Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm like, these are mah boi(s)!

Hey boys. Just so you know I'm saving up now, for ze upcoming Super Show 4 and ze 5th album. How I wish there will be thirteen boys, again on ze stage, instead of 10. But thats too impossible, since Kangin wont return until it's 2012, and Hankyung wont return anymore and Kibum, geez I hope he returns.

I miss Kangin's shouts toward ze boys, how he acted all aggresive, * yah dont be too aggresive, ara? :D

I miss Hangeng's broken Hangul, with that soft and low voice of his, how to resist? :') I admire his determination.

I miss Kibum's deep and manly voice. His rap during Don't Don was ze best! It was awesome! He's the one i admire ze most in ze MV! :D

Three boys please come back laa, no fun without you guys. Well there are fun, but not enough.

The desperate ELF.

#nowplaying : UKISS - 0330

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