Friday, October 17, 2008

today in my fifteen years of living

yes today is 17 october. usually the 17th day in every month is my lucky day and yes today means everything. PMR is over HAHA now i can act as crazy as i use to be. the day tht ive been waiting for. the day where i can release my inner craziness without worrying bout those book tht used to be in my hand for the past five days weeeeeeeeeeeee :D we've been planning fer this and yeah victory is ours! now we're looking frward to our plans. sleepover and stuff lahh. hangout and blabla. and oh tmrrow dah start nk hangout. usual place ahha terengganu ade pe sgt. nothing! adoyy ask mat said to do smething about this. ;) lalala erm nothing much to do tonight lahh. mau online aje and tktau smpai biler. paceroh kate org terengganu. and chat w yyah talking about miley gigi jong kate yyah. and selena yang comey saje :) and ohh call us WAAYAH. yyah klau bab ngeke, its all up to her with that creative thinking of hers. dye bdak bijak tauuu heee yyahh bce blog nim!

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YaaayahRawrrr . said...

Bijok la sgt HAHAHA :D Sedakkkk la 1st posted