Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sayang Sayang Sayang and Tatayatanya.

My sister and I flew to Kuala Lumpur recently. We were on a BIG mission! >,<

Uhh uhh what kind of mission? What?! What?!

Now now calm down people, settle down, settle down.
The mission was :

BAMM! This up here was our mission! We went to the Gathering of Million Youth Day. * wait did that came out right? Forever confused. -___-

Okay laa senang in bahasa is what we would call ' Perhimpunan Sejuta Belia Negara '
. Well our * ehem ehem * MY main intention was to see SJM perform.

Wait, WHO?!

NAHH! SUPER JUNIOR MANDARIN LAA DEYYY! Consisting of Ming, Hyukjae, Zhoumi, Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and our baby Henry! * Sorry Mr.Cho but youre no longer the magnae :P its Mr.Lau now hehe.

What was my sister's role in this story? Well, she was accompanying me, although she's not an ELF * which I hope she is but shes a Belieber instead, but she was willing to be sandwiched/squeezed/pushed because of her one and only elder sister. Thanks baby sister, your sacrifice will never be forgotten! :') * I promise I'll repay you later! >.<

The ( actual ) plan was to be at the venue around 2p.m , so that I could get myself a lightstick from an ELF, but turned out we were an hour late. So yeah, no lightstick at all! ;( But managed to find a close-to-perfect spot! Although it wasnt betul betul in front of the stage but I still could spot Henry behind the screen during his rehearsal, from where I was standing! Sweet kan? :)

So we waited laa, until Dato' Najib, the Prime Minister, and other fellow minister(s) came to the venue we were at, to give out some speech about the Hari Belia. He and the other minister(s) even sat on the stage tau! Without a chair! Sweeeeeet! <3 Then after the speech semua, we were entertained by 2 MC(s), a guy and a girl. They were quite funny! The girl really knows how to entertain us ELF(s). She kept mentioning Super Junior M which brought to massive cheer(s) from the crowd! Yalah, I think 3/4 of the crowd are ELF(s).

Then when the MC(s) left, we waited until dark. About 4-5 hours of waiting, the show started. The opening show were performances by local artists such as Farah Asyikin, Nadia AF, Lan and The Typewriter and such :) Then after the performances ended, we waited about 1 hour for Super Junior M to appear! Phewh that time I was drenching in sweat, dehydrated, suffocating and more lah. They even served us songs by Tokio Hotel! Agaknya lah satu album Tokio Hotel dia pasang despite Tokio Hotel wasnt there! That time I yawned like many times gok. Some source(s) from twitter said that Super Junior M had a press conference at a hotel, but idk which hotel, so thats why they were kinda late. Then exactly at 10p.m, 6 charming prince(s) appeared! OMGOMGOMG! That time ELF cheered like mad people and I was like ' Bakpe bakpe kuor doh ke? ' * literally talked to myself.

And there they were, standing proudly on the stage, with those pretty faces, ah couldnt say more. Their looks, couldnt express with words! But they were lack of two members, Siwon and Donghae. Yes it was kinda frustrating because many people mentioned that Siwon looks superb in real life! Tapi takpa, Hyukjae seemed handsome enough to me! Damn he's hot!

Started off with introductions by them, eh jap lupa! Was it the introduction first or Perfection performance first? Aigoo sudah lupa maaa >,< ANYWAYS, Perfection was too perfect! I managed to record the performance but no photos haih, guess I was too excited kot!

HAAA INGAT DAH! It was the performance first then the self introduction! :D ELF went wild like seriously, I can hear screams, here and there, EVERYWHERE! Okay Im not going to lie, I screamed like mad people ohh! Especially when it came to Hyukjae's rap! Luckily I didnt faint that time! Then after self introduction, they sang Blue Tomorrow. Slow song, sadly I couldnt sing with them cause idk the lyrics * sigh.

After that, 6 lucky ELF were chosen to be on stage, with the boys, and even got the chance to ask the boys some Qs! Whats more exciting than that? They can even hug them! Ergh why am I not one of the fans? -___- Tapi i was considered lucky for not being chosen cause I was drenching in sweat. I dont want to hug them with a condition like that! NO WAYYY! * wanna hug Hyukjae and Henry so baddddd :'(

Then they went solo, first solo was by baby Henli! The title of the song is ' Off My Mind '. Man I went crazy crazy crazy when I listened to this song! I still listen to it til now, especially when Im driving. Mau meroyan aku tiba tiba dlm kereta! Then followed by Zhoumi's solo, and Ryeowook's solo and FatKyu's solo. Frankly, i dont know their solo titles. Ah mianhae, I feel bad. :(

The last solo was by Lee Hyukjae! It was a dance performance! That guy got moves! He mesmerized me with some moves from the songs by late Michael Jackson! * Dangerous, Smooth Criminal, etc etc. He was freaking hot that I couldnt help myself but to scream on top of my lungs! Moreover, he was wearing RED! Hotness overload! <3

Ming didnt have a solo, I guess he didnt prepare anything. Uh its okay Ming, we still love you no matter what you adorable little boy! <3 And also, almost forgot to mention! In the middle of their show kann, Serena C, the MC for that day, thought them to speak malay tau. At first we had no freaking idea what she was whispering to the boys. After that she said ' when we refer to malaysian fans, we said ' and the boys shouted ' SAYAAAAAAANG '. ELF went nuts! Screamed so louddddd! Like whats more sweet than that? Hyukjae was being all flirty and repeated ' Sayang ' many times. He even mentioned ' Cinta is Sayang, Saranghae ', which was taught by Serena also. * credits to Serena C yawll! <33333. Menjerit laaa semua ELF. Serena pun cakap Hyukjae is like the manja one. Awww :)

Oh, even FatKyu tried to speak malay but failed BIG TIME.

Fan : Oppa, which one you like more? Fans or Games?

Kyu : Tatayatanya.

Fan : ??

Kyu : Tatayatanya....Tatayatanya....Tatayatanya...

Because nobody didnt get what he said, so he handed over his mic to the translator, where the translator said ' Tak Payah Tanya! '.

LOLOLOLOLOL failed FatKyu! The way he pronounced it was so full of confident, with that dorky face expression! HAHA we still love you, FatKyu! <3

At the end of the show, they performed Destiny or Blue Tomorrow, ergh cant rmmber again! But it was a slow song lah. Habis tu diaorang nk turun stage tp ELF semua mcam ' ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE '.

And there you have it, they performed Super Girl! Tengok diaorng perform membuatkan saya tringat kat Hangeng ;( Tp agak awkward utk sing along sebab i only remember the korean version!

Last sekali, yang betul betul penutup, diaorg bagi last words. I only remember Wook's, Henry's and Ming's je.

Wook : I Love Malaysia.
Ming : Sayang Sayang Malaysia.
Henry : I dont want to leave Malaysia.

thanks handsome(s). and they left the stage, and all ELF left the venue. Woah first experience was the best! seriously memang diaorang adorable sgt sgt!

Looking forward to meet you guys in the upcoming! <333333

* and oh, i uploaded the photos on Facebook ^^

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Yoyoh said...

Hahahaha! You narrated it well :D I can feel it. I wish I were there at that time too :'(