Friday, April 22, 2011

I spend my Friday quite well.

Finally Ive finished the 300 words essay which is due this Wednesday. Phewh legaaa. Dont have to think about it anymore except for the fact that I have to type that darn thing later. Sangatlah malas wahai ini budak >,<

Oh, now Im trying to be an Inspirit, besides being an ELF, half Beauty, half Hottest, half A+, half VIP. Half semua laa. Only a full ELF :D 'Aina omma encourage me to be one so yeah. Hihi. I watched ' Nothing's Over ' MV but failed to recognize em' except for Dongwoo and Hoya, :D * even can remember their names properly pun lagi.

Mia, Fighting! <3

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