Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tersangat angau =,=

' Its not the person tht you miss, its the memories you had with the person tht you miss, so much '

- Amira Mardzuki :)

Agree? I know I do, Haha.

Cut the chase, Im having a MAJOR crush on this guy, but what am I kidding? He wouldnt notice me, Im ugly, Im not attractive, Im a loser. Im un-noticable. HAHA, ade ke tht kind of word? Its boring to live in a life like this, no companion :( . Im not being choosy, its just that well, I dont know, its hard to explain. Things just get so complicated aite now. Im tangled up in my own confusing feelings, crushing on a guy who doesnt even realize my existance WTF? And now you said your life is a mess? Think twice, my life is full of disasters. I used to be heartless before, but it only last like months, and now Im trying hard to find a way to be back like tht again. Im sick of failing completely in what I do. Its just doesnt get any better ;( I keep promising myself tht i will not involve myself in this thing, you know, this thing, but I end up breaking the promise, I cant stand temptation and look how I end up being, P A T H E T I C. My reactions, my decisions, just make me suffer to much, due to the fact that Im not thinking wisely. I have to change, Im more matured now, I guess* . A promise is a promise, and a promise is meant to be broken. Sheeesh -__-' . If promises are meant to be kept, then all of this disasters wouldnt happen repeatly, as in, OVER AND OVER AGAIN LIKE F!

Stop cursing girl, it doesnt make you feel any better. Today I felt energized, watching you from a distance, while you played with your hair Im like ' OMG ( Owoh Mu Gok ) , jgn gok buat gitu it makes me melt ah ;") . Sorry if shouting your name bugs you, :D sengaje hihi x) Oweh Im like so into you right now Mr! And there's nothing much I can do :/ I mean this thing is not going anywhere, It will not going to begin but its going to end soon :( and Im sure I'll be missing you like lots!

You dont even know my name, boy. Pdhal we've known each other fr almost 10 years kot? :/

Friends, help me. Im not supposed to feel this way. Its wrong and I feel guilty. But erasing him from my mind? Thts hard. Nevermind, run in my mind as long as you want to, I dont mind at all comel :)

* I miss your jokes :(


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