Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yadaa Yadaa Yadaa Crap.

Gosh its been a while since ive posted my last entry haha. Truth to be told, i aint interested in typing craps anymore aaaa, so out of my league aite now. Sorry followers, =,=

Got lots of stories actually. Yang dah lapuk dan basi and yang bru je happened and stuff. Well, weeks ago, Tengku Sarah, a childhood friend of mine, came to my house. Lepak lepak and camek camek slr masing masing ah. I played hers, and she played mine. She seemed teruje gile, dpat snap gmba ah semua semua, and she played with the tripod. Her passion towards slr mmg strong ah, i can see it sayang ;) Well keep up th good work, saraa. Yre doing a great job, from day to day. So many improvements. Ngeh Im talking like one snobbish-oh-so-pndai laa ni? Get out of heree, miwa! ;p God's willing, mai laaa umah lagi.

Another story to be told ;

Recently, form 4 english teachers of Sultan Sulaiman held this ' Literature All Day '. Form 4 students, from every class, were required to play out dramas, taken from th literature book. It was fun though. We played out a drama called ' sound machine '. It was a success and we came in 2nd, Alhamdullilah ;) Good to know that all th actresses of the drama were satisfied with th play. There's Klausner, Koci, Mrs. Saunders, Dr. Scott, Angels, Pixies, Thumbelina, Koci's Ma & Pa, Th trees, and The Beautiful Screaming Roses ;)

Okay, lets change th topic shall we.

Let me ask, abt your opinion, people out there, when a person, who used to be a great friend of yours, betrayed you, stab you from th back, who did smething tht just broke yr heart ah, suddenly came back in your life, seeking fr frgiveness, acting like nothing serious happened before, and wants to be yr friend again. What do you say abt that? Is she/he suppose to be forgiven, fr all her/his mistakes, tht you'll never frget for th rest of yr entire life? Is that possible. Well fr me, its not. People like this shouldnt be forgiven at all, although he/she begged until her/his last drop of tears. Argh I dnt think its necessary to treat people like this nicely. Its wrong. Im sticking to each and every word tht came out from my mouth. Living like this is like living in agony. Pain, each and everyday, for maybe, weeks or months or mybe, years. NOW that scares me off. Get it away from me shooo shooo! ;)

And th last one ;

I admit, I do like this one boy, which i couldnt tell who it is, too public. He's nice, and stuff bla bla his attitute suits me well ah. But theres this one time when he stayed away from me. Ignored me although I was standing right in front of him and stuff. Talked to him but he doesnt talk back. Well, lets cut th chase. He's different, he changed drasticcally. *waaaaaaa ;DD. And im not sure myself whts th problem is. But I tend not to care abt it. To you, hope you'll read this. I want th old YOU.

Thats all ive got to say, Thank you.


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