Thursday, November 27, 2008

D to the A to the Y to the A to the H :]

A Merry Happy Birthday To Norhidayah Mansor, The Girl in the Red shirt. Its Her 15th Birthday Yesterday which was on 27th November and me, Amira Frhana would like to wish her ' Happy Birthday Yayam '! Shes turning fifteen, like all of us, kan Yanie Cheah? :p anyhow, I Love this pretty babe to death! Shes one of a kind, shes pretty, shes effing nice, she talkative and shes always there through thick and thins. Sayang, im sorry im not there on yr special day :( thousand of apologies darlaa :) Moga moga panjang umur and sentiase dimurahkan rezeki. Hurt her, i'll hurt you back thousands of times! mark that! :D so here's a song fr you sweet thing ;

' Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You '

' Happy Birthday To Dayah, Happy Birthday To You '

p/s : I Love You To Death Norhidayah Mansor! <3


miwaaaaaaaa :)

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