Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lemme show you something :)

The special one, the one with the sweet dimple, the leader, Park Jungsu <3

The pretty boy with the milky skin and thousands of personalities, Kim Heechul <3

The one and only Chinese guy with the good manners, Tan Hangeng <3

The ' Art Of Voice ', the mystery guy , Kim Jongwoon <3

The ' Korea's Number One Handsome Guy ', the strongest, Kim Youngwoon <3

The adorable number two dancing machine, the bear, Shin Donghee <3

The flawless Aegyo Prince, the danhobak, Lee Sungmin <3

Number One dancing machine, the anchovy, Lee Hyukjae <3

The gentleman, the guy with gestures, Choi Siwon <3

The East Sea, the guy with the childish personality, Lee Donghae <3

The guy with the high pitched voice, eternal magnae, the cooking master, Kim Ryeowook <3

The multi-talented guy, best actor, singer and rapper, with the killer smile, Kim Kibum <3

The Magnae On Top, the evil one, the one with the cheeky smirk, Cho Kyuhyun <3

Why am I posting this? Cause Im madly in love with these guys up here! <3

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Yoyoh said...

Awww! I love this entry ;-)