Sunday, June 21, 2009

I declare today is SHIT day =,=

Yes, its kinda shitty todayy. Just imagine, i never done anything wrong, well big mistakes which cause trouble ah to be precise this year, but then, everyone starts to put all the blame on me. And Im like ' huh? What did I do? I did that? ' Im confused, I kept asking myself the same question. :\

Apart from that, I just knew that there's this one swine, who thinks thats he's oh-so-good ah, had been fooling me for all this time. God I cant imagine how I felt ah, frustrated mesti ade kann? tkkan bodoh cam tktau nape tk rase cmtuu. But at the same time, I felt well, ' aku tk amek kesah dah, aku ade life, lagi best dri dulu. ' I admit, I never feel like this before :)
And I thank Allah, for giving me a better life than the previous one.

For me, mmg lumrah hdup kan, Allah turunkan ujian, supaye Allah bleh tgk sjauh mane seseorang tu bleh brsabar. And aku bkan sabar sgt pon, cume I learn slowly, from the previous mistakes Ive made. And today, Im like ' Aaaaa man, i should think wisely ah before, kalu tak, none of these things would happened! ' Alaaa, prkare yg dah berlalu, biarkanlah je kan? Btpe lagi fikir fikir? There's no use ah of thinking those shits, over and over again. Crying about the same person, about the same thing, day and night. Now that's bullshit. Im more matured now, I know whats right and whats wrong. And I also know, that I deserve better than this. :)

As I grow older, I learn many new things. I know, it's neccessary for me to know all those things, to ensure I can lead my own life, without any assholes ruin my journey through every chapter in life, from A - Z. Im strong now, all I need are my family and bestfriends to be there with me through thick and thins, to share all those laughters and every single tears. Only them, enough said.

One question ;

Have any of you ever been in a situation where you think, thats the life you want to live, and you think you had found the perfect person to company you through the journey of life? And there's nothing you can think about except you and the person you ' love ', walking the path of happiness, and a little argument and maki hamun doesnt hurt you at all. Because you think, well thats lumrah bersame. And lastly after a half away walking through the path, you stopped, because when you think again, this isnt what you want. And there's no going back. You stuck in the middle, all alone. You felt stupid for choosing the wrong person, and there the person go, leaving you hanging you rope-less. And the next thing you know it, that person is with another person. Oh mmg bodoh kan that person? FCUK YOU!

Well, I felt this before and quite unpleased with the situation ah, but I keep myself strong, strong enough to just ignore and slowly, forget about it. AND yayy,


Girls and Guys out there, I know, there's always a solution to your problem. So, think before you act. No rush in making decisions. I can do it, and Im sure, ALL of you also can. Try to think backk :)

To You ;

BOO-HOO YOU, pathetic monster. Im feeling much better now! :) And I hope you wouldnt come back weeeee :D

Hasil bebelan ;

Amiraaa F.

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cheahhh said...

hohhhhhhhhhh saye suke saye suke! we both have been in the same situation aite? memang most men are not trust able lahhhh :D