Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I got the CR fever ;/

Okay hrini sembang rancak gile psl football match dgn madie, cheah, yanie and natiq. Tubek tubek, Madie nk bet, on football match between Portugal dgn Spain. HAHAHA and perkara yg dipertaruhkan lumayan juga!

* Okay mskud lumayan di sini bukan di-referkan kepade sebarang bentuk wang ringgit, tk kire same ade wang kertas atau wang ringgit. Kami tk berjudi bola okay. Adok bookie bookie. Cookie ade! ;)

Habuan saye dpat jika Spain kaloh ; Dirahsiakan :D

Denda saya dapat jika Portugal kaloh ; LAGI LAH DIRAHSIAKAN!

Doakan agar Portugal menang agar saye tk perlu menebalkan muka buat denda yg ditetapkan oleh Fatimah Mardhiah Omar tuuuu Aminnn ;)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I miss all of these oready ;(

This is my final year. Im actually 17 now, okay unofficialy 17 but will be in days time. Counting down the days ; 20 more days to go until Im one inch more matured! Horeay! :D During my final year, I had so much fun, countless fun I must say. Preoccupied with the band thinggy for 14 days straight and burnt myself down. * You might not interested in looking at me right now, FUGLY MUCH NO KIDDING. All those hours of training for 14 days, dont really paid off cause we came in fourth and we had no idea that that fourth place was reserved for us for the comp. Its was freakingly frustrating. Yet, I couldnt cry. I can only look down, with an expression full of frustration. And the same thing happened to the others. Most dominant that time was Yanie, cause she was standing next to me.

We didnt expect this at all. Like Yunie and Wi had this conversation, we're close to victory cause we can smell it already. But then that smell fade, and victory arent ours. I thought Kiri would be tremendously dissapointed with us but my mistake, he didnt. He said he's not dissapointed at all, but on the other hand, he was very proud of us. He was very satisfied with our performance and our achievement. Without him, SSMB will never come to life, SSMB will never be this full of spirit as this, SSMB will never experienced the outrageous fun. Thanks Cikgu Khairil Izam Che Rahim :)

Night before competition,
Mandi kt surau for the first time wuhuu it was out of this world and was so unexpected! Opportunity like that only comes rolling in life once. And that night can be titled as ' The Night Of Tears ' . Even for the less expected person to cry pun tewas jugok mlm tu! And me? I cried when everybody stops. Its not that im not feeling all those ergh things you guys are crying about, its just that crying is not the way of me showing how touched I was. Crying isnt my game. But then, tewas juga ;'(

All those tears doesnt last long. Were replaced by tons of fun, brought about by the game called ' Dont Fall Down '. Credits to Tengku Sofiya Syafiqah on this ;) Thanks Freya! We played until late night kot, dok ingat doh. But that night we laid our heads and shut our eyes early. Dohla mlam tu panas gile kot, every hour bangun and sighed, ' PANASNYEEEE ' . Last skali decided to climb up the upper bed, above where Dilah, Freya and Cammy were sleeping, and just stick my hands and legs, and luckily not my entire torso, to the wall. Argh satisfaction indeed. Sejuk lah kot skejap. But then I heard this girls were talking smua smua. That time almost smua dah bgun kot. I heard their conversation while these two eyes were shut tight. Then Yanie woke me up, pergi mandi smuaa and Im ready to battle!

And yet, fourth place wasnt the one we expected. Go home with full of frustration. Amer even asked me ' Are you okay? ' I smiled and shaked my head. I was very quiet on the way home and the last thing I knew it, I was asleep. And so was Amer. Tired much perhaps. Madie Natiq Rehah came up and asked, I explained everything. They comforted me. Thanks pretty girls ;)

Gathered in front of bilik music, ckgu gave a quick brief about our losing. We accepted it as fated. SSMB, winning isnt what we running for aite? Its the bond that we have rite now, that means the world to us :D

To all SSMB;

I have so much fun, practicing with you guys. Spending the time under the dazzling hot sun, which has been our best friend for 14 days. Then spending our time having lunch together. Then sectionals ptg ptg dimana majority of us mmg letih smpai boleh tido mase main, especially awok awok percussion. Haha mu org mmg klakor lahhh. And when dekat dgn comp, ptg tkde sectionals dah, kite lepak je dlm blk band, buat gile dok ahu bnde skali. Try out bajuuu. Gi kacau CG buat practice, set trumpeters. Terbaik! And tyla and smua set cymbal, sorry sbb slalu maroh maroh korang smuaa. Panas, jdi keinginan nok maroh org tu membuak buak. Sorry again. Promise it wont happen again :'( And sorry jugok kpade section lain kalau ade terkasar bahase ke ape, okay? Promise wont happen again. and oh kepade dia yang benci saye tuh, eh confess dpan dpan ah. Ape barang main blakang. Kalau benci, bgtau lah benci, susah sgt ke hah? So drpd kutuk terang lagi zahir kat whiteboard tu, baik mari dpan muka je ngaku. Senang kerja kan? ;)

Sultan Sulaiman Marching Band members, Miwa LOVES you all lots! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

This may be my goodbye, but I'll make sure that this wouldnt be the last ;)

I appreciate it so much ;)

Thanks for the greatest 3 hours I had, it was the best. You really know how to cure my loneliness, and also my boredom tehee ;) credits given to you and of course, 5 stars for you rockstar for bringing back that hideous smile on my face haha. Okay althought its hideous, somehow that smile knows how to make use of itself. It can really hide my agony :)

Frankly I never had this so much fun before, * okay maybe I did but it doesnt last long boo-hoo me ;( . After months of griefing, I realized that hey living in grief and mourning all the time as if someone died, doesnt help me a lot in continuing my pathetic life. And now, I learn to start appreciating this pathetic life Im going through, because when I think back,


My life could never be the same as yours, stop comparing. Months of having you as a friend is actually worth it, cause within those months, I actually discover the real you, inside out :) Rip my heart out and you'll know that I have no regrets knowing you babe. You influence me a lot. Youre like Haylie Williams, or Kirsten Stewart, that have been the biggest influence in my life.

I will cherish all those moments, 2009 and 2010 are the best years I ever had. And it never cross my mind to end this two years just like that. Im looking forward to more suprises I'll be facing in the upcoming.

Thanks, for all the moments we had, that pretty much change my life.

* Terharu? Nangis skrg :p

-Friends, dont jump into nonsense and pathetic conclusions on who Im talking about. Thank You ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Now I know, I dont mean anything to you, anymore. Thanks for everything. I will not cherish those moments.

So long, and goodbye.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Perlu ke?

Perlu ke nk tunjuk kat smua org? Perlu ke make it too obvious? Perlu ke buat aku sakit hati mcm ni? Perlu ke smua tu ha?

Meluat tahu dok? You maybe dont know, you dont have any idea what m feeling. Thts why you dont take any of these seriously. Mu tahu dok aku jdi naik muak nge prangai mu? Sorry ah, bia ah nok kate saloh aku pun, aku tetap dok suke care mu.

Aku nok give up je kot, tp mustahil. Setiap hari aku jmpe mu, ingat senang nk give up gitu? Find a way to make me hate you, okay? Afterwards aku dok kcau dohla hdup mu, mu blh dah hdup bhagie dgn gadis pilihan mu.

One more thing, tkpyah nak agah dpan aku ah, jgn bajet bagus. Jgn saje nk cri psl dgn aku. Aku mmg tk lwan tp hati aku, rebellious mcam haram. Jgn smpai aku amek jlan terakhir aku.

Terima kaseh atas smua bnde mu buat, aku hargai sangat. Aku ni bukan strong. Mu buat gitu, aku telan. Aku cube.


For the late Puan Akmal Abd Ghaafar, that passed away this afternoon, 7th June 10', around 12.50 p.m . We all miss you, and I cant deny that Dayah miss you so much, and so is Kak Uji and Kak Jang and the others.

Ya Allah, tempatkan lah hambaMu itu dikalangan orang orang yang beriman. Rahmatilah roh beliau. Lindungilah ahli keluarga beliau. Kurniakan lah keberkatan kepada mereka sekeluarga. Permudahkan mereka menerima ujianMu ini, Ya Allah. Amin :'(

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ya Allah,

selamatkanlah Akmal Abd Ghaffar. Sembuhkanlah beliau Ya Allah. Sesungguhnya beliau seorang hambaMu yang memerlukan keberkatan dan juga kerahmatanMu Ya Allah. Kurniakan lah kekuatan kepada beliau Ya Allah. Amin.