Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Its 0057 hours and Im still not in bed. Why? Ghee i dont know, why dont you ask my eyes. They know the answer. Im drop dead bored and Ive got nothing to do. People in myspace are offing now, sheeshh major bored. School was okay fr today, learn new things from Ckgu Muzekk, thanks :) And Im looking frward to the experiment we'll be having next week! I slept a lot today, yeh suprisingly on a school day. I woke up this morning around 6, took a bath, pray and bang, its like theres a magnet which attracts me to the bed, so I slept until 7.05 a.m and hell yeah I was late fr school! Luckily Aboh decided to be quiet about this. He knows his daughter very well I must say. Then I slept again in Biology. 'Atimah and Anis was absent, yes quite boring tho ;(

Hmm well actually theres nothing much I got to talk about, just the same old stuff. Going through the same thing everyday. Pathetic isnt it? Yes, I know erghh. Today is a big day for Form 3 students, their major exam ;D . Haha do your best ah blake semuaaaa.

Apart from that, oh well let me tell you smething. I have this MAJOR crush on this boy ahha, sounds kinky but heck who cares. He's a one cool guy you know, charming and kinda cute haha :)) I get to see him everyday and damn right Im liking itttt. Oh my tht smile of his grr, doksoh kabo ah, mmg sweet sungguh dok nawok! Amek pah kene ckap bahase terengganu paaa! Payoh ngat dekpong nok kabo dlm bhase inggerihh ;D . Somehow Im keeping this feeling to myself, he wouldnt notice me and will not. Im mean, Im such a major loser, and he's like so NOT. Plus Im not tht dominant in school so that pretty much explains everything. He's well known in school, well cant deny he's famous or anything. OKAY SHUT UP NOW.

Guess I have to stop over heree, Ive got nothing in my mind, Im blank. I wanna write but I cant sheeshh BENCI AWW! ;( I'll post smething later, something interesting and fun, like I have one duhh. ;p

By ; Amiraaaaa F.

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