Saturday, July 25, 2009

What happened was,

Yesterday, on 25th July, SSMB performed at the Batu Burok, w the soldiers. Nahh not sure askar askar tersebut dri mane but they're making booths at the beach, like many booths aaaa. Around 2.30, kiteorg perform dgn askar askar tersebut like in front of thousands of peeps geeshh nervous kot ahha. But then, we're used to it already so tkde hal aaaaa ;) Then we have to like, dance with the askar. Haha sound silly though but kene buat laaaa, no excuses. Somehow, we enjoyed dancing with them. Cam best gile ah, buang perasaan nervous. Tp smalam I was like so not in the mood ah, so I didnt smile at all when we were dancing. Sheeshh I kept thinking abt the same shit, everyday, over and over again. Pfftttt.

Then after the performance, Yunie, Wan, Yie, Yanie, Shahril and I went to A&W, to get some drinks, bcse I swear to God that time I was thirsty ah. And Shahril asked me to belanje him and Im like okayy ah. So queue punye pnjg laaaa nk belii. Tggu jelah. Mujor ade Yunie and Wan teman. We were like talking shits ah abt someone someone tak abih abihh. That moment, Yunie and Wan looked obviously mad ah. Haha and Im like, layan cite dyeorg. Best doh! :)) When it was our turn, i ordered two floats, combo meal for yunie and floats for wan. Sudah beli smue smue, I went to Shahril and there was Kimi. Kimi was like ;

KIMI ; Ehh mu blanje ah akuu .

MW ; Mu dok kabo awl awl, Mu nok nape?

KIMI ; Aku nok float se, tp aku tkmboh aiskrim! Hehe.

MW ; .........

KIMI ; Mu order air je ah ke aku.

MW ; Ohh, kabo laaa root beer je!

So i went back to the counter, mujo tkpyah queue cse Yunie was still there, buying haha. Gile jhat kot, cause aunty blkg kiteorg cam sigh. Sorry aunty! Mujo dye tkmrahh. So after sudah beli, I apologised to tht aunty and she smiled. Haaaa okaylah tu, tkpyah nk msam msam muke kan aunty? ;) Then kiteorg blah kuar A&W tp sblum kuar, smpat lagi budak budak nim sakat Kuso, yg derite kerane accident pade pagi tu! Luckily theres no serious injuries, a couple of luke luke je. Get well soon ah pokcik! ;)

We headed to the beachh, actually to the horses laaa. Yanie and Wan wanna ride on them so off the go! Excited je muke sorang sorang. Yanie rode on a big horse while Wan rode on a pony! Alahh comelnye :) Lepas abis sume tu, pegi lahh beach. Tht time, Areh joined us. Then we met Fakh. He was alone and Yunie went to accompany him. Then the others, sat ah. Lepak lepakk. Then Yanie and Areh, ajak pegi naek a small car, geeshh i dont knkw wht the heck people called tht shit. So pegi ah carii. Sayang, that ride is for people who are above 18. Cam tahit HAR-HAR. Okay semue, musnah impian. And that time, Kuso and Pieya joined us. So we've decided to just walk along the beach je. Jlan jlan smpai kt org jual kites sume. Areh bought one fr RM 5, utk men rmai rmai haha. Cam jakun kiteorg. But who cares? Ikot suke kiteorg laaaaaaa.

Then its time to head home, eh bkan! School :) Before we get into the bus, the A&W bear was like waving at us, and not to mention, he waved his big ass towards us. Haha cam bodoh kott, then we laughed jelahh. Smpai skolah, letak letak brg dulu smue. Yanie asked whether if I could go home late. Then I texted my ibu to fetch me up a lil bit late. Around 7.30, Cugee fetch me up. Yanie was accomponied by Areh, Shahril and Kuso. Mujo dok kene brigat di Pok Guard jhat orrr! x)

So, thts it :)

P/S ; Theyre no photos fr ths entry people, I didnt bring my cam. Sorry!

By ;
Amira Belle F.

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waaaa manyak best maaa! sorry i didnt go.