Saturday, March 5, 2011

Things are not working like they always do.

Im not in my best condition now. Despite the hair is in a good state now but not the mind, and the body. Got a lot of things running in my mind, head feels so heavy.

Body feels so weak. Sick? Close. Suffering from a bad flu. Nose got jammed, effects the tear gland. Cant count how much drop of tears came out already. Feeling so high now. Cant talk properly. Cant breathe properly.

Its even hard to even freaking swallow my own saliva. Everytime I swallow its like I have to swallow a big lump in my throat. Ah, serious agony.

Cant find a solution on how to sleep. Might as well just stay like this, in front of the lappy until morning? No, I'll die. I want a rest, but how? :'(

Im trying to tell you that I need you, but when will you start to listen to every words I say? When yeobo? :'(

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