Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Is Shit, Don't Read.

Some title just fated to be some nonsense. Well who cares, I know I dont. I'm living in my own world. Its up to me to make stupid titles. Including some unacceptable titles in my life.

Life is going nowhere lately. Im stranded somewhere far from reality. My mind is freakin' twisted with lots of craps. I cant think straight. Im getting weaker day by day.

Yes people, my life is sweet :)

Im pretty much worried about what life's throwing in the upcoming. Im not ready for any of these. I'll be facing my trial exam soon, which had entered my rival list a couple of days ago. Unfinished subjects, revisions, Physics, all mix in one can turn my mind upside down. I admit Physics havent been my close friend since Im 16. Im sorry but due to the fact that Physics is freaking hard, I decided to well, kinda hm, abandon? No, too harsh. Isolate? Nahh, too mean. Ah not to care much about it. Quite gruesome isnt it?

I dont think so. But that was before I found out that SPM is just 130+ days away. Now Ive decided to take Physics seriously. Beware! :p

Talk about lesson in blog, makes me yawn too much. Lets talk about something fun ;)

Spain VS Netherlands?

=) Espana of course! I believe Spain will win this. Spain will grab that trophy, hold it up high, as a sign of victory are theirs. Well if Fernando Torres is happy, then Im happy for him :) So boy, make yourself useful and start kicking that ball into the goal already! :)

For the rest of you guys, show those orange freaks what you got. Dont waste your talents. Not enough self confidence can kill your talents. Casillas, Alonso, Xavi, Villa, Torres, Pique, Capdevila, Iniesta and the rest, wishing you guys the best of luck! Viva Espana! ;)

Note to yourself ; Enjoying yourself, darling? Well I hope you do, cause Im looking forward for more fun you'll be serving me next time. Yes feel free to feel warm with your environment now. I hoping nothing but the best for you, baby! :)

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