Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ah crap.

geez how I miss my almost-close-to-perfect-but-not-yet English grammar before. Since I left school about 2 months something, I feel like my English is getting worse. It shouldnt be this way, how am I supposed to deal with this?

This is too much. How to communicate with outsiders? I mean foreigners. How to write good essays in the upcoming? How to bash people using complex English? Haiyaa I need to start opening my books again. NOT. pergh so not me, im no good with books.

I need to start communicating with people in English ah, and need to hear some English songs too. Unlike now its 24/7 Asian boys singing in hangul keep playing in my ears. Yo baby do something, why dont you do something. :D

* Ah Asian boys are too irresistable. Too hot to handle. Too hard, too impossible to ignore.

Miwa you need to cha cha cha change change change girls girls girls. Im gonna change change change change changeee ~

#nowplaying : HyunAh - Change

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