper PAI 2 agak susah doe, ayat hafazan smua tembok! - Tembok in Trg means ; hentam! ;D . Aku mane habis hafal ayat hafazan tahun lepas, sbb ayat last tu agak pnjg dan mmbelitkan. Harap harap Ustazah Fatimuse tdak mmburuku mmakai sesumpit serta parang yang tajam dan bersinar Aminn -__- .

Oh, lupe nk bgtauu, tahun ni secara rasminya ku telah dipindahkan ke kelas lain, ye Amira Farhana keseorangan kali ini, tanpa ditemani oleh mane mane teman rpat beliau, terutamanya Rehahhh, belajar di kelas itu. Skrg kami sudah berasingan dan sedikit berjauhan, anggaran 10 kaki berjauhan kira kira ;'( . Aku rindu smua, aku seorang, kau beramai ramai. Aku lost :( . Kerane itulah sebaik shje pulang dri sekolah, aku ketawe setan kuat kuat, sperti org tidak waras. Aku melompat seperti beratku hanya 35kg. Aku menjerit seperti suare lunak bagai Hayley Williams. Sifat sebenarku terpendam selame 7 jam sehari, 35 jam seminggu, 140 jam sebulan dan seterusnya. Bayangkann,


Okay sudah terbayang? Terime kaseh kerane sudi mmahami :') . Tp aku bimbang tentang satu perkara. Kebiasaannya aku tdak akan online, atau mendekatkan diri kpd laptop, apatah lagi mmberanikan diri utk online setiap kali exam tetapi kali ini, keberanianku seakan-akan terserlah sepenuhnya. Mengape? Aku bimbang, jike berlaku sesuatu. Tetapi ape? - Okay monolog dalaman drama murahan yg biase ku tonton, mula mmpengaruhi diriku -__-

Doakan kejayaanku utk exam ini, kerana kata org ramai, exam ni menentukan kdudukan kami sama ada kami layak utk ke kem atau tidak. Hine je kan klau tk boleh? So lets GO GO Miwa! ;)
Esok paper BM, mmg mlas utk mengarang, tangan cpat letih. Kalaulah boleh menaip, akan ku lakukan demikian.

Lepas exam, ABJ atau Aswad Bin Jalil, menyuarakan hasrat beliau utk melaksanakan kem utk warga SSMB. Aku teruja. Keterujaan ku yang menyeluruh akan terserlah selepas TOV kot, tp pape hal, aku tetap TERUJA. Raisah pulok kate ade reunion warga ex-SKSS1 slepas TOV do Ri-Yaz. Aku juga TERUJA. Jmpa kwan kwan lame, msti muke sorang sorang dah lain, mesti ade muke mcm bapak atau omak org. Hehe jgn marah ;p

Aku harus pergi skrg, aku tdak sggup lagi menanggung perasaan bersalah trhadap diriku ini kerane tdak stdy, walhal aku sudah mnghabiskan beberape jam mengadap Emilio Aguinaldo, dan juge Ho Chi Minh, dan juga Soekarno, dan juga Raja Chulalongkorn, dan jugaa kapal kapal perang. Sudah Amira sudahh, jgn show off. Off skrg, nnt kau akan menyesal - satu suara berkate. Lalu aku berkate ' baiklah baiklahhh, aku pergi lah niii '

p/s ; Emilio Aguinaldo jejake handsome, tk sia sia mengadap muke dye lame lame. Wlaupun dye bunuh Andres Bonaficio, tp dye tetap tampan kacak bergaya ;D