Saturday, April 3, 2010

I know this is wrong and I shouldnt but,

I miss youuuuu, I miss youu, I miss youuuuu,

Mia misses you so effing muchhhhhh! Like hell, seriously no joking, Im not making jokes over here but I miss you so much argh, its undeniable and undefine ergh,

I hate this okay, I dont need this, I dont want to suffer. So go away, GO! Please go ;(

Dont bother being in my mind anymore, I cant stand feeling like this you know? Its a pain in the ass!

Sorry if I have to blame you HAHA, sbb saye, awak pulak yg dipersalahkan tehee ;p
Pdhal awak dok care pun kt saye, haih buat mnde haa saye gi rindu awak jont eh? Musykil sgguh! Anyways, awak mmg brsungguh mase blaja, blaja elok elok ye? :)

Take Care :D


naz said...

chill and sabar lah sikit haha

miwa seventeen said...

naz, i cnt cntrol how i feel, seriously :)