Friday, May 7, 2010

Waking up at 3 a.m in the morning is actually worth it ;)

A husband. A suitable definition for that word is the one who can fulfill every one of our irresistable desires, the desires of the demanding wife of course! I bet everybody would pay high price just to spend the rest of their life, being with their prince charming who appear in their dreams almost every night. A fat liar I am if I say that this kind of person is not the type I am looking for. He is, only with more criterias ;)

As listed in my hubby-to-be characteristic and criterias list, I would fond to have a good looking husband. Someone who looks like Robert Pattinson or Jesse McCartney or Choi Minho is welcomed ;) . He must be someone tall, at least four to six inches taller than me would be perfect, a fit person, not too fat and not too thin as these characteristics will bring me comfort when I hug him later. Along with the pretty face and the hot bod, he must own a pretty smile. A smile which is able to make my heart melt like Cadbury’s chocolate bar that is placed in an oven where the switch is on. Romantic and gentleman? Oh man! I should mention about these two earlier as these two hit the top spot in my list! My dream husband must be someone with the bouquet of roses whenever its my birthday, or our anniversary or whenever I am down  In my dictionary, gentleman means someone who can cook very well and treat me like a princess, full time, and this refers to a person to succumb to all of my demands of course ;p.

Mother always say, find an educated person to make as your husband. Since I love my mother, so much, then I am taking her advice on this. I also see the positive effects that I will get if I am married to a person with educated as his last name. Just imagine, that person might has a good occupation, a doctor maybe, oh or a contractor, or a lawyer with his own firm. Every month with six digits salary, oh God what could be better than this?!. Yes I admit I wanted to be shower with luxuries, carrying Louis Vuitton, or Chanel handbag here and there, put on some expensive clothes and top designers’ dresses, travelling all around the world. It would be a life like after marrying Donald Trump! Like Kimora Lee Simmons always quoted, ‘ It’s all about fabolousity! ‘. Oh wait is that a quote? ;p What else? Haa yes I have this problem relating to the age of my hubby-going-to-be. I want a man who is at least 5 years older or 1 year younger. Other than that is not accepted and will be rejected immedietly. Why? Ergh I am allergic to old, wealthy man. Most of them are too flirty and kinky, and all they know is to buy women with diamond and expensive clothes which turns me on but instantly turn me off when he doesn’t love me at all 

The one criteria in a man that I am looking forward to is someone with a sense of humour, which can make up my day, put a big smile on my face and make me laugh like there’s no tomorrow, and the closest person that can be related with this criteria is Owen Wilson. He’s a guy with a high sense of humour, and succeed in making me laugh whenever I watched his movies. I hope hubby can multi –tasking, because apart from working as a man with high salary $$, I would also want him to be my personal, full time bodyguard, someone who is very protective of me. Like Edward said to Bella in Twilight, ‘ I feel very protective of you, and I don’t have the strength to stay away from you ‘ . Argh drools, drools, drools! The desire of having such a perfect man gained so quickly! Oh what else in my list eh? Ah oh yes I admire someone who is easy goind and also matured. Someone who knows how to make a wise decision, without pisiing off his wife and his family later, someone who can give me advices in facing the upcoming path in life. And yes I almost forgot, a hot-tempered guy is definitely a big NO-NO! :D
‘ Hubby, no ciggarettes, no illegal racing and no drugs, and keep holding to my promise that I will love you forever darling’. My hubby-going-to-be will certainly not involved in those kind of activities at all. Those activities can ruined his life, damaged his body and ruined his career just like that! No way! I addition to that, I want a husband who is talented like Teddy Geiger, who can play the guitar and sing very well, especially love songs. Demanding much? I don’t think so. Eh, its every woman desire right? ;) Last but not least, I want someone who is loyal to me, whatever the circumstances are, through thick and thins, he’ll be there with me throughout my years in life. No woman would own a place in his heart except me, and his mother of course!

I’m not trying to be a demanding queen over here, well it is a natural desire to own a perfect husband like that, with the criterias and the qualities we’re looking for in a man. Maybe it sounds quite impossible but it is worth trying. Imagine the satisfaction when having a husband like that! I’m talking about full satisfaction for the rest of your life! ;) ‘ Darling, please change the baby’s diaper , thank you ‘ . Kids? Err I’ll get to that later ;)


SarahAlias said...

ni TAJUK krgn spm 2 tahun lps
ke ??
hok my future husband and wife..

miwa seventeen said...

haha yehh, tchr ade mention! and tchr mcm sruh buat aaaa ;)