Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dear guy, or whatsoever people called you ah.

Just want to let you know, that I am so over it right now, No more YOU in my mind anymore. I felt very satisfied and Im hoping this situation will stay the same way, forever :) I know I can do it, so forever it will fade. Im sick of you, kept fooling me back then. And yes people, I was stupid back then. I cant describe how stupid I was. I am living in full of regret but hey, it only last for like what, 5 days? haha look whos laughing now, fucker! :D You thought Im that stupid ah? Well think again ah. Refresh all those memories. Sape yang bodoh baii? Kau ke aku? Dulu kau ketawe kat aku sgt. Eh I accept ah everything that you did to me, every single shit ah kate org. Your words, I hold to your words until now. But then, you lied, big times! I couldnt be more frustrated ah. You succeed in making me look awfully stupid, cheers to you.

Anyhow, Im living my life to the fullest, ignore all the shits coming, having all the fun, and I aint giving up at all. I have all the people I need to stay alive, standing around me. I love them and not you. At first I thought youre one of them but I was wrong. The different between you and them is ;


Hold to my words okay?

Youre not qualified enough to be one of them, jerk. Open up your eyes, this is not the game that you used to play when you were like what, 12? This is life, and life is not about being self-centered, or betraying people for your own satisfaction,

Its about give and take, being nice to people around you and get rid of your selfish-ness! Tu yang paling tak tahan ngan prangai kau. Kau rase kau best sgtlah tu, pergh bleh jalan ah baii! Since Im forgetting you slowly, day by day, Ive made my decision. I wont talk abt you anymore enuffsaid.

Kau, kalau dah buat silap tu, ngaku jelah. bangkai kuceng mmg boleh sembunyi, tp bangkai gajah? kau nk sembunyi kt mane? Blkg kau? Gile! Mmg tkkan boleh.

By By By ;

Amira Mardzuki :)


yoshi said...

gane2 smart ye maen band...huhu

miwa seventeen said...

yoshi! tonjolkanlah diri anda skalii!

yoshi said...

tonjol nde nye..
jupe sokmo...
miwa je sombong x tegor..huhu

miwa seventeen said...

Yoshi tego ah lu skali, miwaa dok knal gi yg mane. :|

yoshi said...

dok leh nk tegor miwa..
sek top tek..x berani nk tegor..