Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hari Yang Indah kott :p

hey hey hey i will not be able to go online 'kerap' after ths due to the case that my com agak loopy-doopdy-doooo aihhh mnyusahkan sungguh! dahla i have to teach my brther for his science paper tmrrow, and you know what, he's SUPER lazy, i mean SUPERB! nak sgt org ajor orh, last last aku jugokk yg blajorr. grrr dye ni mcam tk kesoh if anything happens, dpat rndah ke wtv, still mlas gok nk blaja. but hey, dad still thinks he's better than me than thts okay. i salute you lah lil bro! ;p and ohh did i mention he's getting on my last nerves? duk tanye ke soalan samee! he was like 'eh kakak, hok ni bkpe ye buat kosong?' i said 'ye nok test carbon dioxide ah tuh' he replied 'err ye ah, nk kate gane?' im like 'ye nok test carbon dioxide!' then dye kate 'ye ah, nok kate gane?' and geram ngat 'ye nok test carbon dioxide!!!!' then dye bunyi lagi 'ye ah, nk kate gane?' and last last i said'to test for carbon dioxide!!!' and last last dye baru ah 'owww' adoyy lil bro asal lah youu gni? dohla blurr jer, aihh napthalene dok ahu gok bnde! *cececey bia mnde tu susoh ponn :p pastu another conversation started gnie;

adek : kakak, blablabla tu mnde? *sbb dok dngo soalan ekpum haha x]
kakak : huhh?
adek : blablabala tu mnde?
kakak : huhh?
adek : dakpe ah hehhh.

haha tau pon fed up nge daku, yelah i was preoccupied by this blog ekpum, sbb tu tk dnga dye kate pe. pdhal he sat right in front of me dohh haha silly me! ;p oh im in my seven year-old cuzie's room weee and i felt like six again! yelah, full of toys and teddy bears. lagi lagi bilik wrne pink! i meant the whole room! and there's like a big pink castle in her room, untuk mnghidupkan the princessy thinggy heeee :D hor ayin, tau doh you get wtv you want. but heck yre jst seven lah kidd ;] compare to me who is 8 years older than youu. eh prasan dok, rmai gler suke lagu 'fall for you'. kdg lagu tu cam femes gler bebeh! maybe agak best kot teheee :D again, i ignore my brother lagi haha. he was talking and i was like ' huhh?' adoyy sorrayyy ;] and oh this upcoming thursday we'll be having a bbq nyte at dayah's. weee cant wait! invited most of our classmates and closest friends :) today, me dayahyaniecheah balek rumah dayah. frankly, it was a pretty loud and fun day. we laughed cam org bongok tau, talked about how yanie and dyah got panic bler nmpak polis, yela hangout kt plaza at belajar time. at first we were like playing cards and blabla then:

yanie : wehh polis wehh. arghhhh! *then yanie nge dayah lari dpan plaza cse that time, we were kt blkg plaza.
miwa : *pusing slow slow and buat keras, eyy tkdok mnde arhh, beng larii.
cheah : time aku nok cover cover ni ah palee paip air pulokk tkdok! aihhh
dayah : eh eh jhum tuko bajuu! dayah bowok jaket ehh *ckap nge yaniee.

last last polis blahh then dyeorg mai smule HAHA naseb baek arh polis tk dtg kt kteorg and start investigating like those in CSI. heee to much CSI ehh. it sure was a great topic to start our laughter :p okaylaaaa, thts all kot, mcam pnjg gler doh ehh ;] bbyeeeeeeeee.

-amira farhana :)

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rindu gile time nie :(