Saturday, October 18, 2008

so what?

today is hangout day haha every saturday is hangout day. consider it as 'world hangout day'. at its not going the way it suppose to be. grrr whts up with that? well let me tell you from the beginning to the end. today cam jst me,dayah and ynie je kua and the others tktau ntahkemane aihh and yet ynie blk awal. adoyy not so much fun that we can create kan dayah? and then anha plak bwat hal ishh he make me so fucked up lah! but then im the one to be blame aih wtv lah. idc cse im sticking with my words. tomorrow skolah weee :D now its pretty fun to go to schl cse tkblaja dah WEHEE! 24 hours of non-stop fun and madness. unleash your inner madness and happiness form 3 students HAHA x) arini pon we discussed bout the trip to melaka and kl thinggy and trust me,its not a a short discussion. it was pretty hectic tho fuhhh :0 and now,ive got nothing to do lah. just dnga lagu lalalala and posting this pretty bored tho. whres my JoeYyah tehee :D the girl who made me envy a couple of hours ago when she told me,yyah bleh dpat tee KAMI oh my jealous lah akuu semek! jgnlaa bwat jealous cmtuuu :/

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HAHAHA Sharing is caring aww ;)