Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Entry yang Ditangguh

shes Aireen Natasya, and shes err well doing her stuff kot :D

Tihah, Tok Ki Mat, Hafiz, Anasuha :]

Ashraf, Ibu, Betty, Awin, Che Bi, Tok Mat, Anasuha in half :D

Ex- Maid, Tok Jang, Abg Wan, Anasuha, Tok Mat, Aqilah, Aireen :)

hohhh Amira Batrisyia ngade! :D *Betty fr short

we cruised on a boat kot, and the person in charged tunjuk tmpat2 kat Kg. Mortem rase :DD

ngarut je weh amek gmbo ahha! actually nk amek gmbo kapal tu, nmpk tk?

Melaka, view from the hotel's window :]

burok beno HAHA! x) Yeh I had a lot of fun here :)

mandi manda, weeeeeeee :))

gambor gelap wehh! aihhh [ sibs and cuzies ]

so okay, lame doh nk buat blog psl trip ke Melaka, but then some technical difficulties, kene lah tangguh dulu and the time have come :D last month, *yeh i know, lame gile dohh :p, my family and I went to the historical city, Melaka, for our annual family holiday. Hell yeah it was fun! We went to a lot of places from A Famosa Waterpark to Melaka River Cruise and byk agii ah. Tons of fun were created and some unforgettable memories aww :') there's some image up there, yelah, tk byk ponn, ade camera bawak je, bkan nk bukak gmba ponn. haihhh pmalas sgguhh blogger ini! :D and there's also some pictures of mi familia :) Luckily ade gmbo gmbo nim, kalu tidak, tkde entry lah ambe, nk post blog bukan senang, slalu idea-less. aisehhhhh no worries, next time i'll come up with some new fresh ideas * aayelahtuu, to post! :D so okay lah, thats all, Toodles! :]


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