Friday, December 9, 2011


* Now downloading We Got Married, TeukSo Couple, from episode 2-8. Its going to be a TeukSo couple marathon tonight ! *

Naw lets get real dudes and dudettes ! Im now enjoying my one month semester break, but since its 9th of December already, Im left with another what, 3 more weeks to pamper myself with enough sleeps ! That aint good, aint good.

Semester exam was a bummer. Biology was being nice to me, but not the others. Math was a thumb down. Paper 1 went well but paper 2 was too mean >:( The others, well let bygone be bygone.

So whats the 911 peeps ? Did I miss anything juicy here ? Its been a while since the last time I actually write anything in my blog. I was too preoccupied with all the assignments, and exams. Heck who am I kidding. I was having massive fun ! NOT. D:

So Super Junior paid a visit recently. I was like freakin' thrilled like a girl on steroid ! So I asked Mija to buy me the ticket. But sadly, due to some reasons, I couldnt make it, but Mija did. Best part was she bought the VIP ticket so imagine the fun she had gawking at those yummy boys ! * I sound like a cannibal here/inserts cannibal emoticon here *. So later that night after the concert, I gave her a call. We talked about one hour and something and she spilled out every single details she remembered. So there I was, listening to her over the phone, feeling happy for her and pathetic for myself blergh. Anyways, glad she had fun tho, 'cause that was what she's been dying to do. To actually see those boys. :') Tears of joy my love.

I wish I was at KMB that time, SIGH

So I heard that they wanna hold SS4 here in Malaysia, again, IM SUPER THRILLED ! So what did I do ? I did some money calculations earlier, plus minus here and there and boom ! I need another RM200 more to accomplish my mission to grab the rock zone ticket ! * As if I know the price of the tickets *. But cant get my hopes too high, no confirmation from their side, YET (:

So okay, Im GANNA stop here now ARIGHT * In a Mokpo dialect *
Ya'll take care naw, I'll be backkkk (: