Saturday, March 5, 2011

I just want a reason behind this incident :'(

This cheerful dude up here, he involved in a minor accident, on 5th March 2011. That unexpected incident caused his left eye to bleed. Luckily the paramedics were there for him and he's okay now. Well I hope he'll recover soon. I dont know why Im being all concern about him now, despite the fact that he's not my ultimate bias at all. Its Jungsu. Well guess Ive changed my mind already. Anyhow, Jungsu will always stay on the first spot. To Kim Heechul, get well soon. We are worried sick about you. Saranghaeyo and jeongmal mianhamnida, on the girl's behalf. Hope you could pat my back right now and say ' gwaenchanha, gwaenchanha, mugo hamnida ' with that bright smile of yours. Hmphhhh :/

#nowplaying : Just like now - Donghae feat. Ryeowook. :')

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