Friday, February 6, 2009

Saturday Morning sillyness.

*Serious shit baju tidur tu saye punyeeee :D

HAHAHAHAHA! this is what I did this morning, woke up and sit on my bed, heard some songs and wallah, amek gmbo and here's the result. burokkk! :D Biar laaaaa, this morning I felt very annoying so this is how I express my annoying-ness. And a bit frustrated doe, mum said I CANT go out today sheesshh =,= . Friends are having fun and Im stuck at home, doing nothing! Im bored and deep down inside, Im pretty mad. pffttttt!

I dont know what to do mehhh, Im stucked up and again, Im bored to hell!

Start esok, my schedule pack gler! Want to know why? Look at this!

7.00 a.m - Pegi skolahh lalalala tak suke homework Chemy tk siap lagiiii :\

2.00 p.m - balek skolah ngan Yaniee, pegi office mak dyee smpai kul 4 p.m

4.00 p.m - Pegi tusyenn Chemy ngan Yaniee sampai kul 6.00 p.m fuhhh =,=

6.00 p.m - balek umah, makan then mandiiii. Tkdi tk mndi and mybe bau cam lembuu kot :D

8.00 p.m - Pegi tusyen lagii, tusyen addmath! Brsame Sir Lim bestttt :]

9.30 p.m - Balek and will be absolutely FATIGUE! trust me, to go through hari Sunday aint easy babee!

Packed isnt it? kasihan saye huuuu :| but nahh, nak blaja kan, nak pndaii, sacrifice lah sikit. Woah cant wait nak abes skolah meh! ;D Smalam I had a long phone conversation with Yanieee! Weve talked so muchh ahh memang our mouth cant stop potpetpotpett ahha! Then ibu knockned on my door. Then a short conversation started :

Ibu : haaa, wat nape ow? gune cordless ah tuu!

Me : haha hor lahss.

Ibu : Patot adek adek marohhhh.

Me : doh dokleh kuo, ckap tefonn jelahh.

Ibu : Hahaha padann mukeee.

Me : ......

Ye, ibu dan anak memang agak open minded when it comes to talking :] I love her ah gane gane ponnn! :D

p/s ; Guys, I Miss You Lots! :\

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