Sunday, October 19, 2008

me and she :)

today is a schl day and yes, it was hectic. after schl me and yanie, we went to dayah's. it was fun, as always tehee :D we played games and stuff and ohh, we've cooked some meals too HAHA i know, i know, it sounds pretty stupid and impossible but we did do it ;) tapi yang simple simple sudaaaaaa :p then we mkan lahh and it was pretty sedapp tau. tk sangke youu some meals cooked by three unexperienced girls. then yanie balek around 5 something. leave us me and dayah both, thinking what to do. last last main game kat ps je. but then, main main tk kalah and the game keeps going on, and going on. so we fed up then i said dayah, jhum tuka game ah. boring weh game ni. pah sudoh tak kalah kalah. then dayah pon kate, nak main game ape lagi? then i said, jhum main carbon ah *with an inside voice saying mentang mentanglah aku pndai main game ni :p eh gtg, bbyeeeee ;)

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Anonymous said...

ehh dekpom molek tgk mangat naip,ayoh miwa sapa haha mcm lawok lok rase :p