Thursday, December 10, 2009

When my fingers start to run wild :D

Its Friday, early in the morning around 12.20 a.m, and the big day arrives. Do you know wht that day is?

Haji Ahmad Mardzuki's and Hajjah Asmerani's Homecoming! :)

Geeshh, I am so excited dang, ive been waiting for this day to come. Only God knows how much
I miss them. Aritu sblum dyeorg nk pergi, about 5 days before kot, I couldnt hold my tears. I cried, every single night, until my eyes got swollen. And the only person that spot the difference on my face is my aunt, Cugee. She asked me the same question every night ;

' Nangis lagi ke? ' -And I nodded :(

But hey, those tears fade as those days flew. Days after days Ive waited, and oh I faced examination during their absent. It was kinda frustrating, knowing that they werent beside you, at a time when you need them badly. But I tried to handle the situation wisely. Ibu kept saying before ' Takpe, Ibu pegi sane, Ibu doa untuk kakak, kakak kene usaha je ' . Thanks Ibu, yre the best! :D . Today, at 3.45 p.m, they will be arriving here, in Terengganu.

Apart from that? Well let see, nothing much happened, really. Dull gile kot hidup aku waa! ;(
. Cuti cuti semua org pegi holiday. Fly sane sini dah brape tmpat dah, conquer shopping malls semua, beli barang barang best saje nk buat aku dengki lah tu, menyampah -__- . Idk when Im going to get the chance to bercuti! Haihh this is LAME. For example, Nessie :D , this girl over here, she had gone to many places, she had much fun and as for her friend over her? Ergh nothing, zero! Bereh ah mu Nessie wat deki ke aku ehhe ;p

Smlam, my aunt asked me to accompany her and her daughter to McDonalds. At first I refused to go bcse it is way past my bedtime, and she was like ' mari aaaaaaa. ' . So pegi je aa, from wearing shorts I had to change to smething more appropriate. Hah tu mlas owr! It was like, 2 a.m in the morning. Who the heck is willing enough to change her clothes? Oh sorry, Its me :D
Then I asked for my aunt's permission to drive. She said you can drive on the way home and I agreed.

All i ate that early morning was 6 chicken nuggets, I couldnt eat more. It is not bcse Im full, Im hungry I admit but dangg baby, I couldnt stuff so many food inside my mouth at a time like that, no matter how hungry I am. Its going to make me FAT! And yes Nessie, I am concern and obsess about my weight and my body size. You dont have to concern about yours, youre SKINNY okay? Dah dah jangan bantah, mkan kasut size 7 nanti kang, tk psl psl berat naik! :D.
And so on the way back, aunt let me drive the car. Haha at first I was debo gok aa, it was my first time driving on the jalan besar. Bismillah byk byk and we made it home, although there were some nagging about me driving recklessly but hey, i managed to drive home safely, isnt that enough? ;p

Eh eh I miss them, look! ;

Rodayah Mansorr :D

Nessie Nawawii :D

Sodaa Syafie :D

Nazli Kamarruddin :D

Tiqah Mazlann :D

Anih Hisham & Ainn Fathiah Fauzi

Acikk Azmi :D

classmate yang bising bango! :D



* sorry kalu letok gmbo mmg belana gmbo set nim, buleh wat album se! ;D

Anyhow, Amiraaa F. mmg rindu anda semuaa aaa, nok jumpe hari hari rase, kalu gitu, hari hari buleh suke pah pecoh perot, kang best gitu kannnn :) . Kenape saye rindu mereke? Sebab ini ;

Rodayah Mansor
-Yang ni erh wlaupun dok classmate doh tp ttap biseng, jupe je mcam setahun dok jupe, dohla skoloh same, jupe lok dpat chance kate mane, mase rehat, nk gi toilet ke etc. Bile jmpe owr, mcm mcm aa sembang, smbang smpai hal dlm kain org gi, mmg nakal! Dan kami juge gemar brckap tntang perkare bodoh dan kotor :D, tp bkan lucah! Kannn mek tok? ;p

Nessie Nawawi
- I miss late nite webcam whoring with you! ;( , yang ni pulok awal awal mmg classmate, lpastu kene transfer. Tggl Nessie sorang. Last last, Nessie join diriku ini, class same. mane ade best! Mcm dokleh separate doh! Mcm magnet, same gop gane gane pon ;) . I miss gossiping with you, I miss bragging about our weight in class, I miss talking with you like freaks, I miss everything abt you ah! And I miss driving with you!

Sodaa Syafie
- Yang ni, saye rindu sakat dye psl Adangg, hehe ;p . Yang ni dokleh sket Adang adang, snsitif youu aww ;p . Pahtu dok ahu bkpe there's a part of me where I cant cntrol myself from keep disturbing her ahha, dokleh tgk Syaa senang, sorry! ;p

Nazli Kamarruddin
- I miss you, pah mane haa makcik? Asal holiday je, lesap pah mane ahuu. Dok dngo berite teruhh aihh semet nim sorang. Yang nim, I miss giggling with her while band practice. We talked about many things during practice haha, bosann kan! And then dye slalu blanje Mentos yang sour owr, thanks Yanie! ;)

Tiqahh Mazlan
- Budok nim sorang, dokleh kalu jumpe, kalu bertentang mate je mesti ketawe, and tdak dpat dketahui kenape, shingge sekarang. Haha bkpe aa Natiq? Kdg tuu we talk about nasty things aha tu yang ketawe ketawe smpai tk igt dunie owr! ;D

Anih Hisham & Ain Fauzi
- Yang ni saye btauu doh di entry yang lepas okayyyy, and so is Acikk's :D

SSMB members
- Bia jupe skmo pong, rindu gok. Sbb asal jupe je, biseng abeh sorang sorang. :D . Dok puah lepak nge korang semua, tu tkmo lekat kt umoh ho, lepak dlm blk muzik nge set nim, ktawe ktawe, pahtu lepak plaza lok. Gitu lah rutin hariannn :D

And I guess thats all I got to say, theres no more things running in my mind so I better stop now. Selamat tinggal utk seketika waktu dunie blogging, selamat pagi :D

Monday, December 7, 2009

My so called holiday.

Hello peeps, aha it had been ages since my last post. Sorry mates but this girl over here is too darn lazy to post new entries. I was about to post an entry last week, but the internet connection failed, so what ive typed had gone to waste aihh -__-, how ridiculous.
In this entry, im going to tell you guys some of the activities ive beeon doing during my holiday, since I cant go anywhere out of Terengganu, due to my parents absent, ehh fyi, my parents went
to Mekah to perform their Hajj. Alhamdullilah, they performed it already, and they are save. And I guess they didnt go through some complications, they sound great! :) . Im happy for them
and now, Im waiting for their homecoming. All of the Mardzuki's and Asmerani's children are waiting patiently for their homecoming this Friday, and it is 3 days to go! ;) Wuuu-weeeee.

How did I spent my holiday? I hanged out with my friends tee-hee. Thats all. We filled our time with great funn. From morning to late evening. Kerek doh kuo ni, smpai kan ade yang dokleh
kuo doh, nak nak Tyla. Umi dye maroh doh kuo kuo, doh ye aa, brape kali doh kluo neh, dokleh kire ngn jari doh. Two days ago we went to TER, tk btpe pon, just watching a couple of close friends bowling. Yang main nye, Shahril, Adam, Fifi and Syakirr. Yes 4 orang je, and semua
lelaki. Pmpuan tk rmai lah mse tu, theres only me, Tyla, Eliza, Pieya, Cammy and Dielah and
semua cm tnak main, minding their own business je, Pieya ngn Cammy pulak blk awl, less fun ;( .
Those boys striked many times, and played dgn penuh bergaya. Haha dyeorg memang. And all
of them like being so damn boastful bile dpat strike. Cececeyyy. And there are some pictures of them ;

See, i told you, penuh bergaya ;) . And then we walked back to school, rmai rmai. Mmg bestt ;). Ahha but the weather was sunny and hot meh! So semua blk mcm pening pening laa, demam laa ehhe. Ksian kat kauorang ;p .

Kalau sblum ni pulakk, pegi lepak kt McD je kot. Mkan mkan. Consisting of Fifi, Fakh, Shahril, Adam, Paih, Kuso, Syed, Amir, Che Mat, Yanie, Nessie, Tyla, Ika, Ella, and Im not sure if Dean was there or not. An shahril bought me this cute pink watch, which i wear almost everyday ahha thanks-a-lot! :D , He bought himself a red one, i picked that colour for him aha boleh laa, cute jugok kang! ;p

And then recently, i hanged out with my girls, Nessie Dayah Soda andd Raisahh. Haha rmai ni je yg bermastautin di Terengganu. The others ber-holiday sakan di negeri luarr ;p . Lepak di KFC, and i wore baju kurong haha! When I first came, dyeorg gave me this sarcastic look, and I know wht theyre abt to say so i kept my mouth shut tight! And Dayah was all like, ' hoh ayu dye arini, mkan pon ayu je, dohla abihh ' . Haha senyap aa Dayah! Ngade guh sorang nii! . But kteorg lepak cm skejap je, I was late, blame my aunt. And I miss them alreadyyy ;( . Jom lepakk lagiiii! And oh, I also miss Ain Fathiah, Noranis Hisham, Shahirah Azmi andd Azie! What do i miss abt them? Well lets see ;

Ain Fathiah - Rindu nok nganjing ke dye psl durii, rindu nok dngo dye cm maroh gitu hehe, rindu nok tgk muke samseng dye! Rindu nok dngo gosip dyeee! ;(

Noranis Hisham - Yang ni sorang rindu nk dngo dye nyanyi hindustan, cite psl cite hindustan tk pong, tamil. Fav dye lah tuu. Lagi? Err rindu nk dngo quotes dye, so that kiteorg buleh mapuh dye hehe, sorry Aniss ;p

Shahirah Azmi - Hok ni, mmg rindu skali nok nyanyi nge dye aaa, duet duet mse sejarah ckgu Ipin ajor! Ye aa, mse sejarah mmg hilang focus teruhh aa, last last tubek aa ayat ' Acik, jom nyanyi! ' Ho nyanyi laa dueorg ni kt blkg owr. Ckgu Ipin tego je, kemah keming senyap!

Aziee - Haha ' cekodok kau! ' amek toh, 'atimah ah tuu, biase dye gadoh ngn Pali ah klau dye tubek ayat ayat gituu, ouh Saodahh kun! ;)

And so, to be frank I miss all of youuuu! Craving to meet you guys, hanging out with you guys, do fun stuff ;) . Another time mehh? So I have to stop aite here, I have to be in bed by 2 a.m actually, its a new protocol hehe :D Goodniteeee.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saat saat bersama Anis Hisham yang comel ;)

Harini, aku lepak dalam bilik ict, period bm and proceed smpai period bi, wahh best cam bagaii sbb setiap sbjek period 3 mase baii, mane ade best. 2 hours stiap sbjek = 2 hours x 2 = wahh 4 hours! Mane ade best kann kann? Okay okay sudah, kalu ckap psl kelazatan dan keenakan melepak di bilik ict dan ber-online, mmg smpai subuh nnt kot dpan pc lagiii ;)

Sekarang sepatotnye maseh brsembang dgn Anis Hisham, akan tetapi beliau telah mngalihkan kaki dan mmblahkan diri dari kerusi biru di sisiku, terlalu asyik melihat gambar lelaki kacak secara online. Apekah? Erghh lupekan, mnjadi kegemarran beliau melakukan aktiviti demikian bersame Ain Fathiah sayang :D Nmpaknye beliau tidak akan kembali buat seketika waktu kot, alah semaken bosan aku apabila ber-blogging seorang, bagai nak rak bosan nye tp apekan daya, doh org tnak dduk bersame ;( * Okay tibe tibe je buat rase sayu, tkde yang terpedaye lah mokcik!

Masih lagi keseorangan cam org gile, smbil menaip post baru ini, ditemani dgn suare budak budak kelas aku yang agak biseng sdikit. Wahh cam bagus, selalunye mereke senyap gile! Bile senyap tk tahan tu, cm nak gile rase, sbb bosan kan. Yelah, tkde org smbang tkde ape, korang rase cmne? Rase nk bnuh diri je kan? Ye, aku pon tk rase begitu. Aku sekadar sembang je lebih lebih, buat nye, jaoh sekali kate kawan kawan aku :) sayang merekaaaa, secara tibe tiba je apee mu!

Dan disini saye ingin menyatakan dedikasi saye kpd seorang manusia ciptaan Tuhan ini, dimana saye terpksa meluahkan di blogspot drpd berckap dgn beliau kerane kekerapan trjadi adrenaline rush dlm bdan apabila berada 2 kaki dari beliau, bolehkan encik DJ Terdesak.FM ? -Ye boleh sekali silekan ye cik adek * tibe tibe ade suare lelaki laen keluar alamak!

Ehhemm ehemm, sambil mngeluarkan sekeping nota yang hmpir koyak dimamah usia dari poket seluar ;
' Aku nak kwn ngan mu lahh, sbb aku suke tgk mu, mu tau dok? Haha bukan aku nok ke mu, aku dok ah terdesok gitu paaa kadang ho ah, aku nk wat gane, aku mmg rase nk kwn nge mu. Kadang aku tahu aku sape, cam dok layok kot nk kwan nge mu. Yelah, mu kawan kan dgn org lawo lawo je kan? Aku takk, ye aku fham tskk T_T . Tapi aku okay je kot, aku dah try nok kwn nge mu, so okay ah, aku buat doh move aku, mu ah pulok. Kalu dok sudi dakpe arh, aku err err aku, errr akuu * tibe tibe nade sayuu, AKU MMG NK MU JDI KWAN AKU :( . So atas mu ah blake smue, aku tggu. Time kaseh dan kite brjumpe lagi dlm segmen Airmata Berdarah di Terdesak.FM .

Sorry if my words sound so bloody desperate to you, hehh if you read this arh. I dont know how to let you know, so this is the only way I could think of. Sorry if it sounds disturbing to you, ;(

Dgn ini aku akhiri entry ini dengan serangkap pantun ;

Errr, aku mane reti reka pantun, acahh jerrr sayang sayangg ;))

Posted By ;
Miwaaaa , IM NOT DESPERATE! teheee :D

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Its 0057 hours and Im still not in bed. Why? Ghee i dont know, why dont you ask my eyes. They know the answer. Im drop dead bored and Ive got nothing to do. People in myspace are offing now, sheeshh major bored. School was okay fr today, learn new things from Ckgu Muzekk, thanks :) And Im looking frward to the experiment we'll be having next week! I slept a lot today, yeh suprisingly on a school day. I woke up this morning around 6, took a bath, pray and bang, its like theres a magnet which attracts me to the bed, so I slept until 7.05 a.m and hell yeah I was late fr school! Luckily Aboh decided to be quiet about this. He knows his daughter very well I must say. Then I slept again in Biology. 'Atimah and Anis was absent, yes quite boring tho ;(

Hmm well actually theres nothing much I got to talk about, just the same old stuff. Going through the same thing everyday. Pathetic isnt it? Yes, I know erghh. Today is a big day for Form 3 students, their major exam ;D . Haha do your best ah blake semuaaaa.

Apart from that, oh well let me tell you smething. I have this MAJOR crush on this boy ahha, sounds kinky but heck who cares. He's a one cool guy you know, charming and kinda cute haha :)) I get to see him everyday and damn right Im liking itttt. Oh my tht smile of his grr, doksoh kabo ah, mmg sweet sungguh dok nawok! Amek pah kene ckap bahase terengganu paaa! Payoh ngat dekpong nok kabo dlm bhase inggerihh ;D . Somehow Im keeping this feeling to myself, he wouldnt notice me and will not. Im mean, Im such a major loser, and he's like so NOT. Plus Im not tht dominant in school so that pretty much explains everything. He's well known in school, well cant deny he's famous or anything. OKAY SHUT UP NOW.

Guess I have to stop over heree, Ive got nothing in my mind, Im blank. I wanna write but I cant sheeshh BENCI AWW! ;( I'll post smething later, something interesting and fun, like I have one duhh. ;p

By ; Amiraaaaa F.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Im backkk :D

After a while, ahha MORE than a while ive been isolating myself from blogspot, at last I get the chance to post a new entry. Its been a long time since my last entry haihh, blog pon dah berkulat ishh * sapu sapuu. Rindu takk? Rinduu takkk? Haha gedik gile, mmg lah tak. Igt popstar buat comeback ke nak rindu rindu. Pegi blk aaaaa! ;D

So hows raya every-bodehh?

Mine is greattt, superb, fantastic. I LIKEEE ;D . Cousins coming over here, making noises like always arh I miss those :( . The main thing I love abt Raya is this, and now, rumah dah senyap blk. Yang tinggal nye adek adek je. Tak biseng dohlaaa. Haihhhhhhh =,= . Duet rayaa pon boleh tahan lahh, HAHA. Tamok haloba gile kamu! Ehh mau raya lagi lahh, skrg ni pon dah skolah. Bosan gile tauu? Sbb ape? Ehh sbb skolah bosan lahh! Asyik asyik pegi, tgk mnde same. * Tdak dituju kpd kawan-kawan. Maaf ye? Mintak ampun maaf - cium cium tgn :)) . Pegi skolah, masuk pagar same, tgk pengawas yang same, lalu laluan yang same, nmpak cekgu yang same, pengetua yang same, bangunan yang same. Alah overall nye, semua samaaa. Paling boring tgk uniform pon same! Alahh seronoknye rase dpat tgk mnde same je kan hari hari? Cam best gilaa, GILA ;D . Result exam pulak, asal mintak ngan cikgu, ckgu btau ayat yang same ; TAK SIAP LAGI LAAA TANDE. Ade yang saje nk saketkan hati kiteorg jwb camni ; CIKGU RASE MLAS LAHH. Err ape kejadahnye cekguu? Tak faham kami dibuatnye. Ishh oleh kerana kami agak mlas untuk berfikir kenape cikgu berkate demikian, jadi kami buat senyap jelah. Kami kan akur, budak baik nie cikgu! :DD * Okay amek publisiti lebehh.

Dua hari lepas, skolah buat sambutan RAYAA di sekolah, yang bertempat di sekolah atau lebeh spesifik, di dataran sekolah, berjemur di tengah panas sudah menjadi kegemaran kami sejak awal sekolah lagi. Jadi, terima kaseh pada pihak sekolah kerana telah membenarkan kami melakukan perkara kegemaran kami, sambil memakai baju raye warna warni masing masing :) .

Tambahan lagi, ade sesetengah pelajar , atau budak pancaragam yang terpaksa membuat persembahan memakai baju kurong dan baju melayu, lengkap bersongkok dan bersamping. Semangat benar merekaa. Tertera di wajah mereka bahawa mereka mempunyai semangat waja yang tinggi utk bermain alat muzik di dataran, dibawah panas matahari yang terik.

- Okay saye tipu. Mase tu tk pnas dan siap ade angin yang bertiup. Hehe ;p .Bermain dua buah lagu yang langsung tidak berkait dengan rayaa. Walaupun demikian, tetap best! Kemudian berfoya foya dgn memakai baju raya, melahap dengan bestnye di kelas masing masing, dan merayap ke kelas orang lain utk merembat mkanan mereka utk dilahap lagi. Ye ke?! Tak, saye dan rakan rakan tidak sekejam itu. Kami bersabar dan makan dlm kuantiti yang sedikit. Kami baek dan ingin berdiet :) . Kemudian, meronda lagi mencari mangsa mangsa yang hot utk diajak bergambar, trutamanya saya dan Raihah yang agak obses lah dengan camera yang berada didepan kami, beserta photographernye. Senyuman dilemparkan menandakan bahagianya bergambar dgn rakan rakan. Banyak gambar, terlalu banyak. Jika camera ada perasaan dan sepasang kaki, alamatnya sudah lama camera tersebut lari dari rumah, membawa charger. Musykil jika kehabisan bateri apabila berlari. Kepada rakan rakan myspace, gambar gambar sudah diupload di profile iaitu ; .

1 october 2009 ;

Telah melakukan satu pengkhianatan kpd rakan yang bernama Anis Hisham Maaf ye rakan, khianat yang disengajakan tanpa dirancang ;) . Cerita bermula begini, selepas mase Biology, berkonvoi ke toilet beramai ramai. Terdiri drpd Koci, Acik, Ain, Anih dan aku. Berjalan dgn sesuka hati ke toilet, tnpa berasa ingin berjalan laju, menyebabkan org belakang berasa annoyed tapi org dpan maseh buat tdak kesah. Juga ditegur oleh cikgu kerana toilet perempuan mnjadi tumpuan ketika itu. Cikgu sangka ada party. Ade sgguh baru arh! ;p , Sesampai di toilet, KOci membuka sebuah pintu jamban utk dimasukinya, akan tetapi, GAGAL. Kerana tiba tiba Anih dtg mencelah dan enter jamban tersebut. Koci maseh belum mahu mengalah akhirnya terpksa mengalah. Kasihankan rakannya yang hendak kencing ketik ketik * Tak tahann. Beginilah rupa mereka ;

Ye ah, ni lah rkan rkan saya. Agak gila gila. Hanya tggl aku dan Ain yang masuk dlm toilet tapi tdak msuk jamban. So, kiteorg tibe tibe rase nak buat jhat, dgn menolak pintu Anih Hisham sesuka hati, sehingge tidak dpat dibuka oleh beliau. Beliau naif, dan menyangkakan bhawa pintu dikunci dri luar tetapi tdak. Ikuti perbualan kosong ini ;

Anih ; Eh doklehh buke. Miraa, tlg ah buke!

Miwa ; Alah dok kuci pong, buke jelah.

Anih ; Doh dokleh, tlg jap mira, buke kunci!

Ain ; Doh anis ehh, kiterg dok kunci pong.

Anih ; Ala berat doh, ehh gi pggl cekgu ow, kabo lekat erhh.

Kami sempat lagi bergelak ketawa empat org, suke sgt :)) . Akhirnya pintu dibuka, Anih Hisham dengan muke merah dan berpeluh keluar dari jamban tersebut. Kasihan beliau, sgguh senang utk mmbuli rakan mcam beliau :0 . Perbualan dipendekkan kerana actresses lupaa dialog baiii ;p

Akhir cerita ;

Kami pulang ke kelas, meneruskan pembelajaran Addmath ketika. Sekian sehingga di sini shaja. Terima kaseh :D


Miwaaaaa :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet The Hotties, HAHA

First of all, the main thing tht i want to shout out is ;

Akem, Kakak miss you!

Whos Akem? Well Akem, is a friend of mine. We met on 31st August, fr the first time. He came to my hse, with his family of course. At first, I thought Akem was a chinese boy, haha first impression pon dah silap. He's not a chinese, he's a pure malay boy. I discovered abt it when he was the first who came up with a conversation with me. He asked me many things, and his voice was sooooo CUTE! :) That time I was shocked. Why? Haha he speaked malay baii. Igtkan cine kann. Sorry Akem. He has this two beautiful sister, the eldest looks like a malay, but the second one, chinese-looking also.

After we had this conversation ah, Akem started to sit beside me, all the time. Then he asked me to company him to see the guppies that Aboh rear, again and again haha. Takpe, I dont mind as long as it is fr you, Akem :) There's this one time, he wanted to see how the kitchen looks like, so, I showed him the kitchen. All part of the kitchen. The dry kitchen, the wet kitchen. His mama followed him everywhere, in case Akem beahve badly, KOT, Im not sure but where ever Akem was, his mama was also there. Maybe she's just wanted to keep an eye on him, I dont know hee :D
Suprisingly, after minutes being with him, he kept following me everywhere. He followed me to the kitchen, he followed me to my bedroom. He followed me downstairs, everywhere I must say. He played with the dolls in my room, but his mama didnt like it, so his mama took away those dolls and Akem cried. He cried so loud meh, pity him. So his mama gave up, and went downstairs, leaving Akem with me and a girl, whos th daughter of ibu's friend. So I consoled Akem and he's back to normal. When its time to bukak puase, I persuaded Akem to eat downstairs, with th other guests. Akem agreed and we went down. He held my hand when we were going down the flight of stairs. Awww :') Seriously, he only held MY hand, instead of his sisters'. She pushed her sisters aside and went down with me.
Akem sat on th chair and the dining table, he looked at the foods and said ;
' Akem nak mkan '.
So I was like, ' Tu, btau mama '.
And he waited but he didnt told his mama. Weird, then I asked him ;
' Akem nk kakak suap ke? '.
He nodded.
So aku pon, suap lah Akem.
He refused to eat when his mama suap dye. And he also refused to drink th air soya that his mam brought fr him. Instead, he drank th on that I asked my sister to pour fr him. Rupenyee, Akem nak manje ngan sayeee. Alaaa terharu lah Akem :') After melahap semua, Akem wanted to play th dolls in my room. So we went upstairs, holding hands aww. I left him with his sisters upstairs, and I went downstairs. Hang around with my aunty, watched th TV. Then Akem came down, he asked his sister ;
' Where's kakak? '
I was there, he looked fr me everywhere. He went to the kitchen to look fr me. Alah Akem. So I followed him, and brought him upstairs again. We played. Then when its time fr Akem to go home, we went outside. Akem stood beside me, he hugged me. How cuteee ;) Then I asked ;
' Akem nk blk doh ke? '
He nodded, and smiled.
He ran around, and jumped and stuff. His father had a long chat with mine.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yadaa Yadaa Yadaa Crap.

Gosh its been a while since ive posted my last entry haha. Truth to be told, i aint interested in typing craps anymore aaaa, so out of my league aite now. Sorry followers, =,=

Got lots of stories actually. Yang dah lapuk dan basi and yang bru je happened and stuff. Well, weeks ago, Tengku Sarah, a childhood friend of mine, came to my house. Lepak lepak and camek camek slr masing masing ah. I played hers, and she played mine. She seemed teruje gile, dpat snap gmba ah semua semua, and she played with the tripod. Her passion towards slr mmg strong ah, i can see it sayang ;) Well keep up th good work, saraa. Yre doing a great job, from day to day. So many improvements. Ngeh Im talking like one snobbish-oh-so-pndai laa ni? Get out of heree, miwa! ;p God's willing, mai laaa umah lagi.

Another story to be told ;

Recently, form 4 english teachers of Sultan Sulaiman held this ' Literature All Day '. Form 4 students, from every class, were required to play out dramas, taken from th literature book. It was fun though. We played out a drama called ' sound machine '. It was a success and we came in 2nd, Alhamdullilah ;) Good to know that all th actresses of the drama were satisfied with th play. There's Klausner, Koci, Mrs. Saunders, Dr. Scott, Angels, Pixies, Thumbelina, Koci's Ma & Pa, Th trees, and The Beautiful Screaming Roses ;)

Okay, lets change th topic shall we.

Let me ask, abt your opinion, people out there, when a person, who used to be a great friend of yours, betrayed you, stab you from th back, who did smething tht just broke yr heart ah, suddenly came back in your life, seeking fr frgiveness, acting like nothing serious happened before, and wants to be yr friend again. What do you say abt that? Is she/he suppose to be forgiven, fr all her/his mistakes, tht you'll never frget for th rest of yr entire life? Is that possible. Well fr me, its not. People like this shouldnt be forgiven at all, although he/she begged until her/his last drop of tears. Argh I dnt think its necessary to treat people like this nicely. Its wrong. Im sticking to each and every word tht came out from my mouth. Living like this is like living in agony. Pain, each and everyday, for maybe, weeks or months or mybe, years. NOW that scares me off. Get it away from me shooo shooo! ;)

And th last one ;

I admit, I do like this one boy, which i couldnt tell who it is, too public. He's nice, and stuff bla bla his attitute suits me well ah. But theres this one time when he stayed away from me. Ignored me although I was standing right in front of him and stuff. Talked to him but he doesnt talk back. Well, lets cut th chase. He's different, he changed drasticcally. *waaaaaaa ;DD. And im not sure myself whts th problem is. But I tend not to care abt it. To you, hope you'll read this. I want th old YOU.

Thats all ive got to say, Thank you.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cube Jawab.

Kenape ah,
Bile kite suke org tu, org tu tk suke kt kite blk?

Kenape ah,
Bile kite suke org tu, org tu akan saketkan hati kite?

Kenape ah,
Bile kite tk suke org tu, maken org tu rpat dgn kite?

Kenape ah,
Bile kite suke org tu, org tu maken renggang ngan kite?

Kenape ah,
Bile kite nak bhgie dgn org tu, mesti ade org lain msuk line?

Kenape ah,
Bile ade org lain msuk line, org tu akan suke kt org ketige tu?

Kenape ah,
Bile kite tnye dye suke ke tak, dye jwb tak?

Kenape ah,
Aku rase tension je dgn keadaan ni?

Kenape ah,
Aku kene suke kt seseorang so badly?

Kenape ah,
I cannot get rid of this feeling?

Kenape ah,
Aku tk mengalah je?

Kenape ah,
Aku asyik nak menang je, walhal aku tau, aku tkkan brjaye?

Kenape ah,
Hidup aku tk sebahagie org lain?

Kenape ah,
Aku ni LOSER sgt?

Kenape ah,
Memang aku je yg mcam ni, dan bkan org lain?

Too many questions to answer. Im sorry, I have to ask all of this. I just want a confirmation from you, that's all. If you want me to stay, then I'll stay. If you want me to go, then off I go, far far away from you. You wouldnt notice me after all.

Note left by ; Amira Farhana.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

What happened was,

Yesterday, on 25th July, SSMB performed at the Batu Burok, w the soldiers. Nahh not sure askar askar tersebut dri mane but they're making booths at the beach, like many booths aaaa. Around 2.30, kiteorg perform dgn askar askar tersebut like in front of thousands of peeps geeshh nervous kot ahha. But then, we're used to it already so tkde hal aaaaa ;) Then we have to like, dance with the askar. Haha sound silly though but kene buat laaaa, no excuses. Somehow, we enjoyed dancing with them. Cam best gile ah, buang perasaan nervous. Tp smalam I was like so not in the mood ah, so I didnt smile at all when we were dancing. Sheeshh I kept thinking abt the same shit, everyday, over and over again. Pfftttt.

Then after the performance, Yunie, Wan, Yie, Yanie, Shahril and I went to A&W, to get some drinks, bcse I swear to God that time I was thirsty ah. And Shahril asked me to belanje him and Im like okayy ah. So queue punye pnjg laaaa nk belii. Tggu jelah. Mujor ade Yunie and Wan teman. We were like talking shits ah abt someone someone tak abih abihh. That moment, Yunie and Wan looked obviously mad ah. Haha and Im like, layan cite dyeorg. Best doh! :)) When it was our turn, i ordered two floats, combo meal for yunie and floats for wan. Sudah beli smue smue, I went to Shahril and there was Kimi. Kimi was like ;

KIMI ; Ehh mu blanje ah akuu .

MW ; Mu dok kabo awl awl, Mu nok nape?

KIMI ; Aku nok float se, tp aku tkmboh aiskrim! Hehe.

MW ; .........

KIMI ; Mu order air je ah ke aku.

MW ; Ohh, kabo laaa root beer je!

So i went back to the counter, mujo tkpyah queue cse Yunie was still there, buying haha. Gile jhat kot, cause aunty blkg kiteorg cam sigh. Sorry aunty! Mujo dye tkmrahh. So after sudah beli, I apologised to tht aunty and she smiled. Haaaa okaylah tu, tkpyah nk msam msam muke kan aunty? ;) Then kiteorg blah kuar A&W tp sblum kuar, smpat lagi budak budak nim sakat Kuso, yg derite kerane accident pade pagi tu! Luckily theres no serious injuries, a couple of luke luke je. Get well soon ah pokcik! ;)

We headed to the beachh, actually to the horses laaa. Yanie and Wan wanna ride on them so off the go! Excited je muke sorang sorang. Yanie rode on a big horse while Wan rode on a pony! Alahh comelnye :) Lepas abis sume tu, pegi lahh beach. Tht time, Areh joined us. Then we met Fakh. He was alone and Yunie went to accompany him. Then the others, sat ah. Lepak lepakk. Then Yanie and Areh, ajak pegi naek a small car, geeshh i dont knkw wht the heck people called tht shit. So pegi ah carii. Sayang, that ride is for people who are above 18. Cam tahit HAR-HAR. Okay semue, musnah impian. And that time, Kuso and Pieya joined us. So we've decided to just walk along the beach je. Jlan jlan smpai kt org jual kites sume. Areh bought one fr RM 5, utk men rmai rmai haha. Cam jakun kiteorg. But who cares? Ikot suke kiteorg laaaaaaa.

Then its time to head home, eh bkan! School :) Before we get into the bus, the A&W bear was like waving at us, and not to mention, he waved his big ass towards us. Haha cam bodoh kott, then we laughed jelahh. Smpai skolah, letak letak brg dulu smue. Yanie asked whether if I could go home late. Then I texted my ibu to fetch me up a lil bit late. Around 7.30, Cugee fetch me up. Yanie was accomponied by Areh, Shahril and Kuso. Mujo dok kene brigat di Pok Guard jhat orrr! x)

So, thts it :)

P/S ; Theyre no photos fr ths entry people, I didnt bring my cam. Sorry!

By ;
Amira Belle F.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Greatest Day, Today :)

Thanks Shahril :) Captured By ; Yunie. Love both of you! <3333

Harini, aku kuar ngan kawan kawan kun yang sporting habes! Awok awok MNDG dan awok awok SSMB :) . Mule mule, lepak dgn Syaa, Natiq, Dayah, Yanie dan Cheah. Kemudian, Natiq terpakse balek awl, dohlaa mari awl gile mek tu. Org janji kul 3, dye mai kul 12! Haha smangat. Rupenye, dye bertemu ngan Tuuttt dye. Patotlaaaaaa. ;)) Kemudian lepak lepak dalam A&W dulu, minum minum. Sambil sambil tu nmpak laaa Fakh ngan Shahril, Fifi, Yuniee, Wan, Leya. But they headed to the beach while we're still in A&W. Afterwards, kiteorg pon klua lah, headed to the beach. Lepak lepak skejap, then came Aswad, Syed, Kimi, Adam, Luqman, Dean, Che Mat, Areh. Jalan rmai rmai, headed towards us. Cam samseng doh haha! x) Lepastu nmpak Amin, naek skuter purple dye tu. Bwak org!

All of a sudden *ecehh cam suspenn, Soda, Cheah dan Dayah ingin ke toilet. Baiki tudung katenye. Eh bukann, slendang doh lenim. Awok kite maju haha! x) Last last tggu ke mereke, paceroh dok kuo. Mmg ah, lenguh ambe nunggu! Tgk tgk, dyeorg gi dulu, jalan dpan skalii 3 orang. Haihh mokcik mokcik ni mmg laaaaa. Pastu awok nii follow ah blkg rmai rmai.

Smpai smpai kt kfc, tempat plok crowded molek! Tau doh cuti, rmai slaluuu! ;). Kiteorg wat sedap gi gabung 5 6 meje skalii, duk rmai rmai. Block jlan org pulok tu haha. Mmg ah, wat cam kfc tu, bapak kiteorg yang punye! Bising bising lagii. Then, tibe tibe je ade kek ade meje. Tgh nk psang lilin pulakk tu. Intip ah sket tulis nape atas kek ow. Tgk tgk ;

' Sweet 16, Amiraaa F. From, SSMB 09'.

Giler terharu mase tu, dok ahu nak kate nape. Suke suke sorang paaa saye! ;) Ye ah, cam blushed skitt. Terharu awok awok nii buat gitu! Pastu dyeorg nyanyi lagu Happy Bday rmai rmai. Wahh org tgk blake, tp ape kesah? Ikot suke kite lah, kan kann? ;) . Sek MNDG pulak, org ajak duduk same same, tkmo! Segan sgt lahh mereke. Ishh awak awak nii, tk patott ;p Dyeorg pulak, blah awl. Pegi beach. Then lepas mkan kenyang buncet perot sume sume, pegi lah beachh.

Maen air ngan Yunie & Shahril! :) Yunie men kasor woh, abih basoh bajuu! Tapi takpe, harini hari kami. Saye sayang korang semue! <333333

Dok lame tuu, mari lahh Ika Yahya, berpakaian serbe hitam! Comel molek tkdi. Ye ah, bru blk party, mmg comey! Tapi budok nim mmg dokleh duk diam, pkai comel comel, gi men airrr. Basoh abeh sluo ishh Ika, Ika! :) Pastu nk balek, slipper tk jumpe cri. Azri susuk haha nkal guh. Pengong saing :D

Leya pulok, dok tahu lah whts into her, tibe tibe je nak naek kude. Naeklah kude semek tu. Gile laju kude tu, siyes ah. Awok nim tgk takot. Tgk ah kude tu, last last Leya jatoh! Debo blake! Mujo bleh bangun smule. Jlan cm bese je. Dye kate dok saket pon jatoh tapi hp bleh hilang dlm air. Wohh mmg sebek ah saing! Basoh abih Leya tkdiii. Mujo tkdok injuries :)

Then, saye pon pulang lah ke rumah Hidayah Mansor. Bersame same saye adelah ; Hidayah Mansor dan Syahira Shafie. Dan kami diambil oleh ; Amirul Nazri Nawawi. HAR-HAR!

Today ends here. Guys, hari ni mmg hari terbaek dlm hdup saye. Mmg unspeakable ah :) Trime kaseh semue, sbb berjaye mmbuat saye happy gile gile ah! Thousands of thanks to;

Awok Awok SSMB 09' ; Shahril, Yunie, Yanie, Wan, Leya, Fakh, Aswad, Syed, Areh, Kimi, Adam, Fifi, Dean, Che Mat, Amin, Azri, Kuso, Hann, Dieylah, Cammy, Bob :)

Awok Awok MNDG ; Syaa, Dayah, Cheah, Yanie, Natiq. * Walaupon Natiq blk awl dok patot!


btw, Thnks Shahril, fer the cake. <33333

Yanie & Shahril sbb blanje smpai perot buncet! <3333333333
Dgn ini, saye hidangkan para pembace dgn beberape keping gmba, yang tak seberape nk byk ;))

Ayunni Filzati & Wan Noraini <3

Aswad, Adam, Areh, Hakimi

Kek Pemberian :)

Meet Raihah, Leya, Bear A&W yang kiutt, Syaaa <3

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Frankly, from the bottom of my heart,

I like you, I adore you, I cant keep my eyes off you.

Youre one of God's wonderful creation.

Everything about you, well attracts me ;
Your face, your sweet smile, your voice, even your smell.

A day without you feels like a year. I can feel my heart thud quickly when youre around. Its hard to speak when youre close to me. I got lost in your eyes.

I cant stop smiling whenever I think about you. Im mesmerized by ergh your sweet, adorable smile! Your kindness, melts my heart.

There are so many things about you, that are hard to describe with words. I cant really tell, but what Im sure is, Im so into you right now! ;)

Right now, I cant tell you how I feel towards you. I dont have the courage. Still, my feelings towards you blooms in my heart. <3

By ;
Amiraa F. Mardzuki :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Webcam With Ade Paa yang Gile Gile! :D

Last night, Adek Paa asked me to teach ' her ' how to wear selendang belit belit. Well, ' she ' got confused when it comes to the belit belit so I offered to teach ' her ' thru the webcam. Ternyata, ' she's ' satisfied with the way i teach ' her ' and ' shes ' getting better in belit belit the tdung! You go, Adek Paaa! ;)

Want to see the results and whos Adek Paa is? Jeng Jeng Jenggggg! :D

Guess who, guess who? Adek Paa suke pggl saye Soyaaa, sbb saye slalu mitok Soya satu tin dgn dye! :) Soya je manjanggg. Adek Paaa pndai dohla pkai tdung belit belit cam Yunaaa! Tggl nk nyanyi Dan Sebenarnye je ngan dye!

*adek Paa, sorry sbb upload gmba ni suke tgk x)



Saturday, July 11, 2009

Satisfaction In Life

Yesterday, on 11th July, a Brass Band Competition was held at the Stadium Negeri, Kuala Terengganu. About 11 school (kot) entered the competition. Haha nyor molek ayat, pe wat essay dohh. Sultan Sulaiman was one of the school. And there's also Chung Hwa, Lembah Bidong, Tengku Ampuan Intan, Padang Midin, etc.

Band SS practice fer about one month, bile tggl 3 weeks je lagi nk compete, kiteorg practice non-stop pagi and petang. Yes everybody were exhausted but it pays off. We came in third :) Although theyre some of us werent satisfied, but chill guys, we performed our best kan? I admit, I was extremely satisfied by our performance. You guys did extremely great! Huhaaaa! :DD

Before the performance, we were very anxious. Cam debo blake smue. Takbleh duduk diam, legs and arms are shaking, heart pounded quickly, semua lah rase. Luckily tkde rse nk poo haha! x) Many cheered fer us when we were about to start our show. Mmg riuh satu stadium, terharu sgt. Thanks supporters! :) Then all those feelings vanished after we performed. Cikgu Qiry, Cikgu Zaidi and Sir Kent said that we did great. Suke hati sorang sorang mase tu! Senyum je semua. Most of us felt that we can come in second, leaving Lembah Bidong in third. Yelah, our aim is to come in second. Chung Hwa is unbeatable! =,=

Our hearts' crushed when the pengerusi majlis annouced that Lembah Bidong come in second. And Hasrul, our drummajor seemed pissed when The Best Drummajor is won by Chung Hwa. Chill, youre still the best ah! Serul, mu terbaekkkkkkk! :)

An oh, Dayah, Cheah, Syaa, Natiq, Jeeya, Faten and Yah came to see us perform! They even brought a banner fer us. The banner was made by Dayah, Sya, Natiq and Yah ork? Hee I Love You Guys ah, terbaek and trime kaseh banyak banyak for the full support!

And ohh, lupe nk btau, saye jumpe Yayah nge Tinieeee! They played for Padang Midin.

Smart Marching, Solid Sound.
SS cemerlang, gemilang terbilang , Huhaa!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Koci ork, dye away dlm beberape hari ni, sbb dye jadii org penting skejap. Nak tau ape dye? Jeng Jeng Jeng ;


* okay smue tepuk tangann, tepuk tangann. Tanpe beliau dan Ain dan Kakcik, dan semue lah, perkhemahan tdak dpat dijalankan. Cececeyy Kakcik btau cmni, saye ikot je.

Petang tdi, saye bertemu dgn beliau dan Ain Fathiah, memakai tag tertulis ' URUSETIA '. Aceyy berjawatan doh skrg dye. Lagi malu awak kalau saye nmpak awk pkai vest kelabu tu kan? Alaaa vest yang kosong tkde pape satu habuk pon tkde tuuu :p

Gurau je lah sayang, jgn marahh. Oleh itu, bekerje lah dgn elok, amek overtime supaye disukai oleh majikan, dan jgn curi tulang ye Rehah Nawawii?

Heee FYI semue, perkhemahan dijalankan di compound skolah je, blkg blok aku saje haha! Klakaa bukan? Okay okay Koci, gurau skali lagii.

Saye Sayang Awak <3

Byyyyyyyyyyy ;

Miwaaa :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dear guy, or whatsoever people called you ah.

Just want to let you know, that I am so over it right now, No more YOU in my mind anymore. I felt very satisfied and Im hoping this situation will stay the same way, forever :) I know I can do it, so forever it will fade. Im sick of you, kept fooling me back then. And yes people, I was stupid back then. I cant describe how stupid I was. I am living in full of regret but hey, it only last for like what, 5 days? haha look whos laughing now, fucker! :D You thought Im that stupid ah? Well think again ah. Refresh all those memories. Sape yang bodoh baii? Kau ke aku? Dulu kau ketawe kat aku sgt. Eh I accept ah everything that you did to me, every single shit ah kate org. Your words, I hold to your words until now. But then, you lied, big times! I couldnt be more frustrated ah. You succeed in making me look awfully stupid, cheers to you.

Anyhow, Im living my life to the fullest, ignore all the shits coming, having all the fun, and I aint giving up at all. I have all the people I need to stay alive, standing around me. I love them and not you. At first I thought youre one of them but I was wrong. The different between you and them is ;


Hold to my words okay?

Youre not qualified enough to be one of them, jerk. Open up your eyes, this is not the game that you used to play when you were like what, 12? This is life, and life is not about being self-centered, or betraying people for your own satisfaction,

Its about give and take, being nice to people around you and get rid of your selfish-ness! Tu yang paling tak tahan ngan prangai kau. Kau rase kau best sgtlah tu, pergh bleh jalan ah baii! Since Im forgetting you slowly, day by day, Ive made my decision. I wont talk abt you anymore enuffsaid.

Kau, kalau dah buat silap tu, ngaku jelah. bangkai kuceng mmg boleh sembunyi, tp bangkai gajah? kau nk sembunyi kt mane? Blkg kau? Gile! Mmg tkkan boleh.

By By By ;

Amira Mardzuki :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kami Menggila di Malam Butaaaaa :))

Pade suatu malam, yang tidak berape sepi dan tidak berape sunyi, aku ditemani oleh Yanie Yanie, yang sedang lene tdo kroh kroh dibelakang. Beliau mmg, jike tido, alamatnye pagi esoklah beliau akan bangun semule ;) Dakpe, saye dok ganggu ah awok.

Oleh itu, aku chat + webby + voice call bersame Raihah Koci tersayang. teman di kale waktu waktu mlam bute begini. Haha dye je yg biase on mase mase cmnii. Jike tidak, akan ditemani oleh seorang lagi rakan, iaitu Sherah Acikk, tetapi beliau tidak dpat join the club, kerane beliau di Johor mnghantar Abeng beliau. Kakcikk, IMY! :p

Ini adalah hasil karya kami berdue! Hasil karya lah sgttt kan Koci kannnn? :D

Saye sayang Koci, Koci juge sayang Koci. Ehh Koci duk diam lahhh, babeyy sgguh! :))

By ;

Miwaaaaaaaaaa F :]

Friday, June 26, 2009

Raja Pop Sudah Pergi.

Ye, Abg Michael Jackson sudah pergi meninggalkan industri hiburan, disamping meninggalkan dunie inii. Sedih bukan? Dok caye gi eh, serious ah. I meant, it's Michael Jackson ah, aku suke lagu lagu dyeee, mau mau lagi ' Beat It '. Skrg, sape lagi mau nyanyi utk aku? :\ Fall Out Boys? Tdak setanding dgn M.J ah. He's a legend and terbaikkkk! :)

Okay semua, mule ber-kabung. *Dose tk aaaaaa?

okay, habis. idea kurang, mate kuyu, kpale kosong :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Day, Today.

Today, i skipped err err japp. * satu, due, tige, empat, lime ehh bukan bukan, EMPAT class. Yes emapt kelas. Kelas yang ke-empat, saye masuk. Kerane kelas trsebut adelah CHEMISTRY, which had been my favourite since I blajo Chemy laaa. Interesting woooo, terbaik dlm banyak banyak. And today, I learned Chapter 6, new chapter ah. Bleh tahan susah tp usahe pasti! :)

And ohh, tk btau nape skipped aite? So here's the story. Since Formation is just around the corner * acehh cam buat essay doh, Aswad, which is the leader of Sultan Sulaiman Marching Band, decided to do some latihan, pagi and petang. That's why aaaa, nk polish lagu lagi, steps yang tk brape nk kemas lagii, and others. Tapi takpe, i enjoy latihan setiap hari, tk ah gemuk mane asyik asyik lepas blk skolah, blk rumah, tido, tido, tido. Now, blk skolah je, pegi latihan. Frankly, SAYE SUKEE! :) Kudos to brass band skoloh sayee!

Oh I have ths new addiction ah, and it somehow starts when I watched this movie, Twilight. Yea I know, I know, lmbt gile tgk kann? Hee saye tk tau pulak cte tu best! At first ah, when I saw many students in my schl, read the novel, I was like ' Best ke ah? dohlaa tebal! '. But then, I discovered, * after tgk cte tu aaaa, yang mmg best! So I borrowed the novel from a girl, from 4 Cekal. Luckily she said yes. Yelah, I was like desperate gile nk bce novel tu, tp tk abis lagii. Seriously, I dont have the time. Bru je nk msuk Chapter 8 ; Port Angeles :) Kalau dlm cte, Jessica ngan sape ahu sorang lagi, ajak Bella pegi Port Angeles sbb nk plih bju utk prom night. Tapi kalau dlm novel, tktau aaa. Sbb there are many differences doh movie ngan novel, tapi ade a few dialog that I remembered from the story, which are exactly the same dialog in the movie. Wahh suke suke, teruje cam jakun! x)

I can't wait nak habiskan novel nii, 'cause after ths nak bce New Moon pulak! :D Weheeeee! Sejak bile lah Im into reading reading nii? Tak penah cume buku sejarah jelah, tu pon terpakse kan? Bkan saje saje nk bce. But it can be quite interesting gok sometimes. Trust me, cube cube tryy ;)

Esok ade latihan lagi, pagi and petang. Cant waitt! Tapi kan, Yanie Yanie tkde ptg esok, she's going to KL, which leaves me with two other cymbal players. Haha I can live with that, I hope. gheeshh. Takpe, others ade lagii. :) Yanie Yanie, jgn pegi lame sgttt. Your baby kan, kalu lame lame tk main, lekuk kekgi. *winkwink ;D. Im going to miss ya! Steps nnt mesti saye bolok skalii, sbb nok tgk position Adeyy Zailey, cam jaoh ngattt. :)) * sorry Soda!

Takpe! Belum cube belum tahuuu. Dan dan dan, saye renduu rakan rakan yang lainnn! Tk rehat same samee, time to spend same same kurang. No worries, girls. Lepas nii, kite lepak puas puas yeh? ;)

So okaylaaa, i got to go now. Paih asked me a favour, to ngedit his blog. So, nak ngedit blog Adek Pa nehh. bbyeeee! :)

Koci, Soda, Jeeya, Dada and Natiq, rendu awok awok sumeee! :

By ;

Miwa miwa miwaaaaaaa :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I declare today is SHIT day =,=

Yes, its kinda shitty todayy. Just imagine, i never done anything wrong, well big mistakes which cause trouble ah to be precise this year, but then, everyone starts to put all the blame on me. And Im like ' huh? What did I do? I did that? ' Im confused, I kept asking myself the same question. :\

Apart from that, I just knew that there's this one swine, who thinks thats he's oh-so-good ah, had been fooling me for all this time. God I cant imagine how I felt ah, frustrated mesti ade kann? tkkan bodoh cam tktau nape tk rase cmtuu. But at the same time, I felt well, ' aku tk amek kesah dah, aku ade life, lagi best dri dulu. ' I admit, I never feel like this before :)
And I thank Allah, for giving me a better life than the previous one.

For me, mmg lumrah hdup kan, Allah turunkan ujian, supaye Allah bleh tgk sjauh mane seseorang tu bleh brsabar. And aku bkan sabar sgt pon, cume I learn slowly, from the previous mistakes Ive made. And today, Im like ' Aaaaa man, i should think wisely ah before, kalu tak, none of these things would happened! ' Alaaa, prkare yg dah berlalu, biarkanlah je kan? Btpe lagi fikir fikir? There's no use ah of thinking those shits, over and over again. Crying about the same person, about the same thing, day and night. Now that's bullshit. Im more matured now, I know whats right and whats wrong. And I also know, that I deserve better than this. :)

As I grow older, I learn many new things. I know, it's neccessary for me to know all those things, to ensure I can lead my own life, without any assholes ruin my journey through every chapter in life, from A - Z. Im strong now, all I need are my family and bestfriends to be there with me through thick and thins, to share all those laughters and every single tears. Only them, enough said.

One question ;

Have any of you ever been in a situation where you think, thats the life you want to live, and you think you had found the perfect person to company you through the journey of life? And there's nothing you can think about except you and the person you ' love ', walking the path of happiness, and a little argument and maki hamun doesnt hurt you at all. Because you think, well thats lumrah bersame. And lastly after a half away walking through the path, you stopped, because when you think again, this isnt what you want. And there's no going back. You stuck in the middle, all alone. You felt stupid for choosing the wrong person, and there the person go, leaving you hanging you rope-less. And the next thing you know it, that person is with another person. Oh mmg bodoh kan that person? FCUK YOU!

Well, I felt this before and quite unpleased with the situation ah, but I keep myself strong, strong enough to just ignore and slowly, forget about it. AND yayy,


Girls and Guys out there, I know, there's always a solution to your problem. So, think before you act. No rush in making decisions. I can do it, and Im sure, ALL of you also can. Try to think backk :)

To You ;

BOO-HOO YOU, pathetic monster. Im feeling much better now! :) And I hope you wouldnt come back weeeee :D

Hasil bebelan ;

Amiraaa F.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sejak Kebelakangan Ini, herm

Aku semakin busy, dari hari ke hari. tdak kire pagi, petang, mahupun malam. Aku admit, aku agak letih akan tetapi, aku cube, berusahe dan menepikan rase aku itu. Amende muu merepek Amiraaa F. ehh? haha tak suke tak suke! Awww :DD

Start dari minggu lepas aaaa, practice band non-stop doh. memang letih. Kalau dlm sminggu tu, about one or 2 days je tkde latihan, the rest, mmg ade. Yelah, we're practicing for the upcoming Formation wahhh excited gile! :] So, practice pon mesti ah kene semangat. Kate nak menang kan kan? Tapi aritu aku skip practice fer two days, bkan saje saje ponn. Dgn satu sbb yang munasabah dan tdak dpat diceritakan secare umum di Blogspot. Maaf ye? :p

tadi ke sekolah, first time rase cam ngantuk gile ah dlm krete, nk tdo, malu ah heee =,= cermin krete dok tinted, abih sume org nampak nnt. So, dgn muke yang ngantok gile ah, tahan jela smpai kt skolah. Ingat nk tdo je dlm klas, nmpak Rehah Koci ngan Syerah Acik kat luo klas, tk jdi aaaa, gi laaa lepak ngan dyeorg dpan klas 4 Cekal. And secare kebetulan pulak, Rehah Koci pum ngantok jugak, tp kiteorg tkde pon rase nak msuk kelas, gi tdo haha! x) Terus jelaaa lepak dpan klas org smpai Syahira Soda, Rodayah Mansor, Yanie Yanie, Natiq Royyan dan Madiee mai kat kiteorg dan bergerak ke dewan sekolah bagi bacaan Yassin pade pagi Khamis, yang seringkali dilakukan oleh Ustazah Fatimah Musa, Rohima Muda dan Radzidah err tak igt name penuh dye :]

Oleh kerane ke-ehem ehem tkdi, jdi aku tk bace skali aaaaa. Aku tk igt doh aku btpe smpai last last tau je, bace doa dohh. So abih sume sume, jalan laaaa masuk kelas smule. Tp sperti biase, kumpul dulu sekelompak, ckap psl nape ntah lame lame. Dgn cekgu yang ade mesyuarat tadii, mmg murid murid jolly good fellow haha! Aku gi kcau Pjah laaa, Faten laaa, Ainn laaa, Ramai gak smpai Koci ajok pegi kantin, destinasi kegemaran di pagi hari haha. Menu utame pade pagi tersebut ;

Kentang Goreng Bersame Cili Sos! + Air Mineral yang sejuk.
Enakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Aku suke, ;]

Lepas tu, aku ngan Koci, Yanie, Royyan dan Maddie gi lepak dpan klas 4Bestari pulak, lepak cam kaki lime tu kiteorg pulak buat. Takpe, Mek Joh lalu, kiteorg lari! ;DD Oleh kerane tdak cukup lagi kentang goreng yang dibeli dgn harge 50 sen, aku pegi smule kantin, dgn mngajak Acikkk! Aku lapar pagi tkdi, nk buat camne kan? =,= Acik excited aaaa, sbb aku blanje dye takdii. Smbil smbil tu ckap psl budak Maktab Kuale Berang pffttt RINDU KAU! Nak blk ke kelas smule, lalu pulak dpan dye. HAHA suke ah wehh tp aku buat tktauu je. Takkan nk pegi dpan dye ckap Saye Suke Awak pulak kann? Gilo ah kalau cmtuuu.

Lepas tuu, blajaa laaaa pulak, period B. Melayu. Buat karangan pulak tuu. Oleh kerane aku mmg tk semangat gile pagi tdi, sblum mule buat karangan, aku tdo kroh kroh. Nikmatnye tu, tdak dpat digambarkan dgn kate kate ah. Mmg best, aku suke! :] Lepas tu, rehatt.

Eh mlas aaaaaaaaaaa nak cite pnjg pnjg, dohla entry kali ni boring gile. Aku tnak rosakkan mood ah. Aku lapa so aku tk bermaye nak tulis pnjg pnjg. Aku nak diet tp bile diet, berat bdan aku naik. Tension laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Ouh BTW, tkdi disekolah sahaje EMPAT kali saye tido. First time tdo byk kali cmtu haha!

Kau mmg pemalas wahai Amiraaa F. Okaylaaa, mlas nk tulis lagi. bbyeee!

p/s ; Aku ingin mnyampaikan pesanan Acikk sebentar tdi. Dye request supaye aku tulis

' sherah adelah bdk puang yg teramat la super super super c0mey!!! '

Nah amek kau Acikk, nak sgttt :DD

Miwa, with the empty stomach which need to be filled!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kau tak tahu,

Aku lalui pelbagai jenis dugaan selame ini, tetapi aku tdak myusahkan kau dgn mnceritekan masalah aku. Aku senyap, aku buntu sameade ingin mmberitahu kau atau tidak. Aku tdak pasti, aku tdak dpat mmbuat keputusan seperti begini, aku tdak ckup matang utk membuat keputusan drastik begini. patot kah aku beritahu kau? Atau patot aku senyap saje? Haihhhh =,=

Kau tak tahu, aku sbenarnye byk menyimpan masalah kepade diri sendiri sahaje. Im the girl, with the face that hides thousand of stories to her self. Why? Cause' shes too afraid to tell her stories to the whole world. She's sick of being ashamed and left out all the time so she tend to keep all of it to herself. Not only that, she's also afraid to face the world especially on her own.

I cant stand being like this all the time, i dont need all this. I keep asking myself why, why all these things keep happening to me but not the others? Im confused, my thoughts are all tangled up. I cant think straight and erghh, i lost my words. :

Smiles? For me, all those smiles that i've created are fake, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE! Trust me, im not lying at all. All those laughters, sheeshh i dont know how to say this but the reason i laugh is to cover the sadness, to cover the fact that im drowning in sadness, where nobody could help me.

I cant face this anymore, I give up. You win. Nuffsaid

By ;


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kau Rase Ape Aku Rase?

Aku rase, aku rase argh aku rase satu perasaan dimane kerap kali menyerang diriku secara drastik lagi agresif. Dahlah mnggunakan kekerasan, sehari tu byk kali pulak.


tolonglah, hentikan perbuatan mu yang tidak bermoral ini ku rayuu! Ku tdak sggup mghadapinye lagii.

HAHA cam bodo laaaaaa, okay utk entry kali ini, sebenarnye aku tde topik utk diutarakan ataupun diselatankan, cume brbekalkan kepala hotak yang kosong, muke yang menunjukkan ekpresi penuh kebosanan sambil jari jari ku dimane kuku bagi tgn kiri amatlah pnjg sehingge di-sound oleh ibu, menari nari di atas papan kekunci. Namun, apekan daye, jariku amat suka menari narii. Tdak dpat dinafikan sekerasnye mahupun selembutnye.

Mahu cte psl ape aaaa? Ketandusan idea dohh. Emph arini, iaitu pade pagi tdi laaaa, terbit lah satu idea di kepale nim dimane terase ingin tubek pade hari esk. Berkongsi lah idea tersebut dgn Rodayah Kidman. Namun, harapan berkecai apabile Rodayah Kidman men-reply-kan msg sebegini bunyi ;

' ambe otw ke kl nim. luse ah kte tubik buleh? '

*err numb. phone dirahsiekan. Cik Kidman terlalu comel, gerun jike mnjadi buruan jejake di luar sane ;]

Dan dgn hati yang kecewa dan frustrated disertakan dgn dissapoinment yang melampau, aku reply ;

' Luse plok ambe dokleh, kalu gitu, rabu ah neh? Ambe ajok skali Bobo nge Cik Lenggang. Ajok ah H** ouh skali! '

Haha name trsebut dirahsiekan, terlalu mhal dan berharge kott. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D Lalu Cik Rodayah reply ;

' okayy! H** ow ambe kbo mule ah. takot dk jupe ye ekpum. takot dk dang nk gi tsyn '

Sekali lagi, name trsebut perlu dirahsiekan sebaiknyee. Bimbang jike mnjadi buruan media di luar sanee x)

Ku akur dgn keputusan yang telah dibuat, ptg kemudian, aku ber-ym dgn Bobo, mengutarakan tentang cadangan aku bersama Rodayah Kidman. Bobo bersetuju namun dye ingin mem-percepatkan tarikh prjumpaan kpd esok. Hey Bobo, awl sgt aaaaaaa, whts the rush? Lepak gokk! So Bobo made a decision, dye nak ajak rakan childhood dye. Aku akur lagii.

Takpelah, aku akur dan aku akan tggu sehingge hari hang-out itu tiba. Akur tggu dgn penuh kesabaran, kesopanan dan kesusilaan terpancar di mata ku yang agak koko kehitam-hitaman ini. *tak caye, tgk la tgk laaa, -sambil menunding ke arah mate sebelah kanan.

Oleh itu, aku akhirkan perbualan ku sehingge disini sahaje, yelah, aku tau entry entry sblum ni agak PANJANG tetapi aku pendekkan yang ini, kerana aku hanye brbekalkan kepala yang kosong. Nak pnjg pnjg mcmmane kan? kan? kan? kannn? Time kaseh sbb memahami dan sile dtg lagii.


Vocab Of The Day

tubek/ tubik ; Keluar

ambe ; Saye

luse ; Hari selepas esok

dokleh ;
Tidak boleh

jupe ; Jumpe

ekpum ; Lagipun

dang ;

dk ;
Tidak / dok

gokk ; Jugak

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Keadaan yang menghantui diri :D

Pada hari rabu, bertarikh errr 27 Mei kot, aaaa betul lah, 27 Mei. Saye dan rakan rakan iaitu Bobo, Cik Lenggang dan Puan Kaisya *name dirahsiekan, gerun jike mnjadi buruan polis ;p, telah melepak sambil berdiri di kaki lime sekolah. Oleh kerane name ' kaki lime ' terlalu cliche, dgn ini saye menamakan tempat tersebut ' kaki lime satu per due '. Lagi pnjang dan enak didengar. Lalu kami melepak lah dgn lazat nye sambil melihat gamba gambar pelajar sekolah di papan kenyataan. Di samping itu, mulut tidak habis terkumat kamit berckap ckap psl budak yang tidak digemari dan sebagainye, kate pndeknye, * mengumpat laaaa tak habes * .

Tibe tibe, Cik Lenggang mengalihkan badan dari papan kenyataan dan berdiri keras di tengah tengah laluan ' kaki lime per due '. Oleh kerane kehairanan yang melampau dan tdak dpat dielakkan, Baba * name samaran, berjalan menuju ke Cik Lenggang dan menyakat beliau dgn meletakkan botol air yang berisi air yang sejuk di err di perot ke lengan, ntahh. Tidak ku ingat perkare remeh tersebut. Cik Lenggang dgn masih berdiri di tengah laluan itu ' ber-twitching twitching ' laaaaa. Tibe tibe, beliau mendiamkan diri dan melihat ke hadapan sambil berkate ;

Cik Lenggang ; Adekah anda melihat ape yang saye lihat?

Baba ; Nape pulok?

Cik Lenggang ; Tuuu, * sambil mem-pout-kan bibir nye yang seksi ke hadapan, instead mnggunekan jarinye *. Adekah anda panic seperti saye juge?

Baba ; Hahaha! Tidak, saye tdak panic. Bobo, cpat pegang Cik Lenggang. Jgn biar terlepas, sbb ade org nak lalu nim!

Bobo dgn muke excited + tdak mengetahui ape ape, mengalihkan badan dari papan kenyataan, melangkah ke arah Cik Lenggang dan memegang lengan beliau. Cik Lenggang kini dalam genggaman Baba dan Bobo sekawan :D *bagus Baba dan Bobo.

Tetapi tdak tahu bgaimane, akhirnye Cik Lenggang bolos * cececeyyy, dan kembali ke papan kenyataan, berpure-pure melihat papan kenyataan walhal beliau sedang melihat refleksi drummer kegemarannye di cermin papan kenyataan tersebut. Haha terbukti bahawa apabile badan berade diarah lain, mate tetap meliar ke arah lainn. Pandaii budak! Perbuatan Cik Lenggang terbongkar apabila Baba, yg berade di sebelahnye, diberitahu oleh Cik Lenggang begini ;

Cik Lenggang ; Dokleh tgk dpan dpan dakpe ah, mujo bleh tgk dlm cermin! >_<

Baba ; Errrrr =,=

Rupenye, Cik Lenggang mmpunyai characteristic diri pemalu yang terlampau, melampau dan dilampau. Haihhh jike Novel Bahasa Melayu Tingkatan 4, iaitu Terminal 3, ade watak yang bername Cik Lenggang dan paper Bahasa Melayu keluar soalan tentang watak perwatakan Cik Lenggang, make saye pasti akan mendpat markah penuh bagi section trsebut. PASTI TU! Kemudian, drummer kegemaran Cik lenggang memblahkan diri dan Cik Lenggang, ape lagi, TERSENYUM LEBAR KE TELINGE SEHINGGE NAEK PIPINYE YANG COMEL ITUU ALAHAII COMEL GILE! :D Cik Lenggang nim mmg ah, nakal! Tapi yang paling saye pasti, Puan Kaisya telah memenangi pingat kebesaran bagi perbuatannye yang agak dikagumi iaitu ' Paling Lame Mengadap Papan Kenyataan Yang Ade Warne Gmba Hitam Puteh Itu '

Syabas Puan Kaisya! :]

oleh itu, berakhir disini sajalah entry saye utk kali ini, semoge berjumpe lagi di hari dan waktu yang same diii * Blog Aku, Entry Aku Laaaa! * byeeeee!

Catatan oleh ;
Aku yang sentiase kentot di hadapan rakan rakan :p

Vocab Of The Day

Pulok ; Pulak

Dokleh ;Tidak Boleh

Nape ; Kenape

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kenyenyehan diri semakin menjadi jadi :]

Okay, smalam pade 26 mei, exam mid year mencapai pghujungnya. Kegembiraan serte kegilaan yang tidak dpat digambarkan tersemat kemas dihati, berbekalkan mimik muke yang sentiase mnjadi bahan ketawe rakan-rakan, aku melangkah keluar dari kelas. Ape yang dilakukan slepas itu? Err, errr agak agak lupe tapi cam biaseee, jumpe kawan kawan duluuu, lepak empat lime minit dan bersurai ;]

' Hoi ape kemas dan tersusun je kate kate di entry mu ini?! ', Kate Amira kpd Amira dgn nada yang agresif seperti baru shaje menelan seekor rimau jawe :]

Okay, serius seriusss. Smalam best laaaa jugak, tapi ptg ade latihan band, sperti biase pade hari selase jam 2.45 ptg. Namun sir seringkali datang awal, musykil betul. =,= bestnye dpat blk awl haha! Yelah, giler kau nk duduk lame lame, ' El Chupacabra ' belum hafal habis lagii, pacerohh duk ngafal yang awal sajaaaa. Eh btw, saye tdak pasti jike tajuk lagu itu dieja dgn spelling yang tepat dan mmberangsangkan. Blk ke rumah, saye mghabiskan mase bermain game ' Bully ' , dimane game itu telah meng-usha saye sehingge saye bersetuju utk bersamenye sehingga munculnya exam akan dtg. Game tersebut teah menggunakan daya tarikan nye yang menggode lagi seksi sehinggekan saye speechless dan jari terus menerus menekan punat di joystick itu. Wah gembiranye saye, bestnye hidup! *Kau pehal jakun sgt ah? >_<

Hari ini pule, Cik Rodayah * bukan name IC tetapi name sbenar, telah mnduduki exam bagi paper beliau yang terakhir iaitu Lukisan Kejuruteraan, dgn megahnye ku berkate sambil mmbayangkan mase dpan rakanku itu, memegang segulung pelan rumah sambil mendongak ke atas melihat awan. Ntah papelah kannn. Rodayah tekun mngulangkaji pelajaran akan tetapi, trdpat laaa dueorg jakun yg tidak mngenali erti study, mngacau Rodayah mengulangkaji. Beliau beliau adelah Baba dab Bobo sekawan * bkan name sbenar, bkan name IC dan bkan name di surat beranak :p

Baba dan Bobo mngacau Rodayah dgn menghujani Rodayah dgn pelbagai soalan tentang lukisan lukisan, yelah, mereke mereke tidak didedahkan dgn prkare berikut. Maka, meng-jakunlah mereke di kelas Rodayah. Mujur sahaja Rodayah tdak naek angin dan segale kerusi dan meje kelasnye dicampakkan ke arah Baba dan Bobo. Jike tidak, make tamatlah riwayat beliau beliau dan tidak sempat untuk menimang anak, cucu, cicit, cecek, cocok, cacak. Amek kau semue kau nak! Kemudiaannya, oleh kerana Baba dan Bobo sudah MERDEKA, mereke pergi merempat di kawasan sekolah, tidak kire dimane jue mereke berade. Haihh ape mau jadi wahai Baba dan Bobo? Shame on youuuu! *Sambil menggosok gosok tgn dengan jari telunjukk.

Hari ini juge, ' Mee+ Tali ' telah mmbuat satu joke yang tidak menambat hati saye langsung, apatah lagi mau berketawe. Aduhh maaf yaaaa, saye takbolehlaaa nak suke suke, awk tak klakaa! Mau tau joke yang telah dilakukan? Sebentar, ikutilah.

Mee + Tali ; Eh eh, tau dok? Tadi saye mari koloh, pahtu saye lupe nk amek wang saku. Saye pun dok ahu gane bleh jadi gitu heheheh. * Eh series ah, dye ketawe gituu HAHAH!

*Frankly speaking, dialog tersebut telah diubahsuai sepenuhnye dan disunting habes oleh Baba Inc :p

Kemudian, kate katenye diikuti dgn suatu situation yang senyap gler dan dgn mimik muke saye seperti Yoda dlm filem Star Wars. Bayangkan, jike berade di hutan ketike itu, cengkerik pasti menggeselkan kakinye dgn megah sehingge mghasilkan bunyi yang kuat dan pantas mengalahkan the speed of lightning! ;D Yang saya pasti, Cik Lenggang merupekan human being yang paling menunjukkan ekspresi muke seperti tidak berminat langsung dgn berita ' Mee + Tali '. Haha bonuspoint utk anda Cik Lenggang! Ekspresi muke anda telah berjaye merangkul tempat pertama bagi pertandingan ' Ekpsresi Muke Paling Dikagumi '. Tahniah Cik Lenggang!

Make ini telah menjadi perbualan kami sekawan kami ketike menunggu Rodayah meng-habeskan paper lukisan beliau. Kami sekawan itu ialah Baba, Bobo, Cik Lenggang dan Puan Kaisya. Haha syabas kepade kami kerane kami telah berjaye berbual tentang perkare ini sehinggekan Puan Kaisya ketawe sehingge merah padam pipi dan hidungnye yg comel itu. Namun, Puan Kaisya seperti mahu throw up, tetapi dpat dielakkan dengan berjayenye! You go Kaisya! ;D

Make dgn ini, saye merasmikan catatan persekolahan bagi budak budak sekolah yang tidak lagi mengenal erti kebebasan hidup tetapi hidup dgn bebasnye tamat pade waktu ini, tepat jam 12.30 pagi waktu Zimbabwe dan 5.42 ptg waktu Malaysia Timur. Timur okay? Terengganu maliiii ;]

Catatan oleh ;
Saye yang sentiase kentot bersame rakan rakan.

Vocab of the day

Paceroh ; Sampai cerah / Sampai biler

Dok ; Tidak

Koloh ; Sekolah

Gane ; Macammane

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This Is The Part Where I Called ' Being Stupid '

Today, on 8th april 2009, for the very first time, i think being honest is worthless. As you can see *which you couldnt, my mobile phone had been taken by a pengawas. yes, already been taken and now, my baby is in the bloody hands of my favourite teacherr, Incik Samdol *bukan name sebenar.
Want to know how it happens? Check this out.

Pade satu pagi yang indah, saye dan kawan kawan duduk di dalam kelas. Tibe-tibe, datanglah segerombolan pengawas yang brpakaian hijau, dimane salah satu daripadenye memegang paperbag Aussino *which had been my favourite store since ever! Okay mira, back to the story. Tibe tibe, dueorg pengawas masuk ke kelas saye dan berkate;

Pengawas ; Hari ini kami akan melakukan spotcheck, so yang perempuan sile ke belakang dan yang lelaki sile ke hadapan.

Saya ; Ohh shit! Aku bwak phne ah, dlam poket agii nimmm! Mujo memory card cabut doh.

Pengawas ; Sebelum tu, kepade sesiape yang bwak handphne, sile ngaku. Ngaku jeee.

Ain Fathiah, rakan yang duduk di belakangku dlam klas, tibe tibe mngangkat tangan sambil membuat muke yang slumber kodok. Hek eleh dyeee nimmm. Sejurus slepas itu, Cheah pule mngambil handphnenye dari bawah meje dan surrender. *Part yang nim mmg lgsung tk caye. Cheah surrender? Biar betik! Dye perempuan yang tabah, namun dye tewas hari iniii hehe x)

Kemudian, aku brtanye.

Saye ; Oih cheah, bia betul nok surrender?!

Cheah ; Ho ah, dok dang nok susuk phone eh!

Saye ; *bermonolog dalaman ; doh aku nok wat gane ehh?

Tibe tibe, Anih Isham yang kiut itu bersuare.

Anih ; Eh mira, kite nak wat gane eh? Nok ngakuu dok?

Saye ; Ahu ahh, orang len ngaku blake ow. Ngaku je ah ork?

Anih : Erm ye ahh.

Pastu pon ngaku laaa blablablaa tulis name seme seme. Mase tulis name tu, Anih Isham yag kiut nim brbunyi lagii ;

Anih ; Eh eh pengawas, saye nok msg ayoh saye kjap dkpe dok? Nok kabo blk lmbat arinii.

Rakan rakannye ; Hek eleh budok nim, dang lagi nok msg msg ehh. Msg ah dulu ow.

*Anih Isham yang kiut nim mmg ah ork? Haihh loyar buruk sgguh!

Selepas tuuu blabla blaaa check stoking pulok, ckgu orh bunyi nok check underwear jugok. adok kije guh!! Lalu pengawas itu berlaluu dgn mmbawe seplastik bag penuh nge handphne budok budok klas 4B. Bukan nok kate, kdg phone cheah ah besor dan berat skalii. Mahal skalii ow! ;D
*beng marohh Rapeahkuuu ;]

Lame tuu, Madie mari kt kelas. Dye tanye;

Madie ; Eh korang kene dok?

Saye ; Ow, Kiteorang kene. Gi surrender dekpum. hermm.

Madie ; Laa yang gi surrender tu bkpe? Rugi guhhh. Madie susuk jaaaaa. Bkpe korang dok gi susuk tekk?

Cheah ; Mira eh, pdhal ye susuk doh. Cheah benonye hok surrender, dye ikot skaliii.

Senyap paaa Madie lepas tu, terkanja dengan ke-dungu-an rakannya inii. Pahtu bile fikir smule ork, mmg bodo sgguh ah gi surrender. Rugi doh situu skalii. Luruh giler ah sek sek 4B!

Lepas rehat pulok, Incik Samdol*bukan name sbenar, pggl kiteorg gi bilik disiplin. Psl phone ni ahh. Kate dye ;

Incik Samdol ; Awak isi borang dulu blake blake.

Ain Fathiah ; Ckgu eh, bleh dok saye nok amek phne saye? Nok bwak gi baiki ow, phone saye rosak.

Incik Samdol ; Saye hanye mnjalankan tugas saye, yang psl tu awk kene tanye Incik So'od *bukan name sbenar.

Saye ; Doh ckgu, bile bleh amek nye?

Incik Samdol ; Gini ah, awk pggl parents awk mase mesyuarat PIBG ari sbtu nim. Bangkit psal hal nim.

Saye ; *bermonolog dalaman ; banyok ckap lah pulok. Org nok phne tuu jee.

Lepas itu, smue beredar dari bilik disiplin tuu. Haha Anha kene jugok rupenye! Den igtkan ang tk bwak phnee! :p

And everybody lives grudgily ever after, The End :]

Moral of the story ; Kepada yang suke sgt bwak phne gi skolah tu, blajo lahh nak susuk phne tuu, beng men hentam keromo gi surrender je! Pahtu bile nyesal baru ah. Sesal tak sudoh. Ke guane awok awok eh? :p

Vocab for today ;

susuk ; sembunyi

dang ; sempat

kanja ; terkejut

pahtu ; selepas itu

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tagged By Ku Sara

Q: andakah anda rase anda HOT?
Hot? haha smpai rentung! :D

Q: upload pic kegemaran korang dan nyatakan sebab..

saye nmpak nerd dan cool dikalangan nerdies pftt :D

Q: Bile kali terakhir makan pizza
ontah lah den, den tk minat mano piza piza nimm.

Q: Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar
A Little Too Not Over You - Syaa pasang!

Q: apakah yang akan anda wat selain selesaikan tag ini
myspace dan myspace lagi - saye patut tido

Q: Selain dgn nama sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dgn panggilan apa?
busuk, kerana ntahlah. busuk lah hardcore kan kan synyster gates?

Q : TAG lagi 6org TANPA KEKESALAN. Sila lakukan JIKA TAK akan dikenakan tindakan mandatori

  1. Cheah
  2. D Dayahhh
  3. Yayahh
  4. Lati-ass
  5. Resah
  6. Trah Sani

Q : Sape no 1 pada anda?
kawan rapat yang sering ketawe walaupun saye mmbuat lawak yg tk klakar. hooyeah!

Q: Org no 3 ada dgn sesiapa?
Joe Jonas kot HHAHA!

Q :Kata sesuatu berkenaan org no 5
Kuat berahsie, lembut budi pekerti eceyyyyy yedok resah?

Q: Bagaimana pula dgn org no 4?
suke pau singgit orang lain walhal dlam poketnyaa terkandung duit yang mampu menanggung hidupnya utk 2 hari stengah. * Alhamdullilah sempat cabut lari dulu hehe!

Q: Siapakah org no 2?
bestfriend yang dikenali sjak form 2 akan tetapi lagaknya sperti sudah knal dari tadika :D

Q: Pesanan kepada org no 6?
ade spotcheck, kabo ah. beng wat snyapp -pengawas tuuuu!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nak tau tak?

Baru ku tau, sebenarnye kerje rumah cuti TERANCAM ade tige paper je, tk byk punnn haha!

*font besar dan membara itu utk kasik saspenn je.

monolog dalaman ;
eleh kau igt orang takot? budak 2 tahun pun ktawe tgk tauu?!

Aku? Kau Pulak?

aku bosan, kau pulak? haha buat skit malam nim. boring gilaaaaaaaaa saiko lahh. muke aku boleh mengalahkan muke makcik kantin kat skolah aku yang slalu jual nasik puteh lauk ayam merah tu. kau tak caye, pegi tgk muke dye. mcam tak cukup tido waaa cakap! :DD

*makcik, jgn ah blacklist kite, kite suke nasik mokcik. enak sehingge menjilat kedue due sudu yang ku gune utk makan nasik tu. maklumlah, garpu slalu habes! ni rase nak boikot garpu niii. Israel betul laaaaa!

note to dayah ;
len kali, mase beli nasik, jgn ckap psl boyfren dpan abg yang jual nasikk tuu. kann tk psal psal dye bnyi ' hohh rmai kasehh yeee ', dgn muke ye yang snyum je dok abehh. nok usha dayah ah tuuu :p

note lagi ;
Nazli, kapan mauu pulang yaaaa? asal balek kl, senyap. asal balek kl, senyap. haihhh =,=

dan note lagi ;
kepada Raihah Nawawi, selamat mnyambut hari raye aidiladha ehh silap, hari ulangtahun yang ke enam puluh saaa.... eh silap lagii, enam bolas laaaaaa. semoga berkekalan ke anak cucu Aminn.
*cheah, sorry kerepek skett. ;] sorry tk ikut smbot bdayy.

noteyy se agii ;
kepade Raisah Nadhirah, juge selamat menyambut hari ulangtahun perkahwinan yang errr silap! harijadi yang ke enam-belas-tahun-sudah-wahh-semakin-meningkat-hehe :p
*maaf tdak dpat ke bday party andaaa.

note tak berkesudahan ;
I Mishh Youuuuuuuuuu! :\

note pad ;
belilah di kedai pustake murni dimane anda akan mndpat harge yang agak lebih mhal drpd di pustake seri intan. selamat membeli!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Aku Tak Pandai, Aku Punye Pasal Lahh

For your information, title cam sial haha tapi ade kaitan dgn entry ini. Mau tau?

Dngar baik baik.

Last errr few days, SMKSS telah menganjurkan satu ujian bagi pelajar pelajar tingkatan 4 dimane saye rase tdak patot diadakan. Yelah, hari sukan cancel sgt, exam gatal nak pegi buat. J, berambusss! :D Alhamdullilah banyak jugak krtas dpat dibuat dgn baikk tetapi pabila kertas Fizik sahaja tercegat di hadapan mate, sambil melakukan mimik muke sarcastic gilaa *okey tipu, kertas tkde muke pun, tapi nape paper dpan skali org ppgl muke dpan? tkyah fikir, tk penting :p kertas Fizik, let me just tell you, memang jahanam! Belek lah kertas tu smpai habes and bermonolog dalaman ; haihhh mu ingat aku bleh jwab ke hah soalan gnie?! mati ah sgguh pum! *okey, highlight sikit :p so tkde alternatif lain jwab jelahh, hentam jerr. Tapi mmg tak tipu, rase fizik fail kot alaaa what im going to tell my aboh? sure he's going to be mad to the max ah! Ni rase mlas nk gi skolah eh, yang bermule pade ahad sminggu akan datang, dimane period fizik adelah mase ketige selepas rehat susulan drpd mase Tcher Raba'ah Wahid. Mau tak mau, trime jelah kan? This is what i called ' The Unfairness In Life '. * snyap lah kau paper fizik! :\ Malam tu ajok family kuar makan heeee ngade ngade tkmau mkan kt umah :p di dlam kreta, tercetus satu konversasi antare anak prempuan sulung dan abohnye, dmane abohnye brade di seat dpan dan anak perempuan sulung berda di blkg abohnye.

Aboh ; Eh kak, ce kakak try amek account.
Saye ; Hah? amek account? doh pahtu kene gi tsyen account ah. *suare cam tk sudi.
Aboh ; Yelah, amek ah tsyen. pahtu bleh tamboh subjek ekgii.
Saye ; Aboh nok kakak amek ke?
Aboh ; Doklaa, try lah dulu gane gane.

This is the part where ibu, the one whose driving, mencelah.

Ibu ; Kakak kabo dye dokleh jwab paper Fizik tkdi.
Aboh ; Dokleh jwab? pdhal Fizik senang skali.
Saye ; Aboh, addmath senang lagi laaaaaa =,=
Aboh ; Paper Fizik tu senang je.
Saye ; hermmmm

Oihh gane nak kabo ke Aboh kalu result dpat teruk ah, kalu dpat G9 ke, alaaaaa another problem pulok kene pikir! Baru je rase nok beristirehat selama sminggu cuti-kedekut-nak-mampos-cuti-pendekpendek! :D

Wish me luck ah gane gane. Huuuuuuuu T_T

* nok wat sgt cuti tuu, kerja rumah TERANCAM wi cam theres no tomorrow. ape ni cekgu, show some mercy ah sikittt.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Saturday Morning sillyness.

*Serious shit baju tidur tu saye punyeeee :D

HAHAHAHAHA! this is what I did this morning, woke up and sit on my bed, heard some songs and wallah, amek gmbo and here's the result. burokkk! :D Biar laaaaa, this morning I felt very annoying so this is how I express my annoying-ness. And a bit frustrated doe, mum said I CANT go out today sheesshh =,= . Friends are having fun and Im stuck at home, doing nothing! Im bored and deep down inside, Im pretty mad. pffttttt!

I dont know what to do mehhh, Im stucked up and again, Im bored to hell!

Start esok, my schedule pack gler! Want to know why? Look at this!

7.00 a.m - Pegi skolahh lalalala tak suke homework Chemy tk siap lagiiii :\

2.00 p.m - balek skolah ngan Yaniee, pegi office mak dyee smpai kul 4 p.m

4.00 p.m - Pegi tusyenn Chemy ngan Yaniee sampai kul 6.00 p.m fuhhh =,=

6.00 p.m - balek umah, makan then mandiiii. Tkdi tk mndi and mybe bau cam lembuu kot :D

8.00 p.m - Pegi tusyen lagii, tusyen addmath! Brsame Sir Lim bestttt :]

9.30 p.m - Balek and will be absolutely FATIGUE! trust me, to go through hari Sunday aint easy babee!

Packed isnt it? kasihan saye huuuu :| but nahh, nak blaja kan, nak pndaii, sacrifice lah sikit. Woah cant wait nak abes skolah meh! ;D Smalam I had a long phone conversation with Yanieee! Weve talked so muchh ahh memang our mouth cant stop potpetpotpett ahha! Then ibu knockned on my door. Then a short conversation started :

Ibu : haaa, wat nape ow? gune cordless ah tuu!

Me : haha hor lahss.

Ibu : Patot adek adek marohhhh.

Me : doh dokleh kuo, ckap tefonn jelahh.

Ibu : Hahaha padann mukeee.

Me : ......

Ye, ibu dan anak memang agak open minded when it comes to talking :] I love her ah gane gane ponnn! :D

p/s ; Guys, I Miss You Lots! :\