Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pretend I never told you that,

Everything you do, is a bunch of craps, nothing but pieces of shits. Sorry I have to be rude this time. Cause youre putting so much effort on something unworthful, frankly. And lets say I do care for you, so just wrap these shits up and lets have some REAL fun, okay?

Im so looking forward to my life in the upcoming 4 months tehee :D cant wait to explore new things. Im just getting sick and tired of everything ish, so I need some new entertainers. I'll make sure I'll be having the major fun, INDEED :D

What else? Ah at last I didnt flunked in Physics. Alhamdullilah for all this while I've been struggling just to obtain a good results in Physics. Thanks Athirah Aziz for lending your hands on helping me in this, much appreciation girl! hearts <3

Maybe I flunked in chemistry kot, ish i dont know. I struggled very hard just to answer those questions. I cant understand why those chemistry questions seemed very difficult to solve hmph ;( wish me luck in getting straight A's, what I really need aite now, apart from stranded away from reality ;)

Hey I have this shout out to make ;

Hey frankly I really miss you ah si mate sepet. How come I never see you around anymore? Trying to get away from me after what I've done? Yes I know I've done a huge mistake and theres no way you can forgive me, just like that. But to be honest with you, I havent seen you for years now. Lets be friends back, wont you?


Yoyoh said...

You can do it, girl ;-)

miwa seventeen said...

saye 9 je Yayah, dok larat eh nok kelek byk2!

Yoyoh said...

9? owoh malu! *nusuk nusuk*