Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another fun day at school, AS IF!

Today I was so determined to bring down Biology Paper 3, like permanently. But then all of a sudden people were making a fuss about that damn Biology Paper being postponed tomorrow. M like, WTF? Bru je nk rilek kot on Monday, but then harapan musnah, hancur berderai ishh. Sometimes, when I think back, hey its great that the paper was postponed, 'cause Ive read the wrong experiment. Fakh told me about another experiment that might come out so tonite, I'll be spending my time burning the midnight oil tehee :p M too lazy to read aite now as I just finished reading about 3 Biology sub-topics fer paper 2, which is the day after tomorrow. Frankly, I hate spending my precious time with books. So, right now m in the mood where everything I do, is not because I want to do it, but because I have to do it, and dont force me more, because this is the only limit I can get.

And hear this, M getting so lazy nowadays, lagi lagi when SPM are just months aways. This is sick. Bkpe dok lazy mase awal awal dlu? Skrg bru nok mlas mlas. Nok exam gane gini weh? Let me refresh. When I was in Form 4, I was a study-maniac. On exam weeks I would spend my time, for the whole week, reading and memorising ah, and I dont even bother to go online, myspacing. Okay that time I wasnt into Facebook yet. And if I cant memorise what Ive read, I'll cry. That moment only last in 2009. In 2010, M a whole different person now. I rarely study, I go online on exam weeks, without even bother to read the books I should read. And I listen to musics all the time! Last time I was too afraid to hear some during exam weeks, as I dnt want to lost all the things Ive read. Yes, I do believe in ' Musics can damage your memory ' . But that was last year. This year, M not a believer of that anymore. I do whatever I desire, and now, I should be memorising the experiment for tmrrow's paper. But since M too lazy and its 11.30 p.m already, I decided to create this blog first. Its like now, M willing to take the risk of whatever tht happens in the upcoming but I dont want to take the risk of knowing my addmath results so Cikgu KZ, feel free to burn my addmath paper 2, give me the marks for paper 1 only. ;)

This sucks. Its getting late. I have to start making love with the Biology book. Bye :D

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