Tuesday, November 11, 2008

title-less :D

hey hey its been a long time since ive posted my last blog *bia tkponn haha what the heck. okay tade cite pon untuk diceritekan. this is bcse fr all this while ive been spending my time at home, thickening my body with full of fat! oh yes, fat, consist of burgers, chocolates, fries and stuff. yeh maybe it sounds takde hal lah but the fact is, im getting fatter and my weight? grr increasing from day to day. that aint good meh! aihh i need to do something with this and lastly, ive decided to make a diet plan. less junk, more veggies ;] ouhh less nasik, more something else with low kanji. :D HAHA it sounds funny ah. i dont think i'll leave nasi behind and start eating something else. no wayyy ;) ok lah enough of my effing diet plan. it start to make me fuck up :p eh all of a sudden i felt gloomy, my heartbeat beats faster than usual. nape pulakk nim? wtv ergh, mlas caree. nothing much happened ah. same as always, everyday i have to dnga like my younger bro and csta gado mcam dog and cat, ohh dyeorg gado sepak mnyepak until one of them come to me and cry and scream like im deaf or something. aihh mereka. then the same thing trjadi the next day, over and over again. its not like dyeorg gado once a day, but manyy times a day! they do get on my last nerve! tp wht i shouted was ' weyy beng gok baloh baloh! srabut rasee! tefon aboh kann baru tauu!erghhh' baru ah mereka kmbali tenang, pstu mule ah ade bunyi 'kakak jgn tefon aboh eh?' mse tu rase nok suke suke jee ;p baru tauu budok budok nim! then around one p.m or something, i'll go and take my morning bath. haha obviously rmai lah org mcam ituu ;] damnn boring gler okay dduk kat rumah! but the best part is, nk bgun lmbat lmbat pon boleh laaaaa. itu bestttttttttttt! you know wht, ive got nothing more to write. so later lahh. bbyeee :)


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