Saturday, July 11, 2009

Satisfaction In Life

Yesterday, on 11th July, a Brass Band Competition was held at the Stadium Negeri, Kuala Terengganu. About 11 school (kot) entered the competition. Haha nyor molek ayat, pe wat essay dohh. Sultan Sulaiman was one of the school. And there's also Chung Hwa, Lembah Bidong, Tengku Ampuan Intan, Padang Midin, etc.

Band SS practice fer about one month, bile tggl 3 weeks je lagi nk compete, kiteorg practice non-stop pagi and petang. Yes everybody were exhausted but it pays off. We came in third :) Although theyre some of us werent satisfied, but chill guys, we performed our best kan? I admit, I was extremely satisfied by our performance. You guys did extremely great! Huhaaaa! :DD

Before the performance, we were very anxious. Cam debo blake smue. Takbleh duduk diam, legs and arms are shaking, heart pounded quickly, semua lah rase. Luckily tkde rse nk poo haha! x) Many cheered fer us when we were about to start our show. Mmg riuh satu stadium, terharu sgt. Thanks supporters! :) Then all those feelings vanished after we performed. Cikgu Qiry, Cikgu Zaidi and Sir Kent said that we did great. Suke hati sorang sorang mase tu! Senyum je semua. Most of us felt that we can come in second, leaving Lembah Bidong in third. Yelah, our aim is to come in second. Chung Hwa is unbeatable! =,=

Our hearts' crushed when the pengerusi majlis annouced that Lembah Bidong come in second. And Hasrul, our drummajor seemed pissed when The Best Drummajor is won by Chung Hwa. Chill, youre still the best ah! Serul, mu terbaekkkkkkk! :)

An oh, Dayah, Cheah, Syaa, Natiq, Jeeya, Faten and Yah came to see us perform! They even brought a banner fer us. The banner was made by Dayah, Sya, Natiq and Yah ork? Hee I Love You Guys ah, terbaek and trime kaseh banyak banyak for the full support!

And ohh, lupe nk btau, saye jumpe Yayah nge Tinieeee! They played for Padang Midin.

Smart Marching, Solid Sound.
SS cemerlang, gemilang terbilang , Huhaa!


Yoyyoh. said...

Hahahaha im glad to see you too laaa
SS terbaik wokkk ;]

dayaahhh (; said...

eh Tyn wat jugok banner ho. lenguh kami! haha :p dkpe dkpe ss molek doh aritu. beng frust frust :)

anis said...

well at least you did your best ;)