Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today In History,

Haha, I felt extremely happy today. Thanks to Yanie, Natiq and new buddy, Sypq, I managed to actually got into a very short conversation with him, heee nahh bia lah skejap pun asal puas hati. Okay okay, tipu. Tak puas hati lagi -___-' . And as I said before, I love your teeth! <3>

Its your face complexion, baby, seriously :)

Staring at you is the one thing I love to do, HAHA dont get me wrong man, bkan nye aku stare lame lame, seconds je tp like many times ah kot ;) Sorry, I am like this when it comes to this kind of things so start to get used to it. Lain kali nak snyum nmpak gigi okay? Baru niceee. :D

Like Owoh Mu Gok, Im so like so INTO HIM, berat doh weh, mu tahu dok bckground dye smua main angau angau kat org eh? Gile pale sungguh haha! Okay biar ah I dare myself to do something unpredictable in life, I mean its once in a lifetime oppportunity and it is so stupid and dumb of me, if I let it go just like that. Hey, be brave ah, pdhal penakut mcm haram! ;p

Kenape tk hujan ah? I have a wish to make and my wish is ;

Ape pulak biar aku sorang jelah yang tahu, biar wish tu main main dlm kepale aku dah lah :)

Hm hope to see you again soon, sure will be missing you aite here :/

Tcare cutie :D

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