Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Satu Hari,

Last few days entah biler, tk ingat, I told abah about my passion for photography. i told him i want Nikon D90 but then biler check harge dye, wah gler cantek HAHA. Its like four thousand something and im sure abah tk bagi beli mhal cmtu. Then btau abah 'D60 murah lah sikit, about thousand something. It is 10 megapixel something and sure tngkap gmbar lawa' but then abah kate 'try to find a cheaper one sbb yre a beginner lagi, try cari canon dlu ke, konica ke, minolta ke? then biler dah mahir, boleh lah pkai yg mhal mhal, dgn duit sndri' and i was like 'haha i dont have that kind of money lah abah, err tkpela, nnt survey smule yang canon' then abah kate 'nnt abah try tnye kwn kwn yang jual jual camera ni' HAHA at last, trcapai! but then I promise abah, klau dpat straight a's PMR dlu baru boley beli camera and now, im hoping fer the best! 'Ya Allah, kurniakanlah 8A kpd hamba mu ini~Amin' heee cant wait! Arini pegi skolah, nothing much to do. Dayah tk pegi skola and automaticly, we wont be able to play speed adoyy I cant imagine how bored we were! :/ And then tday ade ceramah psl ict ke ape ntah. As usual, friends and I ponteng and lari dri cekgu haha. Then cekgu spotted us, cekgu suruh msuk bilik yg ceramah tu. Again, kami ponteng lagi and last last, lepak kat plaza je. melantak betul lah. HAHA kiteorg cam ape laahh! seriously we were dead bored pagi tdi. And ohh, I do not shower yet and i smell like some shit. Alert! Dont get too close or my odour will burn your perfectness :p And im pretty hungry tho i just ate 3 hours ago. Cap ayam betul lah! Mase recess tdi dah rembat burger 2 biji and later on, nasi sepinggan. But still lapar adoy big big appettite i must say. My stomach start growling lah. Err got nothing much to do today. And yes, i want to go online until midnight! ;) Tu jelaa, cam mlas giler nk type blog. Toodles! ;)

-a m i r a f r h a n a :)

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