Friday, June 5, 2009

Kau tak tahu,

Aku lalui pelbagai jenis dugaan selame ini, tetapi aku tdak myusahkan kau dgn mnceritekan masalah aku. Aku senyap, aku buntu sameade ingin mmberitahu kau atau tidak. Aku tdak pasti, aku tdak dpat mmbuat keputusan seperti begini, aku tdak ckup matang utk membuat keputusan drastik begini. patot kah aku beritahu kau? Atau patot aku senyap saje? Haihhhh =,=

Kau tak tahu, aku sbenarnye byk menyimpan masalah kepade diri sendiri sahaje. Im the girl, with the face that hides thousand of stories to her self. Why? Cause' shes too afraid to tell her stories to the whole world. She's sick of being ashamed and left out all the time so she tend to keep all of it to herself. Not only that, she's also afraid to face the world especially on her own.

I cant stand being like this all the time, i dont need all this. I keep asking myself why, why all these things keep happening to me but not the others? Im confused, my thoughts are all tangled up. I cant think straight and erghh, i lost my words. :

Smiles? For me, all those smiles that i've created are fake, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE! Trust me, im not lying at all. All those laughters, sheeshh i dont know how to say this but the reason i laugh is to cover the sadness, to cover the fact that im drowning in sadness, where nobody could help me.

I cant face this anymore, I give up. You win. Nuffsaid

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naz said...

its better den u sad everytime. maybe lama2 u terbiasa gembira :)

Sararo said...

chill dear.

miwa seventeen said...

Thanks guys :]

cheahhh said...

apo kono eh janggg?

Anonymous said...

bakpo nie? happy lah awokk :)