Saturday, August 6, 2011

and from what i learned

when youre trying to adapt yourself in a new environment, the one main thing you need to do is : be friendly.

KMB is the best! I met many people here, like many kinds of them. Those that are way too weird, in both good and bad ways. Those who like to kiss butts, * aint literally , geniuses, those who think they know it all, friendly kids and also friendly ones. I face these people everyday. Some of them just bug me a lot but some of them are so gooood to be with! <3

i made friends with a bunch of awesome people. my roommate, neighbour, blockmates, classmates. despite our friendship just one month old, ( or maybe less, idk ) but they understand how i am on the inside. there, when its dark, i can nag like a nigga with one of my classmate. man, shes goooood! then we'll laughed like a bunch of crazy folks. eventually many people will join us that time, which is an awesome thing. i can never get bored because of these people.

i seriously have more stories to tell, but my brain is to stiff to think of any right now. plus my laziness wont work with me. so jyeah, i'll be back soon, no promises.

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