Friday, September 16, 2011

My Desire To Procrastinate Is Unbeatable!

Ive been in front on the laptop for hours not, despite having tons of undone assignments, I chose to go online. Why?

I cant explain. Im sorry.

Well lets refresh. I have math, biology, chemistry and some other subjects need to be done by Sunday. Too lazy to even move my ass, looks like I wont be finishing any of those homeworks tonight, I guess. Tho earlier I had the urge to finish up some drawings related to Biology but naehh, I'll finish it in another couple more hours.

Oh later I'll be meeting up with a couple of my hommies! Yeayers! (Y). Its been a while since the last time we actually have the time to sit and have a proper conversation. I miss you guys :'(


I see this is gettin' nowhere. Actually I just finished reading this one blog and that blog makes me come here, although my head is now empty, I got nothing to say.

Spending this weekend at Nana's house by the way. Tanty is off to Penang and I cant tag along 'cause I'll be sitting for chemistry test this Monday and Tanty said I might struggle to concentrate on studying if I follow her. I spent my weekends before at her house. This weekend is a new thing to me.

Some things were unexpected. Despite being the guest here, I got ' duit raya ' from Nana's relatives. Ive been stuffing my mouth with good food like ALL THE TIME and yeah, Nana's relatives treated me nicely. Im flattered :') Needless to say, I'm very happy and grateful to be here. And oh not forgetting Aunty Oney! She's like a mother to me. She treated me like her own daughter. Whats more prettier than that? :'D


Yeh, i cant proceed anymore. Toodles!