Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Frankly, from the bottom of my heart,

I like you, I adore you, I cant keep my eyes off you.

Youre one of God's wonderful creation.

Everything about you, well attracts me ;
Your face, your sweet smile, your voice, even your smell.

A day without you feels like a year. I can feel my heart thud quickly when youre around. Its hard to speak when youre close to me. I got lost in your eyes.

I cant stop smiling whenever I think about you. Im mesmerized by ergh your sweet, adorable smile! Your kindness, melts my heart.

There are so many things about you, that are hard to describe with words. I cant really tell, but what Im sure is, Im so into you right now! ;)

Right now, I cant tell you how I feel towards you. I dont have the courage. Still, my feelings towards you blooms in my heart. <3

By ;
Amiraa F. Mardzuki :)


cheahhh said...

haaaa haaaaa sape nieee? mcm kenal je haha :P

yoshi said...

ade tepik2 yoshi2 ke aritu???
kt kantin..haha...
sorry ah x perasan aner tek..
tp klu xdok dakpe ah..huhu

miwa seventeen said...

ho yoshi! ade ade aderrrr! yoshi dok paling! dok malu ane pum miwa haha!