Friday, April 22, 2011

I spend my Friday quite well.

Finally Ive finished the 300 words essay which is due this Wednesday. Phewh legaaa. Dont have to think about it anymore except for the fact that I have to type that darn thing later. Sangatlah malas wahai ini budak >,<

Oh, now Im trying to be an Inspirit, besides being an ELF, half Beauty, half Hottest, half A+, half VIP. Half semua laa. Only a full ELF :D 'Aina omma encourage me to be one so yeah. Hihi. I watched ' Nothing's Over ' MV but failed to recognize em' except for Dongwoo and Hoya, :D * even can remember their names properly pun lagi.

Mia, Fighting! <3

Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh Em Gee!

Just changed my background picture. Dope aite? Hehe. Now Im more anticipated to write in my blog, NOT. Im born with laziness as a package so yeah, my cool background picture wont influence me to write more often.

Oh another thing is, Ive found what I want! * Eh I shud inform Mija about this! Wanna know what it is? THIS!

Yeah this album up here, the new B version! Although the price is quite expensive, but its worth for something you have interest in. So yeah dont let the money stay still, frozen stiff in your pocket, spend em'!

Okay so thats all. Annyeong! <3

* Mija Mija Ive found the version B for the album! are you interested syg? :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Idk if i shud be saying this but,

Im eager to get out of this house like pronto! The atmosphere in this house is no longer a good one. Im sensing many conflicts in the house, and i dont want to be apart of it. I wanna go study somewhere else now. Universities, quick pick me! >,<

Saturday, April 9, 2011

translations :)

The one in the white box :

' Super Junior-M had make a comeback with the album ' Perfection '. With the participation of the new two members, Eunhyuk and Sungmin, Super Junior M seems too perfect now! For this comeback, what is the concept of the album that Super Junior-M wants to show? Want to know all about the album ' Perfection? '? Lets follow the interview with SJM!

Conversation from the top.

epop : what is the concept of the album ' Perfection '?

Zhoumi: Similar to the albums before, this album shows dance music.The difference for this new album is we used heavy sound of bass guitar, for example, electronic music. Lets put it this way, our new album shows electronic dance music. I feel very happy for our album this time because we got the chance to collaborate with the famous musicians such as Jay Chou and Vincent Fang.

SJM : Woww ~ * clap hands

epop : what is the clothing concepts for your new album?

Zhoumi : We appeared with the concept of furry hats, haha! Our appearances are similar to the drama ' Flying Fox of Snowy Mountains '!

Kyuhyun : Haha..

Zhoumi : Haha, we looked cool and mysterious, like the owner of a castle, by wearing these furry hats during our photoshoots.

epop : what is the dance concept for the album ' Perfection '?

Siwon : Our dance concept this time is a bit different. Since me and Sungmin join SJM, dancing in a group is our priority. We had produce an outcome which is far from our expectation.

Sungmin : We are very suit with each other from the aspect of singing and dancing!

epop : Apart from Leehom Wang, any other musicians that you guys would like to collaborate with?

Siwon : We would love to collaborate with many other musicians, but we are putting high hopes on collaborating with Andy Lau!

epop : Which members among you guys that has the nicest thigh?

Eunhyuk : Haha, my thigh is prettier than girls' thighs.

Sungmin : True! Eunhyuk's thigh is very sexy!

Siwon : Its just that he has this numerous leg hair!

epop : How do rest of the members treat the new members, Eunhyuk and Sungmin?

Eunhyuk : The rest of the members treat me very well except for Henry! Although Henry is the magnae, but he often orders us to do things for him. Henry also drops the honorifics while talking to us. He wants us to treat him like he's the king! Haha!

Henry : Haha, aniyo..

epop : How do you guys feel with the participation of Eunhyuk and Sungmin?

Kyuhyun : Eunhyuk hyung is an active and cheerful person. He is considered as the most important person in the group because he really knows how to break the atmosphere!

Siwon : Sungmin is like the prominent figure in the history of China, Liu Bei, because he is a kind-hearted and a sincere person.

Sungmin : Thank you for your compliment, I will continue to work harder!

epop : How do you two feel after joining SJM?

Sungmin : Before this, SJM always showed off how awesome are the foods in China and how happy and excited they were to do the promotions in China. That moment I was feeling very envious towards them. But now, after I got the chance to join SJM, i feel extremely lucky! Im so looking forward to the progressions of SJM in the upcoming! As a new member of SJM, I will work hard to learn from the other members.

Siwon : Now thats the Liu Bei Im referring to earlier!

Eunhyuk : Briefly, thank you! Haha. This is a great opportunity for me to challenge myself. I never experienced these kind of things before. With the participation of me and Sungmin, I hope that we can bring SJM to a higher level. I will continue to work hard!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm like, these are mah boi(s)!

Hey boys. Just so you know I'm saving up now, for ze upcoming Super Show 4 and ze 5th album. How I wish there will be thirteen boys, again on ze stage, instead of 10. But thats too impossible, since Kangin wont return until it's 2012, and Hankyung wont return anymore and Kibum, geez I hope he returns.

I miss Kangin's shouts toward ze boys, how he acted all aggresive, * yah dont be too aggresive, ara? :D

I miss Hangeng's broken Hangul, with that soft and low voice of his, how to resist? :') I admire his determination.

I miss Kibum's deep and manly voice. His rap during Don't Don was ze best! It was awesome! He's the one i admire ze most in ze MV! :D

Three boys please come back laa, no fun without you guys. Well there are fun, but not enough.

The desperate ELF.

#nowplaying : UKISS - 0330