Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet The Hotties, HAHA

First of all, the main thing tht i want to shout out is ;

Akem, Kakak miss you!

Whos Akem? Well Akem, is a friend of mine. We met on 31st August, fr the first time. He came to my hse, with his family of course. At first, I thought Akem was a chinese boy, haha first impression pon dah silap. He's not a chinese, he's a pure malay boy. I discovered abt it when he was the first who came up with a conversation with me. He asked me many things, and his voice was sooooo CUTE! :) That time I was shocked. Why? Haha he speaked malay baii. Igtkan cine kann. Sorry Akem. He has this two beautiful sister, the eldest looks like a malay, but the second one, chinese-looking also.

After we had this conversation ah, Akem started to sit beside me, all the time. Then he asked me to company him to see the guppies that Aboh rear, again and again haha. Takpe, I dont mind as long as it is fr you, Akem :) There's this one time, he wanted to see how the kitchen looks like, so, I showed him the kitchen. All part of the kitchen. The dry kitchen, the wet kitchen. His mama followed him everywhere, in case Akem beahve badly, KOT, Im not sure but where ever Akem was, his mama was also there. Maybe she's just wanted to keep an eye on him, I dont know hee :D
Suprisingly, after minutes being with him, he kept following me everywhere. He followed me to the kitchen, he followed me to my bedroom. He followed me downstairs, everywhere I must say. He played with the dolls in my room, but his mama didnt like it, so his mama took away those dolls and Akem cried. He cried so loud meh, pity him. So his mama gave up, and went downstairs, leaving Akem with me and a girl, whos th daughter of ibu's friend. So I consoled Akem and he's back to normal. When its time to bukak puase, I persuaded Akem to eat downstairs, with th other guests. Akem agreed and we went down. He held my hand when we were going down the flight of stairs. Awww :') Seriously, he only held MY hand, instead of his sisters'. She pushed her sisters aside and went down with me.
Akem sat on th chair and the dining table, he looked at the foods and said ;
' Akem nak mkan '.
So I was like, ' Tu, btau mama '.
And he waited but he didnt told his mama. Weird, then I asked him ;
' Akem nk kakak suap ke? '.
He nodded.
So aku pon, suap lah Akem.
He refused to eat when his mama suap dye. And he also refused to drink th air soya that his mam brought fr him. Instead, he drank th on that I asked my sister to pour fr him. Rupenyee, Akem nak manje ngan sayeee. Alaaa terharu lah Akem :') After melahap semua, Akem wanted to play th dolls in my room. So we went upstairs, holding hands aww. I left him with his sisters upstairs, and I went downstairs. Hang around with my aunty, watched th TV. Then Akem came down, he asked his sister ;
' Where's kakak? '
I was there, he looked fr me everywhere. He went to the kitchen to look fr me. Alah Akem. So I followed him, and brought him upstairs again. We played. Then when its time fr Akem to go home, we went outside. Akem stood beside me, he hugged me. How cuteee ;) Then I asked ;
' Akem nk blk doh ke? '
He nodded, and smiled.
He ran around, and jumped and stuff. His father had a long chat with mine.