Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh Em Gee!

Just changed my background picture. Dope aite? Hehe. Now Im more anticipated to write in my blog, NOT. Im born with laziness as a package so yeah, my cool background picture wont influence me to write more often.

Oh another thing is, Ive found what I want! * Eh I shud inform Mija about this! Wanna know what it is? THIS!

Yeah this album up here, the new B version! Although the price is quite expensive, but its worth for something you have interest in. So yeah dont let the money stay still, frozen stiff in your pocket, spend em'!

Okay so thats all. Annyeong! <3

* Mija Mija Ive found the version B for the album! are you interested syg? :)

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