Friday, February 12, 2010


At last, Ive decided to just ignore all the things tht happened, tho its not tht simple but Im trying, and Im getting good at it. Yes at first you have to go through like sorts of complications but hey, if you want something so bad, dont give up trying.

For all of you out there, buat bodoh jelah okay, theres nothing to think about except yr own life. Yr priority, thts important. And the only person tht cares about yr priority is you, yes, yourself and nobody else.

Look, Im gay now :D , okay gay refers to happy man, dont get me wrong, Im not gay gay ;p

I miss everybody. I miss my girlfriends, I miss my band members, I miss my old self, and I miss the old you :/

Eh i want a driving license so badly meh, lmbt beno nk ke dpatnye, Im turning 17 on July, its like 5 months more to go and Im sick of waiting, bkan nye boleh amek pon, i have to wait until after SPM. Sucks isnt it?

Okay Im off, Im lack of ideas :D


cheahhh said...

eh sayang, nk ambik lesen tu lame syg eh. klau sy bulan 3, maybe dpat bulan 5. tu kate latias ah. klau online, pntang tgk cheah online. cte lalu psal lesen ye. dok deki pum! :|

miwa seventeen said...

Haha, gedik hok tu sorangg!