Thursday, December 10, 2009

When my fingers start to run wild :D

Its Friday, early in the morning around 12.20 a.m, and the big day arrives. Do you know wht that day is?

Haji Ahmad Mardzuki's and Hajjah Asmerani's Homecoming! :)

Geeshh, I am so excited dang, ive been waiting for this day to come. Only God knows how much
I miss them. Aritu sblum dyeorg nk pergi, about 5 days before kot, I couldnt hold my tears. I cried, every single night, until my eyes got swollen. And the only person that spot the difference on my face is my aunt, Cugee. She asked me the same question every night ;

' Nangis lagi ke? ' -And I nodded :(

But hey, those tears fade as those days flew. Days after days Ive waited, and oh I faced examination during their absent. It was kinda frustrating, knowing that they werent beside you, at a time when you need them badly. But I tried to handle the situation wisely. Ibu kept saying before ' Takpe, Ibu pegi sane, Ibu doa untuk kakak, kakak kene usaha je ' . Thanks Ibu, yre the best! :D . Today, at 3.45 p.m, they will be arriving here, in Terengganu.

Apart from that? Well let see, nothing much happened, really. Dull gile kot hidup aku waa! ;(
. Cuti cuti semua org pegi holiday. Fly sane sini dah brape tmpat dah, conquer shopping malls semua, beli barang barang best saje nk buat aku dengki lah tu, menyampah -__- . Idk when Im going to get the chance to bercuti! Haihh this is LAME. For example, Nessie :D , this girl over here, she had gone to many places, she had much fun and as for her friend over her? Ergh nothing, zero! Bereh ah mu Nessie wat deki ke aku ehhe ;p

Smlam, my aunt asked me to accompany her and her daughter to McDonalds. At first I refused to go bcse it is way past my bedtime, and she was like ' mari aaaaaaa. ' . So pegi je aa, from wearing shorts I had to change to smething more appropriate. Hah tu mlas owr! It was like, 2 a.m in the morning. Who the heck is willing enough to change her clothes? Oh sorry, Its me :D
Then I asked for my aunt's permission to drive. She said you can drive on the way home and I agreed.

All i ate that early morning was 6 chicken nuggets, I couldnt eat more. It is not bcse Im full, Im hungry I admit but dangg baby, I couldnt stuff so many food inside my mouth at a time like that, no matter how hungry I am. Its going to make me FAT! And yes Nessie, I am concern and obsess about my weight and my body size. You dont have to concern about yours, youre SKINNY okay? Dah dah jangan bantah, mkan kasut size 7 nanti kang, tk psl psl berat naik! :D.
And so on the way back, aunt let me drive the car. Haha at first I was debo gok aa, it was my first time driving on the jalan besar. Bismillah byk byk and we made it home, although there were some nagging about me driving recklessly but hey, i managed to drive home safely, isnt that enough? ;p

Eh eh I miss them, look! ;

Rodayah Mansorr :D

Nessie Nawawii :D

Sodaa Syafie :D

Nazli Kamarruddin :D

Tiqah Mazlann :D

Anih Hisham & Ainn Fathiah Fauzi

Acikk Azmi :D

classmate yang bising bango! :D



* sorry kalu letok gmbo mmg belana gmbo set nim, buleh wat album se! ;D

Anyhow, Amiraaa F. mmg rindu anda semuaa aaa, nok jumpe hari hari rase, kalu gitu, hari hari buleh suke pah pecoh perot, kang best gitu kannnn :) . Kenape saye rindu mereke? Sebab ini ;

Rodayah Mansor
-Yang ni erh wlaupun dok classmate doh tp ttap biseng, jupe je mcam setahun dok jupe, dohla skoloh same, jupe lok dpat chance kate mane, mase rehat, nk gi toilet ke etc. Bile jmpe owr, mcm mcm aa sembang, smbang smpai hal dlm kain org gi, mmg nakal! Dan kami juge gemar brckap tntang perkare bodoh dan kotor :D, tp bkan lucah! Kannn mek tok? ;p

Nessie Nawawi
- I miss late nite webcam whoring with you! ;( , yang ni pulok awal awal mmg classmate, lpastu kene transfer. Tggl Nessie sorang. Last last, Nessie join diriku ini, class same. mane ade best! Mcm dokleh separate doh! Mcm magnet, same gop gane gane pon ;) . I miss gossiping with you, I miss bragging about our weight in class, I miss talking with you like freaks, I miss everything abt you ah! And I miss driving with you!

Sodaa Syafie
- Yang ni, saye rindu sakat dye psl Adangg, hehe ;p . Yang ni dokleh sket Adang adang, snsitif youu aww ;p . Pahtu dok ahu bkpe there's a part of me where I cant cntrol myself from keep disturbing her ahha, dokleh tgk Syaa senang, sorry! ;p

Nazli Kamarruddin
- I miss you, pah mane haa makcik? Asal holiday je, lesap pah mane ahuu. Dok dngo berite teruhh aihh semet nim sorang. Yang nim, I miss giggling with her while band practice. We talked about many things during practice haha, bosann kan! And then dye slalu blanje Mentos yang sour owr, thanks Yanie! ;)

Tiqahh Mazlan
- Budok nim sorang, dokleh kalu jumpe, kalu bertentang mate je mesti ketawe, and tdak dpat dketahui kenape, shingge sekarang. Haha bkpe aa Natiq? Kdg tuu we talk about nasty things aha tu yang ketawe ketawe smpai tk igt dunie owr! ;D

Anih Hisham & Ain Fauzi
- Yang ni saye btauu doh di entry yang lepas okayyyy, and so is Acikk's :D

SSMB members
- Bia jupe skmo pong, rindu gok. Sbb asal jupe je, biseng abeh sorang sorang. :D . Dok puah lepak nge korang semua, tu tkmo lekat kt umoh ho, lepak dlm blk muzik nge set nim, ktawe ktawe, pahtu lepak plaza lok. Gitu lah rutin hariannn :D

And I guess thats all I got to say, theres no more things running in my mind so I better stop now. Selamat tinggal utk seketika waktu dunie blogging, selamat pagi :D


dayaahhh (; said...

wa rindu sama lu manyak lagi ma.

p/s-dengan kaki yang berdarah, saleha meneruskan prjalanan. tibe tibe je teringat dialog nie. muahaha :D

cheahhh said...

songo laaa dayah g wt tubek ayat tu. suke sorang paa aku niiiii ahahaha xD

eh eh i miss that routine too! we did that last year kan? late night webcam until kene marah baru off haha x) wey you drove on jalan besar? WOW CONGRATS! :D next time i'll think about letting you drive on jalan besar haha ;]


miwa seventeen said...

dayahh, aww dengan suare sengal owr dialog tuuu ;p

raihahh, tu ahh jom webcam lagi i miss, smpai kene marohh biseng ngat pah kul brape pagi ahu! btw, let me drive on the big road pleaseee?