Monday, November 17, 2008

Cinta Itu Buta :D

Okay, maybe the title fr this blog is a bit weird kot but the reason im posting this blog is bcse I want to share something with you guys about the movie I watched this evening. Its a beautiful movie called ' Blind Dating ' . Blind Dating tells the story of a sweet young blind man who falls for a woman who is engaged to be married.The guy with a pair of blue eyes *kot, Chris Pine (the guy in the picture) plays Danny, who has never had a serious girlfriend. But one day, he met Leeza (Anjali Jay), who happens to be the receptionist at Danny's eye doctor's office. They both fell in love and go out sometimes. But at the same time, Danny does not know that Leeza is engaged and to be married to an Indian Guy, due to the Indian culture that she has to follow. Because one of the central characters is blind, and another works for an optometrist, it is giving nothing away to say that part of the plot involves a surgical procedure that could potentially restore Danny's eyesight. Lastly, Danny's back to being blind again and sadly, he even could not see how Leeza looks like. But he managed to discover Leeza's appearence by using his other senses. At the end of the story, Danny could not barely lose Leeza so off he go, searching fr the pretty girl. Lastly, Leeza's engagement with the Indian guy is called off. So Danny and Leeza are together, and oh Danny's family also learn about Leeza's special culture. Seriously cte ni mmg best ah, saye nangis okey? :( Anyhow, Chris Pine hot gilaaaa meh! :D

*sorry if there's a lot of grammar mistakes up there, to be frank, my English sucks lah! *nk speaking ngat hor! heeee make sure you watch the show eh? best sangatttt! :D

-amira farhana

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HaDi said...

chris pine tk se-hot chris tucker.. haha..