Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aku Sukaaaaa :D

Hooyeahh, at last, the moment ive been waiting fr, had come to an end ;) *betul dok ayat ho pfffttt ikut suka lah. Alhamdullilah i scored well in PMR and so are my friends. To Dayah and Yanie, chill sayang, there's always tomorrow. No matter what happens, Im always here fr you guys, promise :] Love You sayang sayangkuu. Thanks to Dayah, Yayah, Cheah, Yanie and all fr the congratulations wish! Much love fr ya'll! :D

p/s ; DSLR, here i come bebeh! ;)


yayyahRawr! said...

Saya nk jugak DSLR awak ;p

Sara said...

dear dear,congratulation okay.and i know wht your uncle nk bagi.hehe bnyk tu.congratulation again yeah.